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In Topic: Falsely accused of win trading

07 September 2017 - 12:29 PM



Cutoffs last day of the season and today. I guess a lot of ppl got DQed. 50 Rating drop on horde is insane.


I looked through your VoDs and u even have a ton of with your rshaman. Maybe u played with or against wintraders that got banned and somehow their automated system banned you too. Sucks if your telling the truth :/


On a sidenote (seeing your browser bookmarks) be careful using USDTether it is not the same as USD - its a coin that is not backed and is not regulated. So anything can happen to it. 

In Topic: Considering college degrees

15 February 2017 - 06:05 PM

Apply for internships in those fields. Does not have to be the exact position you want.


F.e. it should be easier to get an internship as a draftsman than an architect without any degree. Draftsman often work together with architects so you would get a good feeling of the work you might have to do. 


If you already want to start studying you could go for civil engineering and switch to architecture later. The best outcome would be if you get into an university that offers both civil engineering and architecture and that has some of the same subjects in both studies. That way if you switch from one to the other you can transfer your credits.

In Topic: wow forum post on faction based rewards

14 February 2017 - 08:52 PM

Personally I think the simple solution is to make the "rank 1" title be just a flat rank (similar to things like challenger in league or grand master in OW etc). Make r1 title just the top 100 regardless of faction and call it a day. Super transparent as that's also the front page of the ladder. Also this way the people 


Just add a new title for top 50. Lets go with "Fearless Champion".  Then the cream of the crop will have something to play for again instead of playing their multiple alts. Would be great for competition.


Additional to the title you get a golden enchant http://www.warcraftn...owg-enchant.jpg or a golden armored version of the expansions gladiator mounts.

In Topic: Which top class players could balance PvP?

14 February 2017 - 01:42 PM

To be on a balancing team you just need a good understanding of PvP. You dont have to be one of the best players. 


So you might want somebody that played on a competitive level or just below (understanding of the game and its mechanics) + somebody that has gotten at least a Bachelor of Science in math related studies (Programming, statistics, math, engineering to some extend).


I think having a monthly skype meeting with smart pros would be a good way to start. They would just give their opinions on changes but wouldnt be part of the balancing team. 


I guess a good example would be David Kim (Game Balance for Starcraft)

He was/is a good player and majored in computer science.


In Topic: Elite Tabards are back

04 February 2017 - 09:44 PM

Ashran would have been fine in wod if classes had been fun to play in pvp and with no rng gear aspect


Ion Hazzikostas and Celestalon are the ones fucking class design and by extension pvp for the last few expansions


classes have no depth and are not fun to play outside of raids > pvp participation dies

the solution is to make classes fun to play again outside raiding, not introduce moba teambuilding into a dying pvp community to try and bandage over the actual issues


Well see pruning is an issue i agree but you want to overhaul the complete classdesign. Dont you think thats wishful thinking? With pvp talents they are already working against pruning. And its still in its early stage so maybe after a few seasons the pvp talents will replace what was taken away by pruning. Other than that i think a lot of classes actually are fun but i guess thats subjective.


If you for once put yourself in the shoes of a casual you will come to the conclusion that you cannot just log in and play arena for fun. Every other pvp game has matchmaking as their standard gateway for new players. I dont feel like this even should be a discussion. Sure there are a lot of issues with the current state of pvp but with how blizzard is run nowadays you can not scream for complete overhauls. You take what you already have and try to implement or improve it in systems that would benefit from it. 


In my point of view its either adding matchmaking or updating the LFG tool.