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#4637097 Thinking about playing again after 5 year hiatus...

Posted by Bersihasi on 30 January 2018 - 07:33 AM

From somebody that does all the content:


PvE: Raiding


Imo encounters are fun and diverse in playstyle. Raiding itself does not feel rewarding though. You see people running around with mythic ilvl because they got titanforged LFR / normal items. Back in BC / Wotlk you had BiS gear because you did the hardest content. Now you can be lucky and get BiS gear before people even kill the last boss of the expansion. Due to the nature of titanforging and artifact power you are never finished with a toon. So if you plan on hardcore raiding it will fucking drain you. I enjoy quality raiding over quantity. 2-3 raids a week.


PvE: Mythic+ 


Mythic+ seems to be the focus of the blizzard esport team. It combines the theorycrafting of raiding with skillsets that you normally need in PvP. CC, Interrupts, Awarness etc. Imho the best competitive gameplay currently in WoW. If you enjoyed running harder 5mans in BC this will totally be your thing. 


PvE: Questing etc.


Leveling and suramar questing was a rather positive experience. Suramar in general felt like doing those long as attunements quests in older expansions. It is not as monotone and it is rather focused on storytelling.



This bracket is not enjoyable at all. On the very high level you have very few teams that like to dodge or snipe if you play with a subpar lineup. So games often times are onesided. Activity is also quite low so you often times end up being matched with way lower / higher teams. RBG gameplay is really fun if you end up playing against a fairly matched team but this happens very rarely. 


PvP: Arena

Going for Glad on EU means playing against blizzcon and multiple R1 alts every single game. 200+ R1 spots go to 50+ different players. Balancing is normally just a dps / hps tweak and real issues with gameplay are rarely touched. We lost the foundation of casuals that feed rating and increase the cutoffs (competitive pyramid). Old players keep playing and casuals stop playing without being replaced by new players (inverse pyramid). So getting glad+ titles is way more competitive. Still no soloqueue and finding a team on higher level is nearly impossible. You should be fine if you have old mates that still play though.


PS: you can dupe glad mounts now

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#4627720 Considering college degrees

Posted by Bersihasi on 15 February 2017 - 06:05 PM

Apply for internships in those fields. Does not have to be the exact position you want.


F.e. it should be easier to get an internship as a draftsman than an architect without any degree. Draftsman often work together with architects so you would get a good feeling of the work you might have to do. 


If you already want to start studying you could go for civil engineering and switch to architecture later. The best outcome would be if you get into an university that offers both civil engineering and architecture and that has some of the same subjects in both studies. That way if you switch from one to the other you can transfer your credits.

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#4627555 Which top class players could balance PvP?

Posted by Bersihasi on 14 February 2017 - 01:42 PM

To be on a balancing team you just need a good understanding of PvP. You dont have to be one of the best players. 


So you might want somebody that played on a competitive level or just below (understanding of the game and its mechanics) + somebody that has gotten at least a Bachelor of Science in math related studies (Programming, statistics, math, engineering to some extend).


I think having a monthly skype meeting with smart pros would be a good way to start. They would just give their opinions on changes but wouldnt be part of the balancing team. 


I guess a good example would be David Kim (Game Balance for Starcraft)

He was/is a good player and majored in computer science.


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#4626706 Elite Tabards are back

Posted by Bersihasi on 04 February 2017 - 09:44 PM

Ashran would have been fine in wod if classes had been fun to play in pvp and with no rng gear aspect


Ion Hazzikostas and Celestalon are the ones fucking class design and by extension pvp for the last few expansions


classes have no depth and are not fun to play outside of raids > pvp participation dies

the solution is to make classes fun to play again outside raiding, not introduce moba teambuilding into a dying pvp community to try and bandage over the actual issues


Well see pruning is an issue i agree but you want to overhaul the complete classdesign. Dont you think thats wishful thinking? With pvp talents they are already working against pruning. And its still in its early stage so maybe after a few seasons the pvp talents will replace what was taken away by pruning. Other than that i think a lot of classes actually are fun but i guess thats subjective.


If you for once put yourself in the shoes of a casual you will come to the conclusion that you cannot just log in and play arena for fun. Every other pvp game has matchmaking as their standard gateway for new players. I dont feel like this even should be a discussion. Sure there are a lot of issues with the current state of pvp but with how blizzard is run nowadays you can not scream for complete overhauls. You take what you already have and try to implement or improve it in systems that would benefit from it. 


In my point of view its either adding matchmaking or updating the LFG tool. 

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#4626604 Elite Tabards are back

Posted by Bersihasi on 04 February 2017 - 08:38 AM

anyone that thinks he's the reason pvp is shit is very short-sighted


He is the lead designer. He did Ashran to us. He does not communicate to the people that still try to make pvp competitive. This season is most likely 50% done already and we still dont have an armory that works (and we dont get an answer if we get one till the end of the season). They didnt think about tabards, enchants or elite gear in legion. Prestige ended up beeing a WQ grind instead of bringing more players into pvp. Balancing wise they are going in the right direction with pvp templates but other than that they lack somebody that interacts with the pvp community. 


Also we have skirmish matchmaking and i dont understand why we cant have the same matchmaking system to feed into ranked arena.

A lot of PvE buddys want to play pvp but cant be arsed to look for a team for 20 minutes. For most people here on AJ they log into their accounts and have 10+ mates that they can play with but for casuals its a real struggle. This is currently the biggest issues holding pvp participation back.

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#4626382 Elite Tabards are back

Posted by Bersihasi on 01 February 2017 - 12:27 PM

Season 3 





Season 4 (currently marked as Season 3 Warlords, i guess it was already done in WoD but never used)





Season 5





Season 6 





Season 7





For now they have race requirements so they are faction specific. Currently its also not known how to get them 2,6 again? Prestige? Lets see what they come up with.

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#4625380 T20 Icons datamined (possible PvP sets)

Posted by Bersihasi on 21 January 2017 - 09:08 AM

Update: Sets are now released on http://www.mmo-champ...mor-Set-Models 


Warlock wings can be seen in the modelviewer with the JumpStart animation. 

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#4624666 PvP Enchant Particle Lag?

Posted by Bersihasi on 16 January 2017 - 10:26 AM

I never had issues if people had the enchant in the same zone. But i do have a huge FPS drop if i zoom into the enchant.


Heres a gif 170 FPS => 35 FPS 




I guess its a common issue with particle effects?

I remember people having issues in CS 1.6 with smokes and FPS drops.

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#4624582 Legion season 2 Glad Cutoffs

Posted by Bersihasi on 15 January 2017 - 07:51 AM

Afaik due to the changes to the armory its not possible to get an estimate of the cutoff.

Try to aim for top350 alliance and top280 horde if you want to be safe.

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#4622269 Legion PvP Season 1 - Rewards Clarification

Posted by Bersihasi on 26 December 2016 - 09:32 AM

just wait for after Holidays and see wat they will do


i doubt they regive titles by resetting everything and do the calculations like they normally did before this season, like every season.


To be honest if they dont people will just quit. Look at the already dead rbg community. If only <10 ppl get HotH every season nobody will even bother with that bracket anymore. I know some ppl that really played their hearts out this season and should have gotten their first glad. But this is really demotivating. Making titles so rare will make them very prestigious for sure but that will demotivate new players to even get into pvp. 


What pvp needs is a matchmaking system like every other game has. Casuals need an easy way to participate not the LFG shit. 

They also need rewards. 2k for the elite set is already ~95th percentile. So 95% players wont even get that. And besides rival and challenger the elite set is the first real reward while climbing the ladder. Also no tabard and weapon enchants in legion. 


The prestige system kinda flopped because getting honor in arena is just to inefficient. So most players that want the achievements / rewards just do WQ. 

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#4595740 Who has the most rank 1 titles?

Posted by Bersihasi on 07 August 2016 - 12:30 PM

yeah as in

when it was actually rank 1

Posted Image

Ah yes back when it was actually rank1 :rolleyes:
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#4590097 Opinions on Legion

Posted by Bersihasi on 08 July 2016 - 06:49 AM

I think you need to put yourself into the position of your average WoW player. I heard a lot of people are hyped and really enjoy the beta.
Sadly WoW will never be what AJ wants it to be. There were so many roads blizzard could have taken with WoW pvp but its just not their vision i guess.

I like the drakes. I like the fact that every class got an overhaul. Its kinda a clean slate to get into pvp again.
For people like me that really enjoy thinking outside the box it will be fun to work with all the new spells and interactions.

That said I am not hyped for demonhunters and would have loved a spellbreaker class like in wc3 with a new support spec.
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#4589449 European Online Qualifiers

Posted by Bersihasi on 03 July 2016 - 10:05 AM

Posted Image

European Online Qualifiers

Cup #1: July 3

Information: http://eu.battle.net...zcon-16-06-2016
Brackets: http://wow.starladde...ournaments/1338
Stream: twitch.tv/warcraft

Loser Bracket
14:00 CET - LND (Refren, Mcweedy, Ranamontana,Krawnzlol) vs. NG Blue (Minpojke, Raiku, Whazz, Zy)
15:00 CET - TYB (Groendahl, GeluBaba, Thesia, Vilaye) vs. BJ (Zeepeye, Fnoberz, Leekzy, Wallrikz)

Winner Bracket
16:00 CET - FL (Cervantes, Fritterus, Xonika, Feddx) vs. Method (Praii, Noliferqt, Chasx, Froffsy)
17:00 CET - NH (Infernion, Teebow, Cavyx, pancake) vs. ABC (Daisyduke, kribw, niksi)



Cup #2 : July 10

Cup #3 : July 17

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#4587579 Legion Glad Mounts - Storm Dragons

Posted by Bersihasi on 15 June 2016 - 08:36 AM


They are already implemented in the model viewer on wowhead. It seems that they have cloudparticles under their wings. And the colors look way better in der viewer imo. Also the scythe at the end of the tail looks sick. Though i think saddle looks plebish in comparisation to our normal thrones.

Legion will be a paradise full of mounts. We have a rat, tankturtle, a fucking spider, stromdrakes, Infernals, a shit ton of prestige mounts,a fish, a jellyfish and an awesome fox
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#4587438 RBG Enhancement damage

Posted by Bersihasi on 14 June 2016 - 07:46 AM


I played my ENH alt at 2,3+ CR this season and this is my advice.

Spread buffed Flameshocks
During fights you should buff your flameshocks with unleash elements after you got 2 elemental fusion stacks. After buffing and applying the flameshock you need to spread it to the other targets. It will spread the buffed flameshock instead of just a normal one. Also try to apply flameshocks to as many targets as possible (with lava lash or manually). And ofc spam fire nova ._.

Record your gameplay
Most PCs are capable of recording without having big FPS drops. So do that and analyse those replays. You can also post them here and ppl will help you out. Its pretty easy to set up a twitch stream and we could watch VoDs to help you even more.

Watch streams
Here are some streams of enh shamans that play on high mmr. You can go and watch their VODs. They might not be consider the best enh shamans but you will learn a lot by watching them.

You should not use Hex on CD. Most of the time its a waste of a GCD. In RBG everyone is getting damaged by dots so your hex will most likely be broken anyway. There are some situations were hexing is fine (f.e. you make a go on enemy flagcarries => hex a healer).

Skill can not be reflected in a trivial stat like Damage/Healing Done etc.
WoW RBG is way to complex to be broken down into one number. So if you do less dps every now and then thats fine. But it can be an indication that you do something very wrong if it happens all the time. So thats why a video of your playstyle would help greatly to tell you what you re doing wrong.

Interrupts (Quantity != Quality)
Most of the time you want to interrupt/ground Cyclones and healers. Some enh shamans might spam interrupt warlocks just to be able to say how much they interrupted in that game. Dont be that guy. Interrupt smart.

Reasons why you do less damage even though you do nothing "wrong"

Getting dispelled
Good healers will try to dispell your initial flameshock to prevent you from spreading it and doing aoe dmg.
And priests / shadows will also use mass dispell to get rid of flameshocks. If you get dispelled while your enemy enhancer can aoe without any restriction it will result in a big dps difference between you and the enemy enhancer.

DK vs. no DK
Having a DK can also boost your DPS by a lot. After a mass grip you will do a shitton of DPS just because everybody is close together and firenova relies on enemys standing together. Same goes for positioning. If your team stands close together while the enemys spreads it can result in you doing way less DPS than the enemy enh.

Winning a fight
Yes winning a fight can mean that you do less dps. If you start killing your enemy team it means that you have less and less players to aoe down. If you kill the enemy enhancer last he will still do way more dps than you just because he has more targets to aoe while you are only left with a fraction of enemys. This really shows in Kotmogu. If you are winning and holding 3 orbs (so 3 targets that take more damage) the enemy enh can spam a lot of damage.

Doing other stuff / dying
Sometimes you may be forced to help out defending towers / killing flag carries etc. This means your aoe dmg will drop by quite a bit. And thats fine because you would rather want to win than to have more damage than the enemy enh. And its more important to play for objectives sometimes than to win a teamfight.
If you die you also stop doing dps.

Single vs. aoe dps
Depending what setup you play you sometimes will prefer to do single target than to spam aoe. If your team switches a lot and has a fair amount of burst you will most likely want to single target dps with them to kill targets. That way you do less dps but you still win fights.

Overall there might be a lot of reasons why you do less dmg and we cant help you a lot without seeing your gameplay.
Skill is not something you are born with. The more you play the better you get. Thats why you will face enh shamans that play their class for several years and they will most likely outskill you everytime. So dont let yourself down and try to improve and work on your weaknesses.
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