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In Topic: Warrior patch notes

12 June 2013 - 10:28 PM

Survivability buff which i think is not needed, if impending victory goes through its probably gona be op. Wabringer and shattering throw is nice, all in all nothing special. More utility please!

In Topic: The sad, sad state of warriors pt.2

08 June 2013 - 08:27 PM

The biggest problem is our lack of utility. The fact that classes who do damage similar to ours on top of that have offheals/cc on comparatively shorter cooldowns is what makes us inferior. Only good thing we have going for us is our mobility which i think is second only to ferals.

While i did like the niches of wotlk, we can assume that blizzard isnt going to do anything to bring that back soon given that most classes have so many tools which are similar to each other.

Braindance had lots of good suggestions how to improve our current state, but id like to point out that i like the shorter cooldown on spell reflect/baseline mass spell reflect/shockwave the best just because they are reactive and you need to have some awareness to utilize them which i think raises the skill cap and thats exactly what this game needs atm. Something else that might improve our utility is lowering the cooldown on intimidating shout, the fact that its completely counterable by shamans and somewhat by undead(would also like all racials not allowed in arena but thats another topic) is a bit over the top, unless you play with another fear class.

Our slow mechanic is pretty outdated aswell, spending 20% of globals for a slow is pretty annoying, especially considering that all other melees(except rets who make up for it with faster passive movement speed/dispels) or even some casters have it integrated in their dps rotation. Maybe change gloves bonus to add slow to overpower, or change glyph of hindering strikes so it applies slow on some other ability in our dps rotation.

Many of these suggestions might set us right or make us overpowered, best method for changing pvp balance would be implementing these smaller patches on live more often. Waiting several months for changes is what makes this game unenjoyable for so many people/classes at any given patch, ending up in new expansion that completely revamps the pvp system again and new imbalances are introduced and so we begin again.

In Topic: Considering to merge Bg's to 1 ladder

26 April 2013 - 01:51 PM

This would be great for activity. Hope it goes through.