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#3750069 MoP Diminishing returns - updating the list

Posted WildeHilde on 25 August 2012 - 10:15 AM

This version should now be good enough for addon authors to use it. The spell IDs should be correct and although some spells are not categorized, yet, the rest is solid information.

If you cannot write in the general section, please send me a PM if you want to contribute.

[CR] = Controlled Root [CS] = Controlled Stun [DA] = Disarm [DO] = Disorient [F] = Fear [H] = Horror [RR] = Random Root
  • seems gone
[RS] = Random Stun [S] = Silence [N] = None: Abilities that do not share diminishing returns with any other ability but have self-diminishing returns. [NO] = None, not even self: Abilities that do not share diminishing returns with any ability including themselves Contributors

Thanks to all the responders and the people that messaged me for information updates. I will include further participants here, too.

#3740553 Match Casting - Let the epic games begin!

Posted GuildSource on 08 August 2012 - 10:30 PM

If you're in this forum, odds are we share two passions in common: PvP, and GW2. We all want to see it flourish. My contribution? sPvP match casting that is exciting/informative/epic.

This thread can be about critiquing casters in general, to set goals for tournaments and casters alike, to relish over our anticipation for the on-coming spectator mode and other features/maps, or to display some casts as they come.

Latest match (9/17/12):

Open up for more match casts!


Let's talk about it. Besides spectator mode, what is a cast like this missing. Was it exciting? Can you see yourself in a few months tuning in to the best teams and your favorite players fighting to prove themselves?

I KNOW I CAN. I'M PUMPED. Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *head explodes*

We're getting better every cast, so eventually we'll TRULY do what casting is supposed to do: help the match be more watchable and entertaining/informative.

I'm your host Zael. Send me word via [email protected] if your guild has a good match that NEEDS to be casted, or just to chat!

Don't forget to spread the word of GW2 PvP. If you liked our casts, support our efforts with a much appreciated share or like!

#3741389 [TL] Mianhe - Elementalist Gameplay - BWE3

Posted Mianhe on 10 August 2012 - 02:06 AM


I'm Mianhe from Team Legacy's NA team. I will be updating this thread with some of the BWE3 Support Elementalist footage (Tournament play) I've gotten. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the build and/or gameplay, hope you guys enjoy and find it somewhat entertaining :)

Match against TL.EU:

Build used: http://www.gw2build....

#3740250 GW2 boons and conditions learning game

Posted WildeHilde on 08 August 2012 - 05:02 AM

We had to reschedule the meeting to 1pm NY time today and yes we are later than I anticipated.

#3738686 GW2 boons and conditions learning game

Posted WildeHilde on 04 August 2012 - 01:50 PM

Sub forums are in the works, I should be writing the news draft regarding it right now probably and Blowi will deliver one missing piece in about five hours. We are on it, but it needs to be done properly.

#3738646 GW2 boons and conditions learning game

Posted WildeHilde on 04 August 2012 - 10:54 AM

Today I found a game that allows you to learn GW2 boons and conditions easily. It's fun, you can make it harder in the settings. Currently the reddit thread has 1,424 up votes. Save to say more than just me enjoy the game.

Link your highscore screens here if you dare.

Link to the GW2 boons and conditions learning game

#3740896 Tarair Engineer sPvP Video BWE3

Posted Lyr_1337 on 09 August 2012 - 01:00 PM

Hello guys,

the following is a video of one of my team member tarair!

It shows some sPvP stuff and was recorded in BWE3!

Hope you enjoy it!

#3741061 Ask me anything about GW2 session on Saturday

Posted WildeHilde on 09 August 2012 - 06:48 PM

View Posttrance, on 09 August 2012 - 06:48 PM, said:


Hope you are around on Saturday.

#3740940 Ask me anything about GW2 session on Saturday

Posted WildeHilde on 09 August 2012 - 02:14 PM

about GuildWars 2

Date: Saturday, 11th of August, 2012

Starting Time:
Berlin: 9pm / 21:00
London: 8pm / 20:00
New York: 3pm / 15:00
Los Angeles: noon / 12:00

Location: Arena Junkies GuildWars 2 General Forum

Interested in GW2? We nabbed some of the current top performing teams to have you pick their brain on the in's and outs of the competitive scene. We will have members off the top GW2 guilds, like Team Paradigm, Team Legacy, Super Squad and atrox around hopefully in addition to well known World of Warcraft tournament players that decided to play GuildWars 2. Once the thread is live on Saturday you can ask anything you like about GuildWars 2. With the help of our moderation team the thread should remain intact and free of trolls.

Featured GuildWars 2 Content on Arena Junkies

Shout cast made by theGijesus

Lowell's Competitive sPvP Thief Guide on GW2Guru
Welcome to my sPvP thief resource! I will try to cover everything you need to know to play thief in a competitive environment, which mostly means viable builds, how to play them, the roles you can cover with them and how to be viable in the current meta. This guide will always be a work in progress and I'll update it regularly. When playing thief, here's what you can expect:
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atrox battleground guide: The battle of Khylo
This article is about the battlegrounds in Guild Wars 2. At the moment it's only about Battle of Khylo, but I will update it with the other two battlegrounds Legacy of Foefire and Forest of Nifhel soon.
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Coaching Yourself in Competitive Play | Guide
With the newly launched GW2 section of AJ, I am promoting some of my most popular and well-received guides for the community here that were originally shown on guru, While they pertain to GW2 in general, I published these guides to be sure they represent a variety of competitive scenes, so many items, such as in this guide here, can be applied to WoW or other formats.
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Tales of Tyria | GW2 Podcast

Tales of Tyria is a community effort to bring the more complicated aspects of GW2 and break them down for the average viewer (call it mixing elitism with casual if you will, a daring feat indeed) It is run by Team Legacy, but we make a point to keep it non-biased, and you will see us frequently promoting other guilds and SPvP teams that send us email, with no costs attached. Many of you know us by now, and we are hoping by creating this thread, many of you may find a new home with us, especially for those long drives @ work and GW2 fixes in general.
To the podcast website

To Aryaswag: Your video will be featured with the next GW2 news!

#3741050 atrox battleground guides: Part I - Battle of Khylo

Posted Lyr_1337 on 09 August 2012 - 06:36 PM

This article is about the battlegrounds in Guild Wars 2. At the moment it's only about Battle of Khylo, but I will update it with the other two battlegrounds Legacy of foefire and Forest of Nifhel soon.

The guide approaches structures, opportunities and much more. Have fun!

Basic data
  • Goal: collect 500 points
  • max gaming duration: 15min
  • Respawn: always at xx:18, xx:38 and xx:58
  • Neutralize an enemy's base: 4sec
  • Take a neutral base: 14sec
  • Points per base: 1 point every 2sec
  • Points upon successful stomp: 5 points
  • Specialty of Battle of Khylo: Trebuchet

Battle of Khylo

Posted Image

This battleground is designed symmetrically with local, small differences (mostly cosmetic). There are three bases: Mansion, Windmill, Clocktower and two team based Trebuchets.
There are several ways and possibilities to get to these bases. Depending on the situations, intentions and importance different ways are better.
The following is about the facts on the strategic points of this battleground.

Posted Image

The windmill is the north base of this map and the "home base" of the red team.
Usually there are two ways to get to this point. The first way leads through the main entry, which is situated in between clocktower and windmill. The second way is the west entry, which is nearer to the red base and also benefits the red team in terms of distance.
The windmill capture node is extremely open and populated by only a few destroyable boxes and a small hut on the edge of the plain, however it doesn't provide any good LoS possibilities, if you intend to hold the node.

Posted Image

The mansion is the complement to windmill.
It creates the southest part of the map and therefore is the "home base" of the blue team, since the east entry is nearer situated to the blue respawn point.
The mansion is also on an open terrain and is usually reached by the central entry between clocktower and mansion.
As a replacement for the hut on the windmill, the mansion holds a huge well, that provides a little protection in fights.

Posted Image

The clocktower is the neutral base of Battle of Khylo. You don't say for nothing all roads lead to Ro... well, to the clocktower, that's why there are a lot of possibilities to enter the clocktower.
You may either enter from below at the west and east side of the tower or you can take the wooden stockade on the outer wall, that leads up to the roof. On the roof you'll pass windows that can be destroyed and lead directly into the clocktower. If you follow the wooden stockade, you'll get to a hole that's right above the capture node.
You may also reach the wooden stockades from the windmill and the mansion by jump 'n' running from various hut roofs, which decreases the time to get to the capture point significantly.
Besides the said entries there is another way to reach the capture node in the clocktower that requires destroying the outer wall of the clocktower with a trebuchet. (more about this below)

Posted Image

The specialty of this battleground is definitly the Trebuchet.
Each Team got one Trebuchet on the Map, which are located near the Respawn Base of both Teams.
The projectiles do heavy AoE damage to every enemy near the impact and knock downs them as well. You are able to destroy the enemy's Trebuchet. If your trebuchet is destroyed you have to bring a repair kit to your Trebuchet Spawn point to rebuild it. The repair kit of each team is located on the other side of the clocktower in a small house.
The trebuchets will be controled with your mainbar. If you interact with the trebuchet, you will get 3 new skills. With key 1 you turn it to the left, with key 3 you turn it to the right and with key 2 you will load your projectile. If you press 2 a short time, a castbar will appear, which will show you how far the trebuchet will shoot.

Beside the fighting issue, there are a few other things you can do with your trebuchet. For example you can destroy the roof of the clocktower. If it's done you have an additional way to enter the point. Also you're able to shoot at the houses, which are used to jump straight to the palisade of the clocktower and there are even more objectives, which you can destroy. More or less you can rebuild the whole map! The following tables show some data about the trebuchet and runways to and from it.

Posted Image

Trebuchet Stats:

Posted Image

Trebuchet Runways:


The colourlines show the runways from point to point, when the map is intact. The dotted lines are parts of the way, which can only be used when come from one direction because of floor level differences, barriers. In the table these ways are marked with a (s).

Posted Image

Posted Image

Seconds can decide, if a base can be held or you are able to enter a fight in time, before it is lost.
This is the reason why you have to know the fastest ways to get to the points under any circumstances. For example it is good to know, that the direct way from each external bases to the clocktower over the little houses isnt faster than the normal way through the entry. Most time its slower because you arent able to jump on the roofs perfectly.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Respawn Base Runways:

The Ways from the respawn bases to each point could be even more important than the ways from base to base. This is the reason of this seperate table.

Posted Image

Hope you enjoyed this little guide. See you next time with guides of Legacy of Foefire and Forest of Nifhel.

If you would like to read this guide in german, take a look at our homepage.