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#339754 [Mage/Priest] Few questions for 2k+

Posted Tahaa on 06 September 2008 - 09:40 AM

Prehotting is annoying, but you can usually stall until hots falls (lifebloom is 7s). Rejuv you can easily dispel before the burst if you got a clean fear.

For lock/druid, don't feel bad anyway, since the matchup is so not in your favor. If you managed to kill 2 pets (grats on the retarded druid! :D ) and you are in a bad spot, stall on the lock and wait for gem/evoc/fiend cooldown, or at least get your hp up and try and get drinks off in turn. MC is critical for you when you have to keep the lock from summoning, as asked in another question. If you can prevent him from resummoning, you'll quickly have some gib opportunity. Draining warlocks are still annoying though.

Warriors that d-stance all match are the lol. Actually that's just it, you won't lose, and winning can take a while. You may be able to get into a situation where you can solo the warrior a bit, and your mage shatter him off in the end (if the warrior's on you and the druid tries to keep the mage from drinking for example, take him far away and dps him slowly)

Dispeling single blooms isn't a good idea. 2-stack without rejuv too I feel, but they are HoTs so if you can get enough damage by smiting and lucky frostbites before they get their full effect in your 10% situation, well... :)

Rogue rogue yes. If they give you trouble, concentrate on CC at the beginning. Sheep them, nova them, snare them and just survive. Try and keep fear for the first blind so the mage doesn't have to trinket if they are on you, and block if they are on him. Once their cds are down, things should get easy.

Lock/priest no. Any lock healer is a counter to mages. On lock/priest or lock/pally we go for the healer, trying to catch him in a fear in the open and focus fire him, but it's not a 100% strat.

Mind control is good if your cc chain is clean, but the relatively high manacost and the fact that you CC yourself too makes it double edged. I also use it in attempts to keep people away from my mage if he's drinking :)

Spec I dunno. 23s fear is godly anyway, helps putting up the pressure especially against druids. Silence is good for druids/melee, PS is better for double DPS usually. Fire vs frost I dunno, but both seem to work so... Go with what you feel is better for your style I guess :) For example, I run a 43/5/13, I tried swapping SR for RS but it didn't help that much on matches I thought it would (dru/rog, dru/war) and not having SR gave us a disadvantage (albeit slight) on sham/war and sp/rog which are matchups we have a hard time against. Just go with what fits you best :)