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#4301094 enh purge spam needs to go

Posted Rawrbertlol on 15 December 2014 - 11:53 PM

If you're complaining about enhancement shamans you actually shouldn't even be able to post on Arenajunkies.

#4287415 Hunter Stat Valuation & Pet Guide [WoD]

Posted Esiwdeer on 06 December 2014 - 03:46 PM

Crit is the best stat for consistency in arena imo, at least 33%. There's no spreadsheet or calculations. You gain 5% more crit from all sources, and you have a 60% more chance to crit on targets above 80% health.

I doubt you're only killing people in rapid fire. I am playing Thug at 2300 MMR with and without Lone Wolf, and no other Hunter including some reasonably famous ones have out-damaged me yet.

You need at least 33% crit for consistency, I would prefer 40% personally. I guess if you're playing with a Ret right now you need as mongo as possible, but for MM there's so much set up that I can't see why you wouldn't want to expect crits consistently.

Yeah, the other stats are "better" or more efficient, or whatever. But none of them are as good as critting, especially Multistrike. Why are we buying into Multistrike anyway? It's barely 20% better than our old mastery.

That's what this boils down to. Yeah, maybe our old mastery does more sheet dps in certain situations.

You don't need a spreadsheet to see 40% chance to crit on Kill Shot, let alone every Chimera and everything else in between.

I am really trying to see it another way, even if you're only killing people in Rapid Fire you could still make your Aimed Shot hit like that most times you cast it by just getting to 40%.

I can get 37% in blues right now, just hit your threshold and then get as much Agility as you can like every other season?

Not talking shit either, I know this is a weird time for Hunters. Crit is always good, Agility is always good. Finally, after swapping from Night Elf to Dwarf I think the 2% crit damage is noticeable, and I think you could make the MM Mastery worth a lot in the right situations. (especially since I literally haven't seen Aspect of the Fox used for anything good one time, might as well just use it to keep up your Mastery.)

If you don't need Mortal Strike, get Mastery from your pet. It's a sidegrade for you, but for other classes it is much better. Giving your Disc Priest Mastery is almost as valuable as the 10% healing Glyph.

tl;dr: I don't think you need to calculate crit, I think you just get it to a consistent place and focus on optimizing from there. Honestly surprised nobody has started using their pet for Sac and putting it away for Lone Wolf.

#4196854 Old Hunter needs a mentor

Posted Glink on 25 August 2014 - 10:26 PM

View PostUnseenz, on 25 August 2014 - 08:28 AM, said:

Finally someone recognizes my genius.

Selling  "Scare beast the sac" and "silence the dark sim" as well as "instant purge NS" T-shirts at my blizzcon booth which will also feature models dressed as various hunter pets.

#4195819 Old Hunter needs a mentor

Posted Capstone on 23 August 2014 - 09:30 AM

View PostMegatf, on 23 August 2014 - 06:52 AM, said:

Hey about to hit 60 soon, and going to boost to 90 on Sunday.

Wife is out of town on Sunday and LF a good hunter who wouldn't mind sitting down with me for like half an hour on voice chat to answer some questions about the class and the game.  Trying to get back into WoW since pretty much the first season of WOTLK.

I played every game with Arena since WoW introduced it and always came in the top 1% of players.

I've given up trying to play any other game for PvP since the populations die out, and I said if Wildstar died that it'd be the last time I played any other MMO besides WoW.  So here I am.

If any high rated player here ever got help from one of my old guides or videos, and doesn't mind sparing half an hour to an hour on Sunday to answer some Q's, please shoot me a message.
i know i will not be able to dissuade you

but you can never unlearn what you will come to know about hunters if you proceed

#4195816 Old Hunter needs a mentor

Posted Dills on 23 August 2014 - 09:14 AM

View PostMegatf, on 23 August 2014 - 06:52 AM, said:

Hey about to hit 60 soon, and going to boost to 90 on Sunday.

Wife is out of town on Sunday and LF a good hunter who wouldn't mind sitting down with me for like half an hour on voice chat to answer some questions about the class and the game.  Trying to get back into WoW since pretty much the first season of WOTLK.

I played every game with Arena since WoW introduced it and always came in the top 1% of players.

I've given up trying to play any other game for PvP since the populations die out, and I said if Wildstar died that it'd be the last time I played any other MMO besides WoW.  So here I am.

If any high rated player here ever got help from one of my old guides or videos, and doesn't mind sparing half an hour to an hour on Sunday to answer some Q's, please shoot me a message.

Hey dude i fucking love you. PM me, I'll help my best

#4183402 Hunter proffesions

Posted Kettu on 31 July 2014 - 09:04 PM

Max burst: Tailoring + Herbalism
Biggest crits: Tailoring + 320agi
Minimum RNG: 2x 320agi
Max uptime with high AP: Tailoring + Engi
Max PvE dmg: Tailoring + 320 agi

It really depends on preference, but as others said, in general the 2 best options are either Tailoring + random 320agi prof or Tailoring + Engi. For the average player Tailoring + random 320agi prof is probably best, as it's really simple and there's less stuff you have to keep track of.

For better players Tailoring + Engi might be better as you'll be able to time your burst when you actually need it. If you use your trinket and engi tinker on CD, you'll have a 50% uptime on agi CDs. When you're playing against comps with a lot of cc, you'll probably end up with somewhere between 70-85% uptime on trinket & tinker when you're not in cc. So technically, you do more damage (or at least you're able to). But then again, you're more likely to get cc'ed with your CDs up so it's kinda hard to tell. If you feel you know how to use your trinkets & procs effectively, engi + tailoring is best.



Tailoring + Engi


Tryhards: Tailoring + Engi
Non-tryhads: Tailoring + 320 agi

#4175977 Couple jungle cleave games

Posted Dills on 23 July 2014 - 06:30 PM

Hey bumping again. Pretty close game as jungle vs WMP http://www.twitch.tv...poo69/c/4725124

Hope you guys enjoy ^^

#4186171 Deaf player hitting 2200 in 3s

Posted CreepStatus on 05 August 2014 - 07:26 AM

View PostRaak, on 05 August 2014 - 07:06 AM, said:

I'm not medical expert but I'm pretty sure injecting morphine on daily basis, every couple of hours isn't a realistic scenario.

its called an addict, it's literally the same thing as a heroin addict

#4160695 WoD Freezing Trap

Posted spelgubbe on 02 July 2014 - 03:26 PM

inb4 laggy priest dodging every trap by running with feathers

#3928186 Winter is coming.

Posted Speedymart on 19 August 2013 - 01:38 AM

That is babyshit compared to this

Posted Image

#3871759 Spell animation video guide?

Posted WildeHilde on 06 April 2013 - 08:08 PM

Looking for feedback. Do you like how this one is done? Want to get some opinions before continuing to the other classes.

#3870800 Survival Hunters.

Posted GrieverZ on 04 April 2013 - 03:03 AM

Shit MMR pug screenshot just trying to build my base rating but its beyond the point, just want to show the damage potential the spec has in teamfights. I wasn't reforged for mastery or gemmed for PvP power either (was in my my Marks 3s setup).

Posted Image

#3867740 Current state of AJ: Moderation

Posted Sykeasaurus on 28 March 2013 - 01:59 AM

Original thread from Thaya that prompted this thread:  http://www.arenajunk...do-to-help-pvp/

Hey.  Disclaimer:  No one from Curse nor any admin/moderator prompted me to make this thread or response; these are simply my views and opinions given Thaya's thread.  I can't cover every single item in there because I do not play WoW and have not in a while so I feel there are some aspects of that thread in which I'm likely not knowledgeable enough to address.  Maybe I am, maybe I'm not but I don't want to overstep my bounds on the initial post.

That being said, I've taken a fair amount of quotes from that thread and I'll try to address them specifically but something else needs to be said in a more general sense.  Here's the thing.  A fair amount of reports or comments in threads say things like, "Are the moderators ever going to do their job?" "Where's the moderation?" And so forth.  What I can about that is, I don't think the negative attitude really helps.  The report DOES help.  But why insult the people you're effectively reaching out to for help?  This is a more minor issue but I just wanted to address that.  I enjoy moderating AJ as I used to be a PvP player who actively put out content in the Priest section, wrote some guides, responded to all sorts of PMs (both in game and on AJ) as well as made videos.  In essence, I wanted to be a moderator to give back to the community that helped me perpetuate my content while assisting other players.  That being said, I do it on my own time, for free.  I'm not mad, upset, really annoyed, crying or any of that.  Just please keep in mind that for us, we're volunteering to help out.

The community has the ability to call in to question the moderators abilities and is doing so in Thaya's very own thread.  Thaya does it in a very respectful manner and that's all that I'm really asking for.  I mean how effective would it be if you went to your professor's office after class and started the conversation like, "Hey Professor <name>, your class is a load of shit and you suck at teaching.  When are you ever going to make your class more communicable? By the way, here's a problem I'm having with the past assignment"

You get the point, so I'll leave that.  Again, I'm not mad/upset/annoyed blah blah at anyone specifically here NOR am I trying to be disrespectful; I'm just asking that if you have an issue with something, please bring it up in a respectful manner.


The biggest thing I wanna address is this.  Arenajunkies is a collective of people whose primary focus in WoW is PvP.  It was made by PvPers, for PvPers.  That being said, we're all equal.  Equal how?  We're all part of the same community.  And for this community to not only survive but also thrive, you have to help out as well.  You get out what you put in.  So what do I mean by that?  Everyone, lurker or prominent poster, if you have an issue with something PLEASE UTILIZE THE REPORT FUNCTION.  I, and any other mod, get a notification in the top right of the screen indicating a new report has been made.  Think of it like Facebook in terms of layout and visibility.  Off the top of my head, there are about 20 main forums and many with sub forums contained within those main forums.  And within those subforums, there are a myriad of threads with even more responses per thread.  There is SOME proactive moderation, but I'd assume a fair/good amount is retroactive.  It doesn't take more than 15-30 seconds (or less) to generate a report.  Every single report gets attended to.  If you want the useless bashing post to be handled, report it.  If you want the off topic, useless post to be handled, report it.  

Think of it as how a government or police force functions I guess.  Sure, the administration is aware of some issues and proactively tries to solve them but without voter movements or civilian reports, there would simply be some issues/crimes that would never get attended to.

There were 9 total reports addressed today.  Does the community feel that there were only 9 posts since the 12:01 AM CST Wednesday, that were worthy of being a reportable offense?  I'd assume not.  If you want the moderation to go up, then help us help you.


One last thing.  There are lots of people giving very general advice.  "There is no reward for coming here." "People get to do whatever they want, fix that."  There's a lot of general complaints about what's not working.  So how about the flip side, what would YOU do?  Some suggestions were made.  "Remove the NAO subforum."  "Maybe make some of the junkie only sections available to people of all access levels" and so on.  

I think to fix a problem, you have to do more than just point it out.  I'm not saying the burden of fixing problems should be entirely on the posters of AJ but maybe try to take it a step further if possible.  

1. Find the issue.
2. State the issue.
3. Make a suggestion(s).

Again, it is helpful to say, "I don't like x, can you please fix x?"  But if you can continue that sentence, "I don't like x, can you please fix x by doing y?" it might help more.  

View PostThaya, on 26 March 2013 - 12:38 AM, said:

Class forums, I only visit the warlock and occasionally the DK one, but both are inactive. It wouldn't surprise me if all the other class forums are also inactive - people don't even bother to report sticky threads from Season 9... So I wonder, why are class forums still junkie-only? They could be the perfect place to answer questions and educate people. I used to post a ton on class forums on official forums just because I enjoyed answering questions and helping people, while at the same time refining and reviewing my own knowledge constantly.

Same thing goes for the 2v2/3v3/5v5 subsections of the general discussion section. I don't think they serve any purpose whatsoever anymore. You could drag them out and let non-junkies access them, so there are actual discussions about 2v2/3v3/5v5 matchups instead of being a collection of threads about end of season wintrading.

With some decent moderation, this could work wonders. I don't mean EJ-esque strict moderation. Just remove all the trash replies and warn/ban douchebags. It won't be that hard, really.

- "NAO Invitational Tournament", when was the last NAO?

And lastly, be nicer to each other. When there's no textual references and all experience and knowledge is shared verbally, it matters more than ever.

I believe many of your issues are addressed in my long post before this quote.  In regard to specifically the NAO subforum; there have been motions in the AJ Skype channel to get rid of the NAO subforum.  Moderators do not have the power to remove/add forums, only admins.  If you want to speed up the process, perhaps address one of the admins.  Maybe Diziet or Rapture.

View PostBraindance, on 26 March 2013 - 01:08 AM, said:

Nothing will change here for the following reasons:

a)There is no sense of reward or punishment in those forums and in the game now. You can be a saint and get nothing or be a complete jackass and get the respect of this mob called junkies, just because you got "swag" (/puke)

c) The moderation is, as the word says, moderate. Moderators are too easy on everyone. Bans are rare. Infractions have too high of a cap. Any sociopath that had problems with his real life, can come here and open fire on everyone without any kind of punishment, UNLESS, someone, somewhere decides to push the report button which is scarcely used

f)You get the most +rep for posting moronic bullshit and childish insults. Good posts are rarely rewarded.

This AJ, is sending all the new players to either skill-capped or streamers. How many new players are willing to pay money to learn how to pvp? Quite a few. How many new players would pvp if they didn't have to pay to go through the rough learning curve? A lot.

tl;dr If moderation in this place doesn't become way more strict, if no incentives are given to junkies for making guides (even that pet giveaway that Curse does), this situation will keep recycling itself perpetually.

a)  I cannot speak for in-game punishment, but as far as forum punishment goes, member are infracted and banned.  They just are.  I can look at the infraction page and see it first hand.

c)  Perhaps the punishment is too lenient, I'm not sure.  But I believe my long post may address that.  The frequency at which reports come in, is relatively slow compared to how many "useless/bashing" posts there are judging by the amount of complaints in Thaya's thread.

f)  Again, perhaps addressed in the long post.

View PostBraindance, on 26 March 2013 - 01:16 AM, said:

They should go back to battlegroup forums, or as Tyveris had promised once make a rant room.

There is a rant room.  It's invite only and closed.  I, nor any other moderator level user, has the ability to open it back up.

** Special note, you posting a Nazi emblem in Thaya's thread probably wasn't exactly useful and seems ironic given that you have issues with AJ.

View Postkazuhmeer, on 26 March 2013 - 03:01 AM, said:

Also, where are moderators?  The amount of threads that start on topic then go into 3 posts of flame wars and off-topic stupidity without any bans is amazing.

I think this is addressed in my long post.

View PostCreepStatus, on 26 March 2013 - 04:23 PM, said:

First rule of rant room: You don't talk about rant room.

But seriously I understand why rant room broke off and made it invite only, but they should have made something to replace it maybe? IDK.

I think opening rant room back up or creating a "rant room version 2" would be/should be something that happens.  Something that is essentially moderation free I suppose, just how rant room is now.  Also with some type of consent form "to sign", basically hitting "I accept" into the special functionality of rant room.

View PostHotted, on 26 March 2013 - 05:07 PM, said:

I think that AJ's website and people that upkeep it are dropping the ball in many aspects. As far as helping new players out, I couldn't agree more. I try to do instructional content on youtube and most of the comments are how people didn't know x did this and y did that. Good post Thaya. I wish more people would take your stance

I think my original, long post addresses this.  How are people dropping the ball and what would you suggest people do to fix it?

View PostCakesz, on 27 March 2013 - 07:41 AM, said:

I'd go as far as saying either AJ needs a completely new mod/owner team, or a new site would be better at achieving these goals.



For users without access:  http://www.arenajunk...-aj-moderation/

This is posted in the SITE FEEDBACK forum.

#3842801 Blizzard's Arbitrary RBG Rating Reset

Posted Covlol on 31 January 2013 - 08:27 AM

View PostBailamosx, on 30 January 2013 - 11:40 PM, said:

The level of ignorance in this thread surrounding these issues is astounding. As the old Mark Twain adage goes, "It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt". Negligence is the one word to sum up Blizzard and it's dealings with the PvP community much less the RBG community. And yet, it need not be so. It would take just a minute re-allocation of resources to have someone properly review and ban accordingly. How many on this thread actually realize that they banned everyone who did not win trade and no one who did? How many on this thread realize the atrocious script Blizzard uses to uncover the supposed exploiters? How many know that I've been adamantly complaining about how Blizzard handles these matters for over a year?



if ur so against the company, than plz do us all a favor and quit playing their product. at least this way we dont have to see ur bought glad title mucking up these forums.

#3867363 What we can do to help PvP

Posted Thaya on 27 March 2013 - 06:42 AM

Yeah, there's no way to monetize text guides without AJ/Curse directly supporting it. But what we can do is promote and popularize certain videos. If someone makes an exceptionally good video guide, gets sticky and/or a feature on frontpage, it'll bring him tons of views and subs.

As I said multiple times already, right now we should just restructure the forum to make this demand for content more visible. Enthusiasts will appear themselves - ultimately it doesn't matter if it will be via videos or text.

Speaking of the frontpage/newsfeed, I think that's another part of the site and community that can be hugely improved. Look at diablofans for an example of a great newsfeed - every time there's new content, they post it on the front page.

Other people see the potential - be it for personal fame or to attract people to their youtube channels - and also aim to create better and more useful content to get featured over there. I know a guy who got featured like 10 times and his channel got 15k subs now (quite a lot for a channel only about D3).

Just something to consider.