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In Topic: Ret Divine Protection Glyph

29 March 2015 - 08:57 PM

Depends on the setup and situation and whatsoever, obviously there is no point in getting it if the chance is high that the enemy team won't even go for you. I used it pretty much all the time against physical/magic/heal teams, considering we went for the caster as target it was possible to stop some dmg, so the main dmg source of the enemy team obviously would be the melee, in this case the glyph is worth it, if you find yourself in a position where you dont feel like you can stop any dmg from the caster and he may be the main dmg source it might be worth to reconsider and glyph something else. Since you just lvl'd your ret I assume you lack experience and obviously you might not be sure how to react to certain setups, my tip would be to just take it against those mixed teams and see how you feel, at some point you might be good enough to simply kite some melee dps or line casters and blablabla, this will influence your point of view on glyphs a lot.

Hope this helps somehow. :)

In Topic: How do you gear up now?

17 March 2015 - 04:58 PM

Farming honor in ashran is pretty much the easiest thing, most people just don't seem to know how, besides killing some portal npc's or rare mobs you can gather a lot of artifact fragments by simply "running around looting stuff". There are some bags, tree stumps, baskets and some more things that can simply be looted, usually without having to fight any mob, which will most likely contain something around 50-100 artifact fragments each. Get TomTom from curse to set waypoints on your map and use these 2 macros:

/way 59 31.9 Stump
/way 61 39.4 Pack
/way 48.2 56.6 Pack
/way 60.1 43.6 Basket
/way 44.5 34.8 Stump
/way 59.5 19 Iron
/way 38.7 42.3 Satchel
/way 29.6 28.4 Pack
/way 48.3 31.8 Satchel
/way 52.2 59.3 Stump
/way 56.9 53.9 Stump
/way 61.7 68.5 Pack

/way 39.6 61.9 Pack
/way 58.9 56.7 Skull
/way 39.3 58.9 Satchel
/way 58.5 70.2 Satchel
/way 46.9 55.4 Stump
/way 47 46.5 Satchel

Those will set marks for all the lootable containers in ashran on your map, you should easily be able to run around and loot those, even in full greens, since most people won't give a damn about a single player running around. Those containers will also provide you with some scrolls or wands and whatsoever blablabla, which are usable items that will make 1v1 encounters with way higher geared players or big mobs or a group of smaller mobs easily winnable.

Keep in mind that you can only gather up to 1k artifact fragments at a time and that dying will drop half your fragments while doing this, consider to go to your base and turn them in often.

Getting full honor gear and earning exalted reputation with the ashran faction is easily done within a day, or just a few hours, depending on how lucky you are with loots.

Capping conquest points is obviously annoying, considering you will be in full blues and the people you face will most likely be full epic, even on 1,5k or whatever, I just got some friends to play their alts with me in 3s for cap, since I imagine it being easier to cap on low rating in 3s than in 2s, also it is usually more fun.

Hope this helps in any way, if not: Well, I tried. :D


In Topic: Blizz opens exchange between gold and real life currencies

02 March 2015 - 11:54 PM

Good, at least there is something else now to spend gold on, besides tcg mounts or challenge modes. :D
Also won't affect arena at all, unless game time tokens will be worth so much gold people actually buy them with $$$, sell them for gold, and buy boosts with gold. :P
I don't see any problem with this, I assume there are a few people who would more likely continue to play this game if it only cost them some ingame currency instead of real cash, including me. Just pray to narnia that these will be cheap as f*ck because of chinese farming inflation or whatever and everythings OK. :D

In Topic: Retribution | Use of Seraphim ?

22 December 2014 - 08:06 PM

Seraphim works with the 4 pieces pvp bonus yes, the buff will instantly get replaced by a 9% dmg buff tho if you use anything that costs 3 holy power.
The stat gain obviously is really huge but you dont get any benefits from bonus armor anymore as ret, so the only direct defensive gain from seraphim would be the versatility, so if you only talk about defensive, then seraphim might be better due to the versatility gain, but in general final verdict simply seems too good.
Final verdict having 10 yards range while templar's verdict is melee ranged is pretty cool if you're being kited or if your target even lags around a bit, also the divine storms are huge with final verdict buff up and then proccing the empowered divine storm while it won't even cost holy power, and then with the overflow of paladins everywhere final verdict is really nice since you can final verdict into hand of protection which means you can pretty much fully dps a target that has hand of protection up, except for auto hits and crusader strike obviously.

So tl;dr would be: Seraphim is cool but final verdict seems too good.


In Topic: Season 16 starts today

02 December 2014 - 09:25 AM

People always liked to kill shamans, especially melee cleaves, nothing new really. It's true that they die pretty fast if you leave them alone with some guys who actually deal damage, but that isn't really a difference compared to previous seasons. Mistweavers seem to be kinda "terrible"(?) right now, defensives and healing output seem bad, cocoon actually feels like power word shield.