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#3268770 Tutorial Videos for Newer Warriors

Posted Draax on 29 May 2011 - 04:40 PM

Hi guys,

I have been playing a Warrior since Vanilla WoW and have just started making videos that I think will help beginner to intermediate Warrior players in PvP. Now before you flame please re-read the previous line. This is for beginner to intermediate Warriors to help them in PvP. I understand that everyone has their own methods to do things, and that I may not do things the way top pro sponsored players do. I am fine with this, I do feel that I learn a lot from looking at how others do things, and making my own judgments on what is useful and what just won't work for me. I hope some people can find some useful information in these videos that will help them increase their game play in arenas and rated BGs

Currently I have the following videos on my channel:
-How To Setup your Warrior for PvP (Macros, Keybinds, UI and Spec)
-How To DPS as a Warrior in Arenas (Taste for Blood talent, Double Overpowers and Slam usage)
-How to setup Tell Me When addon (Track Buffs: Taste for Blood, Offensive procs, Enemy cool downs, Stuns, silences and the internal cool down on Improved Hamstring)
-Prot PvP The Flag Carrier (Swifty spoof intro-Yes it's the real Swifty, Your role as the Flag Carrier in rated BGs, Mobility, Survival and Utility)

I like to be interactive with my viewers so feel free to post comments on my YouTube page on what you would like to see a video on and I will try to do my best to make a technical breakdown on the popular requests.


Hope you enjoy the videos