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16 July 2017 - 02:44 AM

I updated this addon again:


To Download:




The Changes:


- Updated for 7.2.5 by millanzarreta

* Updated the spellID list to reflect the class changes

* Added more PvE spells (ToS Raid, Chromie Scenario)


- Updated for 7.2.0 by millanzarreta

* Updated the spell ID list to reflect the class changes

* Added a large amount of PvE spells (EN Raid, ToV Raid, NH Raid and Legions Mythics) to spell ID list

* Added new option to allows hide party frames when the player is in raid group (never in arena)

* Improved the code to detect automatically the debuffs without defined duration (before, we had to add manually the spellId to the list)

* Fixed an error that could cause the icon to not display properly when the effect have not a defined time

* Updated TOC file


- Updated for 7.1.0 by millanzarreta:

* Added most spells to spell ID list and corrected others (a lot of work, really...)

* Fixed the problem with spells that were not showing correctly (spells without duration, such as Solar Beam, Grounding Totem, Smoke Bomb, ...)

* Added new option to allows manage the blizzard cooldown countdown

* Added new option to allows remove the cooldown on bars for CC effects (tested for default Bars and Bartender4 Bars)

* Fixed a bug: now type /lc opens directly the LoseControl panel instead of Interface panel


- Updated for 7.0.3 (Legion) by [email protected]:

* Added a large amount of spells, hopefully I didn't miss anything (important)


- Updated by Wardz:

* Removed spell IDs that no longer exists.

* Added Ice Nova (mage) and Rake (druid) to spell ID list

* Fixed cooldown spiral



In Topic: LoseControl

18 November 2016 - 05:27 AM



I love this addon, so I've spent a good deal of my time updating it to version 7.1.0. I added a large amount of spells to spellID list, fixed some bugs (news with legion), and add two news functionalities:

- If you are not using OmniCC, now you can enable/disable the Blizzard cooldown text in the addon (if you really use it)

- Added a new option for remove the cooldown in bars when you are in CC


To Download:




If I forget some CC say it in this thread.