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In Topic: Mortal Strike for Unholy, AMS glyph on team mates for utility.

30 January 2015 - 06:44 PM

For me main problem with uh is where the dmg is coming from. Ofc on paper the dps is good but the problem  is the uptime. Unholy waves in many of those single rune Scourge Strikes which basicly means it requires 6 globals to do its maximum rune dmg where as frost u can dump same amount of runes in 3 globals. With already crap mobility and attacks that require you to have good uptime its rally hard to make use of your resources. If you compare UH DK to other classes, where most of them can blow their full burst in short time frames and add to that their mobility (or being range), there is simply nothing UH could do better than any other spec.

Based on the long text above id see those changes:
1. Bring back double grip - its great peel, gives you a bit more for those super mobile classes (druids, rogues)
2. NEW ABILITY - name it whatever u want
Empowers DK making his Abilities do 100% more DMG but also costing 100% more - basicly 1 SS would cost 2 uh runes but do 2x more dmg, this would allow us to get rid of runes in more bursty way without affecting PVE much because the overall resources used on long fight would be same anyway. It almost purely benefits pvp enviroment where uptime on targets isnt constant