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In Topic: Solution for Racials

10 July 2015 - 03:20 PM

Those are very good news and the OBVIOUS solution I have posted 7 months ago to retardinka and WarcrafDevs.

The fact that it took them that long, show that we are quite fucked with those people on Blizzard. Holinka, Lore, seemed to live in a state of denial. Well...

I am also especially happy that it becomes more likely, that everybody who play human because OP, fucks off!

I play Human for 10 years now. And I know, that the moment Human becomes bad, I will simply stop playing and not go to ayn other race.

Have fun guys

In Topic: BANNED

19 May 2015 - 12:32 PM

View Postjustchecking, on 19 May 2015 - 07:34 AM, said:

but don't throw rocks at the ones who used it to level or gear

They are the reason I got disgusted from casual BGs.
If you use HB though, to build a group with a friend for 2v2 skirmishes, yeah, np with me.

In Topic: 6.2 DK changes & discussion thread.

09 May 2015 - 12:46 PM

About the Might of the Frozen passive:

What I had tested (on the Gladiator Sanctum Dummy!) and find out:

When you switch infight from 2H to DW you get your offhand weapon hitting. When you switch from DW to 2H your whitehits hit like they are supposed to hit.


When you do switch between DW  and 2H infight:
The bonus damage on Obliterates (2H) and Froststrikes (DW) takes 30 seconds to apply.

When you switch out of fight, the bonus is instantly present:

Have fun verifying...

In Topic: The State of the Game

05 May 2015 - 04:25 PM

I see what he writes about CC breakers. "DK too many defensives [WHAT?]/trinkets"
But like everyone else from the old guard, he forgets 15 sec CD Mage blink breaking the most potent CC: Stun!
So a class with the poor CC and 0 mobility has: a 2 min fearbreaker, a 3 minutes stun breaker (tied to one of its 2 defensive CDs), and a second trinket. Wow!

I see him mentioning Asphyxiate and Stormbolt (no mention of rogue stuns, the same I am missing always, when people complain here about stuns. They always forget Rogues!). No mention of Mage Deep Freeze. And spamable CC doesnt really seem to be a problem for this guy (only when it is instant). He talks about the CD on Dispel, but CCed healers cannot dispell.

I see what he writes about balance: "The problem with the game is not balance".
And then he is listing DKs as last with 2 combos... After lining out all the "problems" that DKs bring to the game above.

If that's not bitching bias...

Just my 2 cents...
Have fun "fixing" the game


In Topic: 6.2 DK changes & discussion thread.

16 April 2015 - 10:42 AM

Unfortunately you cannot.
There still seems to be the 30 seconds penalty of not having the respective bonuses from Might of the Frozen Wastes
when you switch 2H <-> DW

View PostForumz, on 16 April 2015 - 09:40 AM, said:

Perhaps. It's possible that Dual Wield will be stronger than 2H -if- we're allowed to be in Frost Presence. We could carry both and just switch to 2H Blood Presence if we're being tunneled.