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In Topic: Priests in WoD

18 July 2014 - 11:17 PM

They should change phantasm to work on pw:shield instead of fade. My happiest days as a priest were when the 4pc bonus gave 4 seconds freedom on pw:shield activation. Mainly because fade is 30 sec cd.

Also, what they are doing with the reduced fear duration is stupid. They say it's because of the distance the spell puts the melee off of you, but they say nothing about casters, they don't need any distance saving to continue to proceed dpsing you.
Psychic scream is a cursed spell anyways, always has been and always will be cursed by lock's spammable fear.
Putting it in the talent tree with the other 2 crap CC's is so stupid that they will have to revert it the moment the first blizz dev tests some priest pvp for the first time during the beta.

The only thing that makes me happy so far is seeing someone talking about disc dps coming back. Other than that, it seems priests will be even more of a punching bag for melee than they have ever been. And I thought that was impossible.

Also: The fuck? What is this useful for with the current tier 2 talents, since these speed buffs now don't stack? Why do they keep effing putting +speed buffs that get multiplied by *0,5's snares????? Why don't they give us already ghost wolf freedom again??? Why blizztards, why??? Why useless speed buffs when snared, which we always are by d4mn melee on us???
I haven't played this game for months/years, but I'm sure as hell this hasn't changed a bit. I hear angelic feather has been having some use on live where it's at 80% speed increase. Wonder why, blizztards? Because 1.8 speed * 0'5 snare = 0'9, which means we are moving at almost normal speed all the time when snared.
Oh and I'm also sure as hell berserker rage's 30 second cooldown's overpoweredness hasn't still changed since wow CLASSIC ALPHA!! I think it must be the only ability in the game that hasn't changed. Always as overpowered against priests as ever.

PS: I might as well be wrong about all I just QQ'd but it's just what I remember from this game's problems with priests.

In Topic: Priests in WoD

18 July 2014 - 11:05 PM

double post fix.