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#4491747 Banned players not allowed to qualify for Blizzcon.

Posted Gelu on Yesterday, 08:06 PM

My team (The Yacht Boys) qualified for the WoW regional on the third Regional tournament, However we were informed we now couldn't play because our  Miley played on an account (his account) that was not registered to the ESL site.
Every single week we got disqualified for one reason or another and then finally when we got round to playing and winning, we get disqualified.

The first time we got disqualified,  our rogue got banned and disqualified from the tournament for account sharing (3day ban, Friday to Sunday night) thus couldn't play on the first qualifier,however we were told that "a suspension only applies to an account not a player",contrary to what they just told Jaime -  Posted Image

After this we emailed "[email protected]" about the ban asking if he could play the next week and were informed we could since the ban was temporary.
We asked them twice to check that this was correct,which they reiterated that it was okay unless it was a permanent ban(duh?), so when it reached the night before the second qualifier we were quite surprised to find he couldn't play due to "bad standing" on his account and once again couldn't play.

On the third qualifier, Thesia made a new account and we added Proffset to the team (who had been on previous teams before) and of course,our druid Miley got a 3 day ban.However, he did not receive an email saying he was disqualified from the tournament,we didn't notice this at first and decided we'd play with Proffsets Druid as a last ditch attempt to qualify.
However on Saturday we're told that Proffsets account is now under "bad standing" even though he played in the past two tournaments.

(When we asked about it they replied after the tournament that he did something bad on the 25th, however the day we were told he was in bad standing was the 21st)

Then we noticed Miley was not disqualified from the tournament (didn't get an email for it) and leveled a new druid to compete on (same account name,personal details, character names ect). We ended up winning the tournament but then received the news that, although we played fairly and won, we are not able to go or even sub in a new player because he played on an account that was not registered to esl website.(we were not able to to change the Battletag on the site due to it being locked.)

And to put the icing on the cake we found out today that Proffsets ban from the third tournament was actually a mistake and they meant to disqualify Miley instead, instead of compensating for their mistake, they basically give us the finger and tell us this -Posted Image

Really disappointed in the organization of it all this year, hope something gets sorted next year as all these internal contradictions and rules that just don't make sense ruined this years completely.I fail to understand how Lagyna is banned due to him being disqualified in previous season while i can think of at least 2 teams that qualified who are not put under the same judgement.

#4491876 Banned players not allowed to qualify for Blizzcon.

Posted Bluckstack on Today, 02:02 AM

1- Teams that qualified are supposed to go to the lan tournament even if something happened to their wow accounts.

2- The patch that was used for the online qualifier tournament should be the same one that you play on regionals/blizzcon, makes no sense whatsoever to change anything regardless class balance at this point, would be cool to fix bugs like sap on night elfs etc but nothing else or you re gonna make some teams go there to /lol and drink some beer as they wont have chances to win

3- If a player from some team cant go due to other reasons the team captain should be able to get someone else in, after all the competition is all that should matter.

not happening at all = joke organization

#4491909 Banned players not allowed to qualify for Blizzcon.

Posted Dhorothy on Today, 05:44 AM

Reminds me of when Cdew tried to get my team DQed, along with others lol.

This should have been done prequalifications, like not letting my team play at all in the third cup.

The US, Aus, Spanish team(s) all have people who boost, I don't see the issue, guess just a few butthurt kids trying to get their slot in.

#4490412 best comp 6.2.2

Posted Isumi on 01 September 2015 - 11:39 PM

View Postjaimex, on 01 September 2015 - 11:28 PM, said:

any form of rshaman lock x will be decent.. even fuckin enhance rshaman lock is overpowered

any form of shaman/lock/x will be overpowered forever thats the reason why u got high.

monk/hunter/shaman wasn't even close to being good there wasn't even a single team in europe who got even glad with this comp and nauree played it to r1 and in the yaspresents tourney, i remember we farmed u all day long in s14 and early s15.

players like u are so fucking toxic for this game, just flaming everyone as if its anything special to be highrated in this game, im playing with 15fps in arenas on a laptop with a 2€ mouse which doesn't even have additional keys, its simply not hard to achieve something in this game.

there's a world outside of this game and maybe u should do something in it because u r acting like the biggest nerd for 2 years now

#4489257 Mage rogue nerf??

Posted Dills on 30 August 2015 - 03:59 PM

Nonono shut da fuk up lissen lissen, rmd is fine ok, u just go in there and you platy da game that is the team that should be winning. With da lsd what is there to do??? I just run around and dont do anything the game is so dumb man

I suk i suk i suk i suk just que up it is my fault lissen

#4487556 Mage rogue nerf??

Posted roastys on 28 August 2015 - 04:34 AM

yeah everyones alt shaman like murkmind and rosita took a lot of skill to pick up and isn't retarded at all... wouldn't give a shit if they nerfed rmd tbh as long as retard enhance shaman is changed somehow

#4488762 NA & EU Qualifiers aftermath

Posted Sosseri on 29 August 2015 - 03:31 PM

View PostReliuna, on 29 August 2015 - 01:04 AM, said:

#4488393 Mage rogue nerf??

Posted Reesezpiecez on 28 August 2015 - 09:44 PM

lol rynd mad cuz there are no brazilian rogues and mages 4 him 2 play with <:^)

#4488276 Mage rogue nerf??

Posted Avengelyne on 28 August 2015 - 07:27 PM

I think if they made Disc stronger there would be a lot more answers for RMD than there are now.

If played at the highest level, it's probably the most powerful comp in terms of how well it does versus other comps.

I'd rather the best comp be RMD rather than Turbo or any Warlock rot PvE comp (not including RLS/MLS). The only problem I actually have with RMD is the combat variant killing through defensives, like intentionally red buff spreeing into Sham rage because they know it will force further defenses or kill.

Additionally, I think RMD making mistakes is actually punishing where as if a Turbo/FLS/LSD3 makes a mistake they can pretty much always get away with it (except vs RMD kappa).

So basically I think RMD right now is kind of where RMP was back in its prime (good players can beat pretty much anything) except it's much easier to play now. IMO it's much more tolerable as a top comp than other cancer comps that have plagued the last few seasons.

#4485576 warlock nerfs & more horde racial buffs

Posted Synkz on 26 August 2015 - 01:02 AM

View PostOdrareg, on 26 August 2015 - 01:02 AM, said:

not sure why they make these changes after qualifiers, but before regionals etc

same company that had regionals in one expansion and blizzcon in the next expansion

#4484553 Vanish into instant sap?

Posted roastys on 24 August 2015 - 09:13 PM

you're getting outplayed the rogue is just really good

#4479815 GCDTV - Arena Tournament #21 - RESCHEDULED

Posted Dills on 18 August 2015 - 09:29 PM

If you noticed nahj won the last gcd on us. It would be silly if we had gcd on eu as having the most mechanically gifted rogue for rogue mage play would dominate the entire competition and would be lame from a spectator pov.

Ok but on a serious note, yay GCD, you guys have had the most positive impact the game has ever seen

#4482981 GCDTV - Arena Tournament #21 - RESCHEDULED

Posted roastys on 22 August 2015 - 09:04 AM

(> *•*)> nahj take my energy (> *•*)>

#4482576 Banwave

Posted Ashleyirl on 21 August 2015 - 09:48 PM

-> going to be totally honest, the only people that complain about boosting is people who are too bad at the game to achieve glad/r1 which they have been trying to for ages, so instead of addressing their gameplay


-> ...when in actual fact you refuse to accept you're bad/not performing at a high level and instead of trying to take control and fix the mistakes that you will have inevitably made in said games resort to "it kills the game" XYZ.

-> also, IM CERTAIN if any of you who had the chance to make money out of a 'passtime/hobby' you would jump at the opportunity. Especially when there is a lot of money at stake for boosting on a video game.

-> personally when i started playing pvp for the first time, i loved playing against boosts, its a totally different game comparing 2k-2200 to 3k+ and the chance to play against the best players in the game as opposed to mediocre players and even being able to learn from these top players inadvertently makes you play a lot better.

disclaimer: obviously this is just considering boosting as a inconsistent income as opposed to a full time job

#4480764 6.2.2 Patchnotes updated: Horde racials buffed and class changes

Posted roastys on 19 August 2015 - 11:54 PM

O R C S H A M A N 3 S E C F U L L K I D N E Y B O Y S