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#3793651 Agi vs PvP-Power for Feral Druids

Posted Miluu on 22 October 2012 - 10:45 AM

Hey Guys,
after Minpojke's article about Restoration Druids I thought about the Agi vs PvP-Power thingy for Ferals so I decided to do some Theorycrafting:

With PvP-Power in all Sockets:
Rake Ticks:5669     Rake Crits: 11678

Shred avg: 10922,67 Shred Crit avg: 22491,67

With Agility and PvP-Power Agiltiy in the Blue Sockets, Agi-Resil in the Yellow ones.
Rake Ticks: 5892                                    Rake Crits: 12139

Shred avg: 10907,67 Shred Crit avg: 22335

With Full Agility Sockets expect Shoulder (Agi Resil),Waist and Hands (Agi-PvP-Power) for the Socket Bonus of 60Agility.
Rake Ticks: 5998    Rake Crits: 12356

Shred avg: 10917,9    Shred Crit avg: 22441,7

I did like 100 Ticks and Shred hits/Crits for every value which is given here. =)

#3782233 Int vs. PvP Power

Posted Òórly1296679975 on 28 September 2012 - 05:17 AM

Like i promised i did some math.

For my calculations i took a Lvl 90 Holy Paladin with the best available PvP-Gear (S12 Elite with 322 PvP Power-Trinket + 1342 PvP Power-Trinket), the best enchants and Blacksmith profession.

First i tell you the Spellpower and PvP Power values on the full enchanted gear without gems (but still with socketbonus, because we just want to find out which stat to gem and we would get the bonus anyway):

Spellpower: 18035
PvP Power: 34.01%

If we add the following gems (focus on Int):
Red: 160 Int
Blue: 80 Int + 160 PvP Power
Yellow: 80 Int + 160 Resil
Prismatic: 160 Int

Spellpower: 19475
PvP Power: 35.82%

If we add the following gems (focus on PvP Power):
Red: 80 Int + 160 PvP Power
Blue: 320 PvP Power
Yellow: 160 PvP Power + 160 Resil
Prismatic: 320 PvP Power

Spellpower: 18355
PvP Power: 44.88%


So now we have all the stats we need to calculate the Heal-/Dmg-Output.
I used the spellvalues as listed on wowdb.

Spell:-------------Heal or Dmg general/in PvP Zone (Int):--------H o D gen./PvP Zone (PvP Power):

WoG----------------------14619.75 / 19856.54-----------------------------14070.95 / 20385.99
Holy Shock--------------25610.68 / 34784.43-----------------------------24677.72 / 35753.08
FoH-----------------------34419 / 46747.89---------------------------------33164.6 / 48048.87
Holy Radi.---------------18809.63 / 25547.24-----------------------------18053.63 / 26156.1
HL-------------------------24155.88 / 32808.52-----------------------------23276.68 / 33723.25
DL-------------------------45834.75 / 62252.76-----------------------------44165.95 / 63987.53
LoD-------------------------4442.4 / 6033.68-----------------------------------4281.12 / 6202.49

Holy Prism 1-------------43946.3 / 59687.86-------------------------------42346.94 / 61352.25
Holy Prism 2-------------29616.95 / 40225.74-----------------------------28539.51 / 41348.04

Judgment----------------11256.35 / 15288.37------------------------------10644.83 / 15422.23
Holy Shock--------------31054.38 / 42178.06------------------------------30018.38 / 43490.63
Denounce---------------27242.5 / 37000.76--------------------------------25876.1 / 37489.29
HoW----------------------33192.75 / 45082.39------------------------------31389.55 / 45377.18

As you can see, PvP Power is slightly better on every spell we got. I did a few extra calculations with buffs that give you 5% more Int, 10% more Spellpower or both together and the result is always the same: PvP Power stays better than Int even if you stack more Int/Spellpower!

But Int also gives Crit. With the focus on Int you'll get 1120 more Int which equals ~0.8% more Crit than with focusing on PvP Power. 0.8% more Crit equals 0.8% more healoutput (if i am correct here).
If you compare the healvalues on my chart you see that focusing on PvP Power will give you ~2,5% more healoutput.
~2,5 - ~0,8 = ~1.7
-> In S12 PvP Power has ~1.7% more healoutput than Int

Since my calculations are only for a full S12 Pala, i would be happy if someone whos better at math :P and who has more detailed informations could come up with a chart that could be used in general.

#3782028 Int vs. PvP Power

Posted Òórly1296679975 on 27 September 2012 - 11:15 PM

I guess there's a thread like that in every class forum and since we don't have one yet i'm going to open it :)
I searched on google to find out whether we should gem int or pvp power, but couldn't find anything useful.
So does anyone have infos which stat is better?