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#4448324 *best windwalker in the world*

Posted Lolflay on Yesterday, 07:43 PM

You people are the biggest faggots I've ever seen.

Everyone who you beat is shit, everyone who you lose to is somehow playing something that's OP, people who wintrade are scum ( okay, I can stand behind this ), people who queue into wintraders are scum ( according to people who boost ), people who boost are scum ( according to wintraders and those who queue into wintraders ), you call the game shit yet you log into it every single fucking day, if you queue as or with a class that overtuned - s'all good dawg I see no problem here, if you queue with a weak class, you're immediately the best fucking most talented player ever and everyone who plays a good class/comp is a fucking loser at life, you DDOS people yet have the fucking balls to voice your opinions, etc etc.

I've played most of the popular online games, and for such a few number people queueing in this game, WoW arena community has always managed to come out on top and beat every other community in terms of faggotry.

Get over yourselves, kid wanted a r1 title and he got it, I can sure bet my fucking beer on the fact that nobody of you had any balls to queue on the last night unless you absolutely had to. The only thing he's doing wrong in my book is being so weak and pathetic to have to excuse himself to a bunch of nerds that are as insecure as he is.

#4448402 What's a FUN change that Blizzard could do in next expansion that'd m...

Posted Malladon on Yesterday, 10:53 PM

Make sub's damage not based on a clunky multistrike DoT mechanica that's inherently nerfed in PvP and instead let Hemo/Backstab/Ambush do real damage...

Use resilience as part of gear again (Reduce % Dmg, Reduce % Change to be crit) rather than wacky item level scaling trickery

Remove dampening from the game and bring back 5SR for casters

Oh, make mana matter for healers (and nonhealers!)

Hybrid healing more of a damped version of what the healing spec provides (not this ridiculous you have 1 healing spell that depending on your cooldowns and procs can probably heal for a lot)

De-homogenize as others have mentioned. Rework hybrid kicks in pvp.... keep them as needed for pve but rework similar to lolflays suggestions

Remove FoK AoE CP generation (it's fun, but clunky and promotes bad gameplay), tweak Honor Among Thieves to allow for more fluid CP generation

Deadly Throw Interrupt for Sub only, Interrupt is X Seconds per combo point, 12 second cooldown

Less gap closers & gap breaks for everybody

Remove the DR groupings.... Clone/Fear should be separated, Horror & Coil should be Separate from Poly (Blind sharing with fear seemed okay though)

Balance the game around 2v2 and 3v3

I like whoever said the Talent Tree idea.... hybrid specs were the best thing ever (S6 0/34/27 never forget, or fiddling with different Sub builds and where you spent points in Combat/Assassination). Game has so much less flavor alone now because of this.

Ad Nauseum---- Nerf major cooldowns by like 30-50%, adjust healing accordingly so that people can die without using them

Make major cooldowns slightly shorter in overall duration, maybe just for PvP (i.e. Vendetta buff for... 10 seconds? Feral buff for 15 seconds?) Idk, less potent overall, up more often, more opportunities for interesting play rather than OMG WE DO DAMAGE HAHAHAHA

edit: I forgot, remove multi-trinkets from classes (monks dks most notoriously). As much as I hate enrage on my warlock/SP, it's a MUCH more solid design that everyone gets a universal trinket + a partial cc break (e.g. only certain classes). This whole thing where some classes have 2+ cc breaks is shenanigans

#4447934 Should we take the middle road with the dispel system?

Posted Odrareg on Yesterday, 04:10 AM

maybe i was deaf but i hadn't ever heard those terms before the actual mop hero concept was invented! obviously wotlk/cata hero came as logical consquences.

MoP was just very different (starting from the cleanse change indeed) and many interesting mechanics were slowly removed, together with the addition of various retardation. blood fear anyone? paladins with turn evil? SYMBIOSIS? hunters with NO MIN RANGE? the sub drop was huge as well, and many "no namers" suddently became "gods", which was also a consequence of the very top and famous players quitting and leaving their place for the "new generation". that's kind of natural, but like I've always said in various posts, it can't ALWAYS be sudden people buying the game and being so talented to hit rank 1 in one season or two. there are just too many cases.

even pve got hit by this phenomena; i was in an average guild in dragon soul, killing Madness as like world 90, and in first MoP tier we were actually competing for top 20 world? sure, we became better, but something didn't feel right.

getting a bit back on topic, introducing a cleanse with a CD that removed all debuffs was one of the first moves towards homogenization, that then led to ability pruning, and we all know the story.

sorry but any decent healer can be ready with the cleanse keybind as the poly cast is incoming and cleanse right away. let alone the fact the mage is gonna cast poly again and GG(that's another topic), when you had to choose between casting holy shock or cleanse vs a dot cleave, that was what would differentiate healers' skill into making the right decision at the right time, enhancing the importance of micro management. if you totally take away that aspect of the arena game, the skill level starts flattening out. average players can perform at a the same high level of good players with half the effort good players had to put in in order to get there the first time. and that's how the conflict starts, we're human.

so yes I strongly believe the cleanse system should be reverted, even if in the current meta it would be a bit impossible to apply. at the same time, like Jimjim's video shows, having 3 stacks of winter's chill and polymorph at the same time was very stupid as well. no expansion has ever been perfect, but I think Cataclysm was the middle ground that people actually liked, with some nostalgic competition against Wotlk (go check out wotlk and cata arena tournament servers, they literally explode with people).

personal taste can let people think S15 was good and i'm no one to judge that, but let's not forget all the complaints about MoP that stormed forums for years...which coincides, like I said, with the cleanse change, just to start with.

edit: please note how i've said multiple times, and i will keep saying, that the CURRENT top players sadly don't even have the spells to show how in reality they're better than the oldschool gods. it's just a wrong pvp system as a whole. the same goes with pve, as they think the rotation is STILL too complicated. HOW will those mad theorycrafters over IcyVeins keep going? I remember when as a hunter in wotlk you could greatly increase your dps by keeping up two serpent stings at a time by carefully timing your chimera shot. now chimera shot fucking breaks traps as it cleaves, and a potential better hunter from TODAY can't show how good he is in comparison to a Wotlk one.

#4447907 Should we take the middle road with the dispel system?

Posted Odrareg on Yesterday, 12:32 AM

Just cause WoD seems worse than MoP, please don't let MoP seem like a good expansion. It wasn't.

why do you think the term "mop hero" was even born?

#4447646 Should we take the middle road with the dispel system?

Posted Lolflay on 05 July 2015 - 05:15 AM

View PostJim_Jim, on 04 July 2015 - 10:53 PM, said:


Is your argument a good one, though ?

Bear with me here for a little, probably a wall of text inc - I know it's annoying, but it's hard to explain everything without explaining it completely. Mages and Warlocks were historically THE two caster classes that were a staple in arena and in PVE since the inception of the game, they're the two sides of the same coin, with Shadow/Ele/Balance representing spare change ( Warriors/Rogues being the other major coin, and all other melee being spare change ). Those two coins, the melee and caster one, represented classes that were ENABLERS ( enablers enabled other classes to work in arena, in a world where without them, they'd have not a single tier 1 comp ).

On S15 and Warlocks :

On game balance :

On your and everyone elses opinions :

If I was Blizzard, I'd disallow queueing double melee AND double caster unless I took specific steps to make sure that all 3 comp archetypes were properly balanced ( with the exception of double healer, I'd never allow ANYONE, EVER, to queue that ). When everyone swapped to Shatter during S8, I was the only Spriest left in the world that was above 2700 and still played melee/caster/healer. I caved in once the best mage on my battlegroup asked me to play 3s, and I didn't lose a single game from that point to the end of season in 3s due to how OP double caster was ( and I still regret not getting R1 that season, but that Mage was somehow satisfied with not playing the game and only getting Glad ). So trust me when I say that I don't like double caster as much as you, but I also despise melee cleavers who demand rights in this game. Fuck you double melee, fuck you double caster, shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.

edit : added spoilers to not make the post feel threatening to people, but even with spoilers, the visible parts still feel like a menace, lol

#4447337 Should we take the middle road with the dispel system?

Posted Lolflay on 04 July 2015 - 01:54 PM

Homogenization is fucking retarded and boring. I'd rather be someone's bitch in a interesting and fun game with shitloads of different mechanics, than be someone's equal in a game where everything and everyone is the same.

Fuck you Blizzard

#4447334 Should we take the middle road with the dispel system?

Posted Lolflay on 04 July 2015 - 01:52 PM

TL;DR: you had 4 categories : [ Max offensive / offensive / defensive / max defensive ], each healer represented one of those categories.

Druids were picked because they were the defensive healer. They were hard to counterspell ( didn't cast almost anything, hard to control as casters ), immune to polymorphs ( counters mages ), were mobile ( counter melee ), and had a healing mechanic that persisted through CC ( hots ). Their weaknesses were magic debuffs on themselves and their team ( no dispel ), hard swaps ( could keep blooms on one target ), lack of "OH SHIT" cooldowns ( besides one Nature Swiftness->Healing Touch on a 3 min cooldown ).

Shamans were picked because they were the offensive healer. They had by far the strongest control tools against enemy team, countered defensive debuffs ( Purge removing 2x buffs ), had Totem mechanic that countered a lot of popular things ( Tremor against fear, Grounding against spells, Cleansing against poison/diseases or w/e, had Bloodlust ( insane DPS and HPS increase for their team ), generally were hard to train down back then ( insane amounts of armor + Earth shield, they only really died versus really persistent melee cleaves that their partners failed to properly peel against ), and they also had insanely strong healing that was reliant mostly on mana - as long as they had mana, nothing died.

Paladins were picked because they were the max defensive healer - if you had a comp that had all the tools and pressure they need to land kills on their own, and just needed a healer that could keep them alive, stay at 40 yards, be hard to kill, keep them free of shit - Paladin was their man. They had super strong healing coupled with easy mechanics to dish those heals out, they were super hard to kill ( outside of a good RMP ), had Freedom/Sacrifice/BoP/Bubble/Aura/etc to counter enemy cooldowns ( same situation as today ), they offered the most defense they possibly could.

Priests were picked as a max offensive healer. Unlike other 3 healers, Priest games rarely lasted ultra long, and they always focused on just keeping the team as offensive as possible - Fearbombing 3 people, dispelling the kill target, announcing the switch to that target, DPSing together with their team and doing 1/3 or 1/2 of the DPS their partners are doing, being able to dispel both enemies and their team ( 2 (de)buffs per cast ), being able to Manaburn enemy healers/DPS to cause pressure, etc.

And today ?

Hmm, Paladins heal more than Shamans do atm. Oh well, time to play Paladin. Oh look, Paladin's "big heal spell" is same cast time as Shaman "big heal spell". Oh look, Paladin "instant cast heal" is same shit as Shaman "instant cast heal". Oh look, I'm doing better as Paladin than as Shaman simply because both healers are almost the same, so if one healer is more OP than the other, I'll do ten times better on the OP one even though I mained the weak one !

#4447319 Should we take the middle road with the dispel system?

Posted Lolflay on 04 July 2015 - 01:36 PM

View Postjaimex, on 04 July 2015 - 01:28 PM, said:

Then I log on AJ and you are asking for half the healers to not be able to dispel polymorph anymore and it's just... ugh. Get good at the game before calling other people out btw - it tends to help.

You didn't play the old system nor were you good in the old system though, so you can't exactly understand his PoV, and the truth is - the old system WAS more fun.

It actually kept some order in the game and dictated what healers can play what comps. Right now, if you have a combination of melee that's op ( let's say that DK Rogue becomes stupid OP in next 2 months ), you just pick the best healer, and everyone who can multiclass just swaps over to that healer, not unlike people in League of Legends swapping from Akali to Diana because one is simply a better version of the other.

In the old system, double melee for example COULD NOT play with a Resto Druid, no matter how OP Resto Druids were, simply because they would sit in novas, roots, slows, and get nothing done. So double melee was forced to run with a different healer that allowed them to stick to targets but didn't have the output of a Druid that would allow them to be immortal thanks to their healing mechanics and other stuff.

In the old system, you had like 5 things you needed to counter, and most of the popular comps in meta only had the tools to counter 3 of them, maybe 4. In the new system, everyone has the tools to counter everything, partly because healers are made that way, partly because DPS classes got homogenized, resulting in a considerably less fun game.

#4445921 10 Arena Wins a Week Should Give an Epic Strongbox

Posted Tenk on 01 July 2015 - 05:44 PM

I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I think the topic should be revisited and pushed.

Arena participation has seemed to be on a decline as of late, and I think this could actually help.

I picked 10 wins because this was the old BC requirement for points (although you could lose) and it seemed appropriate.


1) Encourages more players (ie people who may be afraid of arena) to queue thereby increasing the pool of arena players.

2) Encourages arena players to remain active each week thereby discouraging sitting on rating and a stale ladder.

3) Allows more opportunity to get RNG off pieces.


1) People might see it as "forced" to do arena. I don't think this is any different from "forced" to do RBGs or ashran though.

2) More gear available. In some eyes this is a bad thing.

Any other thoughts?

Edit: All gear should be available for conquest points as has been discussed in numerous other threads.

#4444484 Priests: Greatest healer of all time

Posted washboardabsx on 28 June 2015 - 07:33 PM

View Postzzatbrah, on 28 June 2015 - 05:05 PM, said:


priests need some help but giving them bakc mana burn would do next to nothing in current gameplay

If mana was actually a concern it would. Am I the only one that misses the mana wars between using CC and positioning and trying to get drinks off and thinking about what to use to not burn through your mana? I mean right now casters feel like hunters since mana doesnt matter and everything is practically instant and we don't need that.

#4444487 Dear AJ

Posted Glink on 28 June 2015 - 07:34 PM

View PostSynkz, on 28 June 2015 - 08:33 AM, said:

WildeHilde stopped posting and the content has dried up ever since.  He was always passionate about arena, and him being gone has hurt this community quite a bit.
Yeah I do remember him organizing a lot of things. That guy was a legend, its a shame hes no longer active. Im sure there is someone who could fill a role similar to him though, you just need the right people who are willing to do things.

#4444355 Huge DQ/ban wave

Posted Hateformz on 28 June 2015 - 12:31 PM

View PostSickstorybro, on 28 June 2015 - 12:15 PM, said:

people still play this game? :D
nigga relax it's not even been a year since u supposedly quit, u still have a long way to go before u can think about acting all cool & nonchalant about this game

#4429931 Gladiator thastor - Roalty free music for your videos / Stream :) xD

Posted thastorii on 31 May 2015 - 10:38 AM

hey guys been posting wow videos here for years now, these days i produce music mostly so would be epic to hear my music in your guys videos, you can use my music for commercial use or what ever use just link my youtube channel in description :)

Latest release :)

www.youtube.com/thastorcyclone more music there :)

have a epic summer everyone! :)

#4442897 Revo 1

Posted Raak on 25 June 2015 - 03:58 PM

Actually pretty cool that people still put effort into making movies instead of just streaming.

#4442678 Revo 1

Posted Revolol on 25 June 2015 - 07:10 AM

First of all I want to say a few things to preface this video. I know my UI is terrible, and a lot of people hate my class/comps. That being said, because of the comps warriors have to play and the current meta of the game, I did find it a struggle to get good clips with decent plays that weren't either A:) Really long or B:) Really boring. Most of them were both, but I guess that's just WoD arena. Not to mention the plays you can make as a warrior in the current state of arena are pretty limited to say the least. I tried my best to put in shorter clips with more high intensity games, and that's why you'll notice a few of them are pretty similar.
Those things being said, I present to you Revo 1. Enjoy!