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#2454353 SO SP OR INT?

Posted Máverick1296678354 on 28 July 2010 - 11:01 PM

what setup are you going to play in 3v3?

If it's a melee cleave orientated team -> i would go full haste for quicker dispelling, games are usually very short so mana pool isn't really an issue and the loss of spellpower shouldn't hurt too much aslong as you can keep both melee with a high uptime they should do insane pressure

If it's a caster orientated cleave -> i would gem full sp here for throughput, now i'm not saying dispelling your casters isn't as important as dispelling your melee, however if you play in a wiz cleave you will normally be playing with a lock/shaman(usually) so tremor and pet dispel will assist you and the full sp throughput of your healing should see you through for any heavy damage either caster has to tank from either melee/other casters.

Double healer/x -> I'd go down the spell power route here again with some int mixed in, usually in double healer(or what i have found) is i literally cannot shift the mana quick enough, the games are a little bit slower paced and you *should* have plenty of opportunites for full divine plea's so you may want to once again just go full sp(gemming int would just be a side preference)

This is just my personal opinion and how i have previously gemmed for when playing various comps in 3s, i'm not saying it's exactly how you should gem but it's a rough idea of what works for me.

Oh and regarding socket bonuses - i ALWAYS get them


If i was going haste set and a piece had 1xred and 1xyellow i would go 1x12sp/10haste and 1x20 haste

if i was going sp set and piece had 1xred and 1xyellow i would go 1x23sp and 1x12sp/10haste(or 12sp/10int)

In blues it's pretty much always sp/sta for myself, i dont feel i need the extra mp5.

Hope this helps.