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Ban the word rbg from arenajunkies

23 June 2014 - 09:42 PM

Remove that plague

Expired infractions

25 May 2014 - 09:47 PM

Hello - I have 3 infractions on my account. However all 3 of them have expired for some time now.

I would like them purged.

Thanks in advance.


21 April 2014 - 05:37 PM

Hello friends.

Good to be back.

Why charge shouldn't be nerfed

03 February 2014 - 07:29 PM

Plain and simple – no jibber jabber:
1. It adds one more layer of reaction complexity to a class with a low degree of complexity i.e. skillcapTM (All rights reserved, scumbags united, 2009).

a. Why? You can use to it reactively disrupt cc chains on your healer/teammates. Allows you to avoid cc, which is of paramount importance with an 8 second dispel system

b. How?

i. Example 1: You healer get’s deep frozen by a mage and the mage proceeds to cast polymorph (if and only if PoM is down). Being the true mongoloid warrior you are, you are currently in Antarctica spamming damage on something, but in a rare moment of clarity (or because your healer starts screaming Minpojke mode “STOP THE SHEEP PLS”) you decide to sacrifice your gapcloser to stop the cc, which would otherwise put your team behind (e.g. deep->sheep->blind->clone->-20)

ii. Example 2: You are close to getting a kill. That pesky hunter that has been jumping around for 5 minutes, looking cool and making your healer thirst for a Prozac is at 10%. But oh noes, the opposing team’s shaman has NS available, and if the coin flips heads the hunter will be at 100% in the next second. Being the good warrior you are, you decide to charge the shaman and stun that pesky queer for 1.5 so that your mage can “seal the deal” with an ice lance, before the hunter reloads his rifle and takes his head off.

2. It is one of the few remaining, versatile, multi-use tools in a warrior’s arsenal. It can be used:

a. Defensively

i. To charge a cast and stop some damage

ii. To stun a melee dps for a split second to allow your teammate to get some breathing room

iii. To generate some distance between you and the other team’s damage dealers (e.g. an enemy pet is clone to your healer – you charge it to get some distance from the enemy dps who is raping yo black ass)

b. Offensively

  i. See (1.b.ii)

c. As a gap closer (self-explanatory)

3. It is our most frequently used gap closer. Changing to a root will have the following repercussions:

a. It will no longer be reliable versus the following classed due to freedom effects and whatnot:

i. Paladins

ii. Druids

iii. Shamans

iv. Hunters

v. Monks

b. It will be impossible to do anything described in (1) and (2.a.1, 2.a.ii).

  i. Charge is not shadowstep – there is an actual time between you pressing the button and reaching the target. Ergo, the opposing side’s argument “But you can pummel after the charge” is rendered null, as long as things like Soul of the Forest clones exist, and as long as charge has a travel time. Now you can stop them. If it’s changed to a root you won’t be able to.

ii. “But you can take Warbringer”. No you can’t. Your predecessors tried that in s9 and it went so bad that they had to change it next patch. A gap closer that dr’s with itself? A gap closer that dr’s with every other stun in the game? Let’s take a journey down memory lane:

1. Patch 4.0.6 (source http://www.wowwiki.com/Patch_4.0.6):

Posted Image

2. Patch 4.1.0 (source http://www.wowwiki.com/Patch_4.1.0):

Posted Image

Once again, you repeat the same mistakes, while at the same time, dumping down the game, picking an ability that is relatively easy to use by every 1200 rated Noob Saibot. No me gusta.

Wanna nerf something?

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

But no; the above 3 are precious little jewels since they are an "integral part of the talent tree system introduced in MoP". Instead an ability that has more or less worked the same way since WotLK, and has existed since the dawn of time is a better candidate to address issues with warriors (whom you already nerfed, while, at the same time ignoring classes like hunters and mages).

It seems unreasonable to me, to nerf a 1.5 second stun with the versatility I mentioned above, instead of nerfing one/two/three of the above abilities (while leaving stuff like PoM sheeps and Wyvern shot untouched).

Posted Image

Your move.

What's wrong in s14

02 December 2013 - 09:09 PM

Constructive Monday today:

Death knights:

They die to fast and they are too prone to roots. So:
  • Make Dark Sim not require RP
  • AMS not affected by battle fatigue
  • IBF buffed to 40%, breaks stun, but no longer makes you immune to them
  • Death's advance activated skill baseline
Druids (resto only, boomkin and feral are for faggots):

Straight up best healer with a mage partner. So:
  • Can't symbiosis ice block - symb something else don't care
  • Soul of the Forest clone is more dumb than s8 sheeps
  • Can't symbiosis ice block - symb something else don't care
  • Can't symbiosis ice block - symb something else don't care
  • Can't symbiosis ice block - symb something else don't care
Hunter :

They are strong but OK who curs


Where to start and where to end:
  • Do not allow polymorph to be PoM'd (just implementing this change would save 1000 babies in sub-Saharan Africa)
  • Do something about Incanters+proc trinket+eng.gloves+tailoring back+tricks/skull banner. They just do too much sustained and burst damage for a class with spammable cc
  • Extend battle fatigue to Temporal - watching Jahmilli block and 90k heals per tick from tempo when his healer is cc'd makes me cringe

Who cares


They are OK apart from ret double dispel


They suck so hard. Holy healing is so bad, only healer with no cc breaker. Only thing keeping them somewhat alive is guise+feather+fear.
  • Buff healing and mana efficiency cause they are beyond pathetic
  • Make fear ward undispellable or give them a secondary trinket like monks (nimble) and shamans (tremor) have
  • Fix feather+guise+fear somehow
  • Give them some niche by reducing their dispel cd or some shit - I mean they used to be the best dispelers once now they can't even do that rofl
  • Reduce mana cost of MD (both sp and holy), and make the immunity removal baseline for holy/disc, cause there are more important glyphs out there
They suck harder - die too fast, can't cast, and VT is way too important.
  • Disarm should need no orb - so dumb
  • Move mana regen to SW:P
  • Give them some survivability in any form - like desperate prayer/bulwark baseline w/e
  • Glyph of fade baseline
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Remove that piece of shit for an ability out of the game forever. Not only does it promote a disgusting playstyle of just running to restealth every 10 seconds to get it up on two dps, but it also completely fucks up any kill attempt vs any rogue with a brain. This thing is worse than s5 ret pala vindication or unrelenting assault - it practically puts you in 400 ilvl for 6 seconds, it's spammable, and it's one of the reasons rmd is the utmost best comp out there. Other than that rogues are cool.

And make tricks unable to target mages LOL


Resto is fine - ele is dumb - enh is w/e who curs


Shut up and play destro


Remove the double interrupt - intervene is getting nerfed so it's MSR or safeguard so it's fixd

Pc out negros

Posted Image

Oh and reduce dispel cd