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[A] The Maelstrom EU - Deeply Disturbed recruiting for RBG!

15 December 2011 - 11:16 PM

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Deeply Disturbed, The Maelstrom - EU

Table of contents
- Guild introduction
- Rated battlegrounds
- EX S9 R1 RBG-guild members
- Requirements to join
- Goals for this season
- Contact information

Guild introduction
Deeply Disturbed was created by the core members of So Last Season which ended as the highest Rated Battleground Guild Season 9, as you can see in the screenshots at the end of this post, along with the core members of Deserter. Deeply Disturbed was founded in the first week of season 10, with a vision of creating a solid guild environment for arena, rated battlegrounds and PvE in 4.2 with good reputation. We wanted to build around a core of active, experienced players with a shared interest in arena, rated battlegrounds and raids.We have performed quite well and ended as Top RBG guild on the realm once again and a few great wins VS other top RBG guilds. We are quite happy with these results. We now have around 30 members, and more are needed. The guild consist of players with arena experience from 2500-2850 rating in any past season, and a lot of gladiators.

We are an Alliance PVP guild on The Maelstrom - EU , and the leading PvP guild on the server. Our main focus is currently Rated Battlegrounds, Dragon Soul, which we already cleared for 7/8 and Arena, filling the calendar with events 7/7.

Our goals at this moment are simple
- High amount of gladiators
- Compete with the top RBG guilds in EU
- HC Dragon Soul 8/8

Arena requirements
Our members are required to have 2600+ arena experience in either 3v3 or 5v5,a gladiator title from any season or the warbound title. There are a lot of active arena players in our roster, and new arena teams are created frequently. Most of these are highly skilled players, who are looking for new people to achieve even higher ratings with. If you're a capable player looking for a team, chances are you'll be able to put one together here.

Rated Battlegrounds
As mentioned earlier, some of us ended s9 as rank 1 in the world as a guild. This was possible due to our highly capable players and a dedicated staff of leaders owning the battlefields 6 days a week. The goal at this moment is to compete with the other Top RBG Guilds in EU.

The main raid group is a 10 man raid group consisting of high end PvP players interested in killing dragons in Dragon Soul. We realise the overpowered items that drop in that raid are damn powerful in RBG's, especially the trinkets. So we try to clear this content every week and gear up our main RBG team with these bazookas.

What do we need?
At this point our real core team consists of a Frost Mage, Frost Death Knight, Holy Paladin, Disc Priest and a Protection Warrior(me). What we still need is any of these classes as a backup or as a double in our core team and a Afflic Lock, Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Rogue

What we want from you
- Be active If you wanna join, you wanna join the guild cause you wanna WIN. So we ask highly motivated people.
- Speak decent English
- 2600+ experience in arena
- Like Steven Seagal films or Jean Claude Van Damme

Contact us at
Skype: Horfst
Real ID: [email protected]

This was our ranking season in S9 in RBG's as a guild.(us being So Last Season)

A link to Xena's RBG movie from S9
A link to Xena's RP intro

Atm our core team's MMR is at 2400.

If you want to know more about us, troll, start a fight, buy illegal substances, watch a Steven Seagal movie with us or just have a chat, please contact me by mail or in game so we can keep this recruitment thread as clean as possible. Thank you for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon!

The old post can be deleted because Dextermorgan no longer plays and is outdated now.