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#4585608 So who's playing this Overwatch crap

Posted Zaephyr on Yesterday, 07:57 PM

Dude I love Synkz he reps every single comment of mine that he sees no matter what it says. That's a real bro right there.

#4585575 Legion beta

Posted Jim_Jim on Yesterday, 04:59 PM

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#4585560 So who's playing this Overwatch crap

Posted Zaephyr on Yesterday, 03:33 PM

Like, most of you are retarded and that's just being real.

#4585446 So who's playing this Overwatch crap

Posted Maxish on 28 May 2016 - 06:49 PM

wow its almost like some people like and prefer different things

who would have thought

#4585440 So who's playing this Overwatch crap

Posted Knaittiz on 28 May 2016 - 06:21 PM

i dont play but i browse overwatch rule 34 occasionally

#4585428 So who's playing this Overwatch crap

Posted Thaya on 28 May 2016 - 05:45 PM

View Poststalebagel, on 28 May 2016 - 04:58 PM, said:

is it that bad? what are the complaints about it
'that bad'

the game is extremely well received

don't rely on opinions just from aj

View Postseeiz, on 28 May 2016 - 05:00 PM, said:

20 tick servers, AI turrets and a Q that wipes the entire team when you shoot it at a wall. Yeah, my opinion is far from the truth.
people complain about rate just to complain about something

read more on the subject. apparently the netcode is way different compared to source engine, and within their model 20.8hz 'works'. you can also set it to 60 on custom games, which makes this whole debate entirely pointless since anyone playing it competitively will just play scrims and private games 24/7 anyway. who knows, maybe they will even make it default later

for what it's worth, my personal opinion and experience: i've played quake3 for over 15 years now, and i play whats literally the 'fastest' variation of it (promode/cpma, makes it more like quake world with air control and instant weapon switching, etc), and so far i've only had ONE "bullshit" moment in overwatch that i'd blame on tick rate. i'm 26 hours in and fuck knows how many in open beta (binged it hard so there was a lot)

whoever complains about it as if its something that makes the game unplayable or bad is either a lot faster than me or is just shitposting

i'm pretty fucking fast, so i'd say its the latter

i'm on 50 ping though so maybe it's more noticeable with very low pings, i don't know. people complaining about netcode with >80ms can fuck right off

hanzo's ult is easy as fuck to avoid no matter where it's casted from (the announce for that shit is definitely the loudest and most recognizable). it's only used as a follow up on top of other cc or on a locked/committed team, but then you're not exactly "Q'ing a wall and wiping the entire enemy team" are you. its wall passing feature is only there to guarantee you being able to do that, cuz the shit is slow as fuck. it'd be incredibly frustrating to use if it had collision

i'm not a fan of turrets honestly but there's plenty of counterplay so i don't see them as a problem. them being 'irritating' is kind of the whole point, so just deal with it (the better games you play the less of that shit you see anyway, because it's easy as fuck to counterplay the more organized ppl are about it)


#4585110 Vanilla Nostalgic Players

Posted metaldiablo on 27 May 2016 - 08:14 AM

Seems like most people already have strong opinions about classic WoW from personal experience, and linking an old parody video along with calling them retarded won't make anyone re-consider.

I haven't seen anyone try to make the argument that classes were wonderfully designed/balanced or that their pvp/raiding models were released perfectly... People just enjoyed interacting with a world instead of interface windows and instances. Especially when the world felt like something you got to come and experience, instead of it trying to beg for your attention and making you the center of its story (afking in your boring player house while npc's call you "commander" and the faction king moves in to hang out at your table). Also blah blah blah DPS mana, situational spells, un-consolidated DR trees, no dispel CD, old talent system, less emphasis on CDs, etc etc you've heard it all

#4584954 Vanilla Nostalgic Players

Posted Speedymart on 27 May 2016 - 04:28 AM

Did you even play Nost?


Even with all the bugs, one spec classes, and grindy nature, it was by far a better game then is currently.

This is an MMORPG that's missing the RPG part.

#4584888 Vanilla Nostalgic Players

Posted Nicholaes92 on 26 May 2016 - 08:19 PM

Lel unpopular opinion time guys! I have a confusion...... I.. Think... Vanilla.. Sucked! Lel no downvotes.

Anyway, people miss vanilla because maybe that's the game they want to play?  Is it really that hard for you to understand? Why do you need 500 threads asking these questions.  Why do people want to still play Oceania of time? Smash bros melee?  I mean they are both old and glitchy and unappealing to the eye, so why do people miss them right?  Maybe because that's the fucking game they want to play because that's the game that they like.  

You can list off a million reasons why you hate something like vanilla, but why would you waste your time trying to explain to the people who like playing that version of the game that the vanilla version of the game sucks?  You don't like it? Then don't play it or talk about it.

Do you sniff glue?

#4582770 A discussion about cheaters in general.

Posted Nicholaes92 on 15 May 2016 - 11:20 PM

Tweets from blizzard 2018:

Can't find a guild? Want the best gear from the highest of our 8 difficulties of the only raid this expansion? For only $60 you can buy a run with our new and improved raiding bots and have a full clear 100% of the time!  Don't have time to finish the raid?  Don't worry!  You can pause the raid at anytime and come back right where you left off!

And new on the pbe you can test out our new arena simulator where you can spectate top players from their perspective and change their names to your characters so it feels like you are a rank one glad!  And you can buy the same titles and mounts as the player you're spectating now in our battlenet shop!

Also guys quit asking about legacy servers it's not going to happen you are having fun with retail, trust me you think you aren't but you are.

#4581072 When and Why have you started and stopped WoW ?

Posted Eycore on 07 May 2016 - 04:58 PM

Quit in early Cata. PvP was boring, didn't like some of the changes to the shaman class. Every class started to become more homogenised. Giving shamans dispell, removing bloodlust (strong but was the shammys identity), too many new op spells (spirit link, ring of frost, smoke bomb). Hunters with easy cc traps and feral druids instant cyclone was annoying. Too many instant spells in the game makes it difficult to outplay other people and thus less fun.

Came back in WoD, thinking the game changed. I quit after 2 months. Was like Cata on steroids. AOE stealth from rogues, instant warrior stun from 30yards (makes hexing really fun), too many interrupts made juking pointless. I could no longer play my shammy aggressive anymore. Ashran looked horrible, I didn't buy an expansion to sit in a mudhut of a city. The list goes on.

#4580988 Bias And Favoritism On Twitch

Posted drzy on 06 May 2016 - 11:35 PM

difference imo is gross gore was actually really fkin good at league, even if you hated his personality he still provided top tier league gameplay

lea just sits there and does literally nothing. i can't stand streamers that queue random bgs just so they pass the "im playing a game" test and talk drama. just get that garbage off twitch ffs

edit: i remember the good 'ol days of 2012 in late cata, where nobody even cared about having a sub button and a donation link, they just wanted to stream some quality gameplay. good times :(

#4580157 On vanilla PvP

Posted Nicholaes92 on 02 May 2016 - 03:26 PM

View PostRailander, on 02 May 2016 - 03:07 PM, said:

huegene, basically all blizzard did was add lower-tier difficulties to raiding and make leveling much more forgiving, along with making the game overall less time consuming (which the latter we all agree is unrelated to difficulty).
normal raids (now called heroic) are much harder than in the past, and all they did was add lower tiers to that. flex raid tier is basically vanilla raids but without the gigantic grind and in some bosses class stacking requirements.

literally the only thing that is easier today is leveling which, yeah, got extremely easy. for everything else they added both lower and higher tier difficulties to accomodate for a different spectrum of players.

if you are your average doe who fulfills himself with completing raid finder, that's not the game's fault (although i do think LFR tier should be removed from the game), that's just the average doe being the average doe. if he literally spends more than 2 minutes in the game he'll realize LFR doesnt mean shit and his "achievements" arent worth anything because literally everyone will keep rubbing it in your face whenever you bring it up. you either go mythic or you are automatically a very casual player.

Yes I realize that lfr doesn't mean you are completely done with  the entire game.  But I'm also not just talking about raids.  But with the current state an average joe can accomplish everything in the sense of,  I'm max level, I have maxxed proffesions, and I have finished the current content raid (whether it be on easy mode or not), or I have the best pvp gear.  So in a sense they feel like they have beaten the game and they still reletivly shit at it.  They have nothing else to look forward to except, "well I can do the raid I just did in lfr except it's a little bit harder, then once I do that I can do the same raid again just even more hard". And that type of game doesn't let anyone really look forward to anything longer than a couple months, maybe.  

But again, I'm not just talking about raiding.  If you are an average joe in bc and you have the same skill level as you do when you are playing wod, you might not even hit end level because you aren't grasping the concept of pull just one mob, if you pull more you cc, if you pull more you run, if you run out of quests you grind, if you do a dungeon you go get quests from alllll over the world.  And even if they do hit end level at lets say the end of bc, you think they will ever see illidan?  Nope he gets to go to karazan and learn about positioning fights with shade of Aran or learn about buff fights like that dragon after him? Can't remember the name.  And learn about cool down windows with the curator.  He learns all these raid mechanics and gets to look forward to doing mags lair, then ssc, then tk, and so on and so forth.  He gets to look forward to so much to do.  Even with pvp, you want the gear? You wanna look cool for your friends? You better learn and you better get better.  Now you get all the gear for nothing.  Mission accomplished! That feels good! Let's go to bc.  You want that weapon?  Get better my friend!

This can be used for everything, proffesions, dungeons, specing, reputation grinding.  You had to know these things which is a skill whether it seem easy to you or not, it's a skill.

#4580094 On vanilla PvP

Posted Nicholaes92 on 01 May 2016 - 11:22 PM

View PostVelcaa, on 01 May 2016 - 10:40 PM, said:

thats my entire point, there is close to nothing to study for vanilla raiding, what exactly is there to study besides spamming shadowbolt? because that is the entirety of a rotation is spam pressing 1 button, there is almost nothing in terms of studying how boss fights go in vanilla because the boss mechanics are beyond basic. "rushing" for server first is literally just a situation of which guild is the most organized and have the 40 people to be able to do it on time. there is no warlock with half a brain that is going to try to say "I am the best warlock on the server, i push shadowbolt faster than anyone else"

and I hate to put this out there but the "average player" that you just described would have no idea what a nostalrius was or what a private server was until recently with nost shutting down. the "average" player who plays nostalrius and knows enough about private servers are going to do a simple google search of "pre raid bis" or "mage rotation" because it's a requirement for even pugs to see you in pre raid bis, the term is thrown out far too much for the "average player" to NOT at least google it.

being an "average player" is not another word for autistic or clueless which is basically what you're trying to imply with the examples you just used. there was a married couple in their 60s in my raiding guild on nost who were anything but hardcore and had a full grasp of the game and how it worked.

again, grossly over-exaggerating with the difficulty of the game, vanilla was time consuming, not difficult;
there may be that initial shock of getting used to the game and how it worked compared to wod, but not nearly as difficult as you're putting it

Not exaggerating anything at all.  And the average player IS like that 100%, maybe not the average player YOU play with in your end level guild but the average player out there playing by himself.  Not saying they are autistic it's just they don't care about doing the best of the best they just want to play the game.  So put in an environment where they have to think before pulling, even a little bit is hard for them.  You are grossly overestimating how good the average player is at the simplest role.  Look at pvp ratings as kind of an example at how good the average person is.  Okay right now to get challenger you have to be in the top 35% of people queing.  Technically a challenger is a pretty good player.  So the average player is what? around 1300? 1000?  Que with someone who is a consistent 1000-1300 rating.  You think they have any grasp of what they need to do to be the best they can be?  Hell no.  

And I'm not just talking about rotations,  why are you guys so hooked on rotations?  In order to understand your class in nost it wasnt about rotations it was knowing everything you had to do.  If your a warlock?  Go farm soul shards, watch for when you need to life tap,  make sure what curse you are suppose to be using.  YES I GET IT IT IS EASY FOR YOU AND ALL YOUR GUILDIES.  That shit is not easy for the average person,  it just isnt.  

And I'm not personally saying vanilla is hard for me,  because it isn't.  But that doesnt make it any less hard.  You are looking through a very informed point of view which is why it's easy to say those things you are saying.  But my real life friends and the average person I run into who is playing on these servers are still just as clueless as they were in retail.

#4580088 On vanilla PvP

Posted Nicholaes92 on 01 May 2016 - 10:21 PM

View PostVelcaa, on 01 May 2016 - 08:34 PM, said:

Not an argument of if the game was difficult back during when vanilla was just released, it's simply pointing out that it is not remotely hard at all at this point in the game.
Of course the game was "harder" when it was new because no one knew what they were doing, there wasn't a surplus of information that you could find for your classes or even leveling guides for awhile
there is a reason why content was cleared 5000x faster on nost than it ever was during retail vanilla, what was considered major progress during retail vanilla times was pugged on nost and that is simply because the game isn't new anymore, keybinding isnt a new, edgy concept anymore.

the stuff you listed isn't even being "skillful" anymore, it's common knowledge and is expected of you
vanilla/tbc knowing your class rotation and such should never be used as an example of having to master your class/spec, the only role from a pve/raiding point of view that had it hard were warriors with tanking groups of mobs, every other class/spec have a 1-2 button rotation in terms of pve
the video didn't highlight anything that took much of any skill (in my eyes at least) just very basic gameplay. is the pvp fun in vanilla? yea. is the pve fun in vanilla? from a mechanics point of view when facing bosses, not in the slightest. but the game WOULD be much better off like how it was during vanilla/tbc where the monsters were a lot more difficult when starting out in those dungeons which is what made it fun.

I literally only played on private servers from the moment wrath ended until wod was released (still play them after wod release), i've played on numerous vanilla/tbc and wrath servers including nost and khronos. so this isn't me being bias and shitting on the idea of legacy servers, i would love them. but people are grossly over-exaggerating the amount of "skill" it takes playing on vanilla/tbc servers. youre mixing nostalgia memories with how it is now after years.

tldr; with the amount of information that is out now and the amount of people that have a lot more wow gaming experience under their belt now, vanilla is a joke in terms of skill related anything

Yes but you are missing my point.  Of course people cleared the content way faster on nost than on release because the information on min/maxing your character and rotations and raid mechanics ARE common knowledge..... To us.  The people you see getting server firsts on nost is the top 1% of the people playing the game.  These people study the game more than they probably should and to them,  and ourselves, "skill" isn't a word that we would use to describe what they accomplished.  But that's exactly what it is.  

Take the average player.  I'm talking the person who plays this game just for the fun, doesn't Google BiS anything, doesn't care what class is best for which expansion, and doesn't Google "fastest questing guides" or any of that.  He is just playing the game.  Put him in wod.  How successful is he going to be?  He levels up in a day or so pulling any amount of mobs he wants, doesn't have to worry about mana AT ALL.  If he wanted to he could auto attack tag 20 mobs and minimize while his pet kills the mobs for him.  He hits end level and can join lfr and beat every current content boss while having someone on follow and no one would even notice.  He doesn't understand how the game fully works, he doesn't have to.  

The word skill literally means "the ability to do something well, an expertise".  So is he playing his class well?  Is he min/maxing trying to push out every possible dps he can?  No absolutely not.  But in the current state he doesn't have to so he thinks he is playing the game well.  Now put this guy, and remember he is an AVERAGE guy, into nost.  He plays hunter like he is use to.  He figures, well I'm oom but that's okay my pet will kill everything.  Pulls two mobs oom.  Oh wait my pet died?  How did that happen?  Well let me just one shot these guys.  Wait shit I literally do no damage without mana.  Now he's dead.  Wait my pet is unhappy?  He does even LESS damage?  Okay well I guess he has to learn how to keep some food on him.  Ok pets happy again but wait, I ran out of ammo?  I need ammo too?  And why isn't my mana regening like it did in wod? I need to also keep drinks on me? As a hunter?  Well let me join a dungeon so they can carry me through levels.  Why are they marking the targets?  What does the blue mark above the healing mob mean?  Why is my group asking me to cc? How do I do that?  I can't pull I'm not the tank!  They want me to lay a trap down and pull the mobs and hopefully the tank pulls it off me?  

You see to you, me, and the people who get server firsts on nost this is common sense.  But that is because we are skilled in this game, we know what we are doing.  But to him that's hard.  That's a lot of stuff to remember.  

Look at league.  If you are good at that game do you think it takes skill to clear your first jungle clear?  Pffft hell no!  That shits easy, it's common sense.  Ever see a bronze player on his first jungle clear?  Bet you he dies.  Or b's on the first pack.  

So just because YOU don't think it takes skill,  because you understand it so clearly.  Doesn't mean the game doesn't take skill.  Because it does.