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#4411773 Stop the double healer dps teams

Posted ROKMODE on Yesterday, 09:06 PM

wtf is ench shaman
EU players butcher "enhancement" in more ways than conceivably possible
see dis shit on AT all the time

ench=??? enchancer? enchantment?

"2800 disco priest lf enchancer sham for 2c2"

#4411371 Is this a legit proof that WoW is a very shit game ?

Posted God on 17 April 2015 - 08:58 PM

View Posthertzuk, on 17 April 2015 - 08:47 PM, said:

I think Lolflay is right in terms of that you don't learn anything from streams or vids anymore. People (myself included) used to watch (and practically get off to(not including myself here)) videos of Neilyo dueling rogues in Nagrand for like 15 minutes straight.

That's probably a niche group of people that actually watched videos to "learn" something, I personally hated when streaming got popular, hell I hated it when people started using skype in videos cause they got boring.

Videos were way more entertaining back in the day when they were made to be entertaining.

Later on you just got lazy people taking clips from their streams and putting them into a video and half the time the clips were average at best and the video had no effort put into the production.

Which reminds me, if anyone has a WCM Premium account they could lend me, that'd be great, thanks.

#4411029 PvP Q&A With Holinka

Posted Lolflay on 17 April 2015 - 03:22 AM

And to HELL with Ashran already. When we say we don't care about that zone, we don't care about it. The only thing that moderately concerns us about Ashran is you FORCING us to play Ashran for rewards. A good design on PvP zone is when you DON'T need to think up of ten thousand different mechanics to make people play it.

Last time ( arena ) PvPers had an amazing time outside of arena were TBC Isle of Quel'danas days AND MoP Timeless Isle. Timeless Isle would've been AMAZING if it wasn't for PvE gear being 10x better than PvP gear, and PvErs winning by default even if they were 10x worse than you were. It's as easy as putting 2+2 together...

For example, Isle of Quel'danas housed a important 5 man instance, a raid instance, bunch of daily quests which awarded hefty gold, AND gave reputation for novelty items such as tabards etc, BOTH PVE and PVP players needed it, there were no flying mounts and guards were rare to stop PvP. As far as I remember, NOBODY liked Wintergrasp, Tol'Barad and others, it felt like a chore that nobody liked doing, the same way Ashran does.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and go with simplicity over complexity. Create visually appealing zone, put important stuff in it ( highest gold income, raid instance, daily quests, novelty items to farm within the zone by doing X ), release it and YOU'VE GOT THE BEST THING EVER.

#4410945 PvP Q&A With Holinka

Posted Cradienz on 16 April 2015 - 11:08 PM

View PostVanguards, on 16 April 2015 - 10:33 PM, said:

What do you guys think could make classes more differentiated? One example I can think of is in Wrath, where not all healers could dispel Magic; there's been a lot of homogenization since then.

What skills do you think are good for the game that could be added if they pruned more abilities?

Let's start then!

Not every class needs a Kick. Rebuke? Skullbash? PFFT.

Remember when Maim was added? Ferals were praising the lord they finally got a makeshift Kick!

Not every class needs a stun, and not everyone needs to have it on a 30s CD. Asphyxiate? Fist of Justice? Stormbolt? Shockwave? Throwdown? Cap Totem? Bash in any form? What is this?

As you said, not everyone needs to have magic dispel.

Warlock curses? Why does -Warlocks- not have curses? Isn't that one of the cores of what it is supposed to mean to be a Warlock?

Then you have homogenization of previous spec/class unique abilities:

Druid Blink?
Priest Vanish?
Hunter Stealth?
Blazing Speed for Frost??
Shockwave for Arms???

This ability prune removed almost nothing useful. Why do they charge head-on and remove every little thing that gives classes depth and then let complete nonsense abilities stay like Druid BLINK? (Who thought of this seriously).

Then you have nuisance abilities, things you just have with no purpose, that only serves to simply clutter the game and makes it annoying to play, which is what the prune should've looked at.

Examples: Dis. Roar, Burst of Speed, Subterfuge, Faerie Fire/Swarm, Blazing Speed for Frost, Ice Ward, Unbound Will, Gateway etc., the list goes on infinitely.

Then you have the passives:

Defensive Stance
Blood Presence
Spirit Bond

Why are these in the game? What can these abilities possibly add to the game? And why isn't it more punishing ot camp for example Defensive Stance? Why are you allowed to never exit it without losing the ability to use some of your offensive moves?

What about CC breaks? Icebound Fortitude, Lichborne, Nimblebrew, Desecrated Ground, Berzerker Rage?

Why is it not required to use these preemptively? Why can you simply wait for the CC then use it afterwards?

Hell, why reduce CC in the game and still leave these here, or in some cases buff them?

Why didn't this "ability prune" adress this type of nonsense?

Now what can add immersion? Detect/disarm trap? Ferals being a cat with claws bleeding people out? Warlocks casting horrifying curses? Druids being an actual HoT class and not a hpala with hots?

What about depth, abilities removed for no reason? Mana Burn? Mindcontrol? Priests dispelling 2x debuffs in one global? Grace? Disarms? Stance-dancing?

Why are things being simplified so damn hard? Why is it that when a Druid is in a Kidney now and he pops Barkskin, that I get rooted as well? Why can't these be separate?

What about abilities that amplified your specs position as something? Bane of healers, who is that? No, not Combat Rogues, UNHOLY DKs. Necrotic Strike removed, why? Was is strong? Yes. Was there counterplay? Yes. So what was the problem?

How about balancing healers with mana instead of relying on something as gimmicky as dampening?

What about aura masteries? Why can Restoration Druids have Aura now??? Monks?? Shamans????

Why is everything the same? Why don't we simply have Attack - Defend - Heal? :confused:

Hell, not even for balance, but what about class and mount quests?!?!?! Why were these removed?? It's an RPG dammit!

I dunno.

EDIT: Imagine this. Same content, gul'dan, Ashran, whatever, but with TBC/Wrath/Cata talents and abilities. Idk about you lads but I would enjoy it a thousand times more


Posted Dills on 16 April 2015 - 08:34 PM

View PostPouncedd, on 16 April 2015 - 07:19 PM, said:

They are finally going to remove polymorph from the game? Hell yea

How can you even manage to turn on your computer


Posted Railander on 16 April 2015 - 07:45 PM

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#4409194 Holinka appreciation thread

Posted Knaittiz on 13 April 2015 - 07:13 PM

View PostElorxo, on 13 April 2015 - 07:02 PM, said:

have people forget you would get knocked off 24/7 by shit that shouldnt exist anyway like hunter traps, boomkins and eles could just stand on the pillar on blades and knock melee down 24/7 too. was aids as fuck
never forget


#4408344 Reawakened Guild 3v3 Tournament - $6000 in Prizes

Posted Zunniyaki on 10 April 2015 - 04:03 PM

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The Reawakened PvP guild on Ravencrest-EU is organizing their first 3v3 Tournament with $6000 in prize pool.


* First place - $3000
* Second place - $2000
* Third place - $1000

Tournament structure:

Eight teams from the guild will play in a Bo3 double elimination format.
The Semi Finals will be played Bo5 and the Grand Final will be Bo7.

April 15th & 16th, 6:00 CET.

Caster Supatease & Metaclass will be here to bring you all of the action as it happens!

Tournament will be streamed here:


300 (Thug) - Shados/Yons/Hingo

I wish BM was viable (Jungle) - Duduferalul/Joxi/Taz

Skill-Capped (Godcomp) - Minpojke/Zunniyaki/Nolifer

Two and a half men (Rmd) - Talby/Raiku/Whaazz

me and my dinosaur (Phs) - Mystic/Pancakez/Hexur

Melk Trupp (Turbo) - Blizo/Nepho/Lilabart

Clap for us Talby (Godcomp) - Babomage/Froffsy/Mileyzor

When we needed you the most (Lsd) - Zeepeye/Nam/Rynd

Brackets: http://challonge.com/reawakenedlive

#4408222 GCDTV - EU 3v3 Arena Tournament #1 - 4/18 & 4/19

Posted Dmachine on 10 April 2015 - 12:40 AM

Posted Image

EU Tournament #1


We have been saying Weekly EU Tournaments were coming and here we are!

GCDTV is extremely excited to bring the competition to EU and will work hard to bring you the organization and production quality we brought to our US Tournaments.

Like the US Tournaments the Prize pools aren't going to be significant at first, but we have confidence the EU community will help us grow!

Please Spread the Word about GCDTV's EU Weekly Tournaments and consider donating to support us!

ALL Donations go directly towards future Tournament Prize Pools.



EU Tournament #1 will start:

Saturday 4/18 @ 8:00 P.M. CET

Lower Bracket and Finals will start:

Sunday 4/19 @ 8:00 P.M. CET

  • DOUBLE Elimination
  • Best of 3 Rounds - Semi Finals will be Best of 5 Rounds and Finals are Best of 7.
  • Tournament Gear is allowed, but not Required (Yet)
  • Only one Tank / Healer Spec is allowed per team composition.
  • Current Rating of 2400+ of all players
  • The first map will always be Nagrand Arena. The loser of each round chooses the next map. Maps cannot be replayed until five out of six maps have been played.
  • Each Team is allowed up to 4 players and 6 Classes

Click here to sign up.

Follow the Channel to be Notified when we go Live

Click here for the full list of Rules

Prizes (To be Determined)

All vods will be uploaded to Youtube.com/Dmachine52

Special thanks to @VadrakAL (Harald Böhm) for creating Arena Live 3 - the spectating addon we will be using.

All games will be live streamed at http://www.Twitch.tv/GCDtv with live commentary from Supatease, Dmachine, Breaker, and potentially Venruki!

The fastest way to have a question answered would be to Tweet us @GCDTV_

You can also contact us at:


GlobalCDTV @gmail.com

Teams and Brackets will be announced on Wed Thur at the latest Via Twitter.


EU Tournament #1 Team List

Oldschool FOTM jungle (Jungle)


Druid - Resto, Monk - Mistweaver, Shaman - Restoration


Druid - Feral


Hunter - Marksmanship, Hunter - Survival

Toys and Pets (WW/DK/Pal)


Paladin - Holy


Monk - Windwalker


Death Knight - Unholy

Toxic Youth (Turbo)


Paladin - Holy


Warrior - Arms


Shaman - Enhancement

Swemonsterx and the crew (Thugcleave)


Rogue - Combat


Hunter - Beast Mastery


Paladin - Holy


Paladin - Holy

The Bang Boys (Arcane Godcomp and Ret/SP/Druid)


Mage - Frost & Arcane, Priest - Shadow, Warlock - Affliction


Paladin - Holy, Druid - Resto, Mage - Frost, Shaman Resto


Druid - Boomkin, Druid - Resto, Mage - Arcane


Paladin - Ret,

Time To AFK boys (RMP)


Rogue - Combat


Mage - Frost


Priest - Disciplline

Clap For Me Talby (RMD)


Druid - Resto, Mage - Frost


Druid - Resto, Priest - Disciplline


Priest - Disciplline



Druid - Resto, Shaman - Restoration


Warlock - Affliction, Demonology


Shaman - Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration


Warrior - Arms, Fury

#4407916 Please save the Crows.

Posted Capstone on 08 April 2015 - 08:52 PM

let's talk, a bit, about preserving our species

i've been playing world of warcraft for around ten years. i've never been a huge fan of attacking lower level players. it's a boring, useless interaction and i'd appreciate the courtesy of being allowed to suffer the horrifying leveling experience of world of warcraft in peace myself

at some point during mists of pandaria, i leveled a hunter to 90 in three days and began playing arena immediately. undergeared and with no experience, i was able to climb to the top of the ladder on my battlegroup almost immediately. i would routinely queue into other hunter teams, with ostensibly competitive hunters (at least a couple rank 1 titles) and perform well enough to win consistently, even in mirrors, 2v2 scenarios, etc. probably worst of all, i was playing with friends, the same two people i was playing with on my mage (both comps were good comps), and we immediately started doing better with the hunter i had practiced for a few days than the mage i had played for 8+ years as soon as i discovered that my pet's Bite needed to be on autocast. i was not alone in this. at the same time, veev was making a hunter and rising to the top of the bg9 ladder almost immediately

it was at this time i realized the only true way for any player in this game to beat a hunter is to stop them from advancing at an early age. when i see hunters in the wild now while waiting for a queue, i kill them. i stay there, on my flying mount, repeatedly killing them until they log off

think about it. when you see xlegolasx leveling in terokkar forest, he's no threat to you. if you leave him unmolested, though, it will only be a matter of time until you see him in arena, at 2900 or 3000 rating, and regardless of how focused either of you are, which buttons he presses, whether or not he is awake, or in fact, is just a chimpanzee, your chances of winning are decent at best

if our species is to be protected and our community is to be preserved, we must take steps to prevent hunters from advancing - before they are unstoppable. remember, inhibiting a hunter's leveling process in any way is an invaluable service to the community

#4407400 People getting banned on twitch for streaming vanilla servers.

Posted Nicholaes92 on 06 April 2015 - 03:47 PM

View PostLolflay, on 06 April 2015 - 03:29 PM, said:

Having glad drakes in my bag, not being able to ride them because I don't have 1k gold, let alone 5k gold.

Good times. ( then I pay 10 euros to my RL mate to farm me 5k gold, and he steals 5k off someones account, rofl )

I remember back then we had a farming "group" for our mounts.  We had 5 people farm everyday and we would give all the gold to one person so he could get his farming done faster.  It was all going well till the 3rd guy in the group dipped out after he got his mount.  If you still play this game molock and you read these forums just remeber I didn't forget your name and someday I will rape you.

#4407078 Thugcleave vs RMD

Posted Dills on 05 April 2015 - 03:01 PM

Yo I recorded a game of thugcleave vs RMD from the GCD tourney, I'll prob upload a few more videos from this later too. This game isn't perfect in any way, but I just thought it would be cool to see player pov from some of these things. Anyways hope you guys enjoy, let me know if you'd like more ^_^

#4406862 People getting banned on twitch for streaming vanilla servers.

Posted Lloix on 04 April 2015 - 05:45 PM

Holy shit can people please stop being this autistic, ironically about a vanilla server. I don't think I've seen anyone in argument for playing there saying that the game was superior, mechanically, in any way. If you want to spend some time playing there why should it matter. It's like playing D2 or PoE during a ladder season. You don't need to have the mindset that your WoW account is your child. If people simply 'like' something from a different version of the game, you really shouldn't care. Saying something stupid like 'I'm playing on vanilla because the PvP was as in-depth and perfect as it could be' should be argued, but I don't think I read any of that.

#4406726 People getting banned on twitch for streaming vanilla servers.

Posted Speedymart on 04 April 2015 - 04:12 AM

I can't believe you guys are argueing the legality of this.

Blizzard has the rights to shut down anyone streaming any type of IP they own, even vanilla.

However, the fact that they are actually shutting them down is emberassing as fuck and total scumbaggery

People hate WoD and the direction WoW is/has been going for so long, and finally a good MMORPG finally shows up. Only thing is it's the same damn game just ten years ago before all the bullshit they added.

Just make legit vanilla realms already and be done with it, if not then sit there and watch your sub count drop

#4406688 People getting banned on twitch for streaming vanilla servers.

Posted Voksen on 03 April 2015 - 11:50 PM

View PostMetaclassx, on 03 April 2015 - 11:15 PM, said:

It's unofficial content that's licensed to them. I don't understand why anyone could possibly think they would want a potential new player to go to twitch looking for World of Warcraft content, and stumble across a vanilla stream instead of the current game, especially since the vanilla stream isn't even really being run by blizzard. Lore and other devs specifically pointed out that it was not allowed over Twitter when asked about it.
Idk, not sure why people are surprised.

Argument  #1
Because there is an implied precedence of impartiality given the thousands of hours (and several years worth of) streaming from AT and other servers.  Its just that Blizzard is butthurt this time around as some "efamous" people have moved over and snowballed a lot of lemmings with them.  There is also an implied precedence of impartiality given that twitch.tv sponsors e.g. music talkshow and gamedev channels where the ownership and copyrights of the content are questionable and/or uncertifiable.

Argument #2
Because Blizzards rights to prosecution don't necessarily extend to streamers in the EU (yes I realize they have a presence in the EU but streaming rights are different there).  This is why some people are encouraging a move to hitbox because its more of a "by the people for the people" place to stream.

Argument #3
Because certain terms and conditions that were in effect during Vanilla do not transcend into modern grounds for legal action.  Basically every time there is a patch they have to force a new EULA and you have to sign it.
Since about 2008 Blizzard got smarter lawyers and slipped in redesigned EULA terms that basically make you "waive all rights".  However, Vanilla client/server and all the Vanilla related IP/EULA content predate this modern war on freedom of expression/play.  So it stands to reason they can only enforce so much (maybe they could enforce AT WOTLK and beyond...but certainly not Vanilla imo).

Argument #4
Because the cited reasons for the take-down/ban are based on the DMCA which was established in ~1996 and whether or not it extends several notions (such as the "fair use" clause) to streaming are still open for debate.  Basically "fair use" means you're allowed to get dressed up like a full blown night elf and run around telling everyone you're Illidan, because of course when it suits Blizz, thats ok, but when you're showing people their game, you know, thats bad.

Argument #5
Because its clearly just a blatant scum move.  They clearly can't take down the priv servers (not sure what the loopholes are but they've almost surely tried).  So instead, they go after the fans and threaten Twitch (lets be clear twitch basically has to err on the side of caution until this is all sorted out -- warnings before bans would've been nice, though).

I'm sure there are more reasons to be surprised, shocked, and irrate insofar as feeling once again abused by these trolls.  In my case it doesn't surprise me one bit (that it would be attempted) considering how rotten the company has become.