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20 December 2014 - 04:31 AM

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19 December 2014 - 09:56 PM

View Posthoodrych, on 19 December 2014 - 06:32 PM, said:

Arms may not be exactly how you want it, or as fun as you'd like. the utility is weak compared to a ret paladin who can do similar damage, heal and break healer CC/BoP, etc. or even a rogue who can stun/garrote forever, but to say Arms is unplayable, and needs an overhaul yada yada is just complaining imo.

Arms is not in a bad state at all, it's certainly better in spread pressure comps. I guess the "big numbers" or heavy hitters you're looking for may not be there, but the damage is. I top damage as Arms constantly. Arms pressure is very real, the spread with rend/bladestorm is real too. Whirlwind filler is weird, having some sort of proc for Overpower back and all that would be great, I hope it comes. Beyond that the spec doesn't have a mass amount of buttons that you need to frantically press during colossus smash, and that's kind of refreshing. It's cool to have Bladestorm be a thing again, defensive stance is amazing as well.

I don't think Arms is a gimmick right now. you do a lot of damage and you can survive, pretty simple. there is a ton of things that need to be tweaked/tuned and as people gear up that will change as well. I don't think Arms is perfect by any means or the best, but thank god we're not in a state where we have 0 rage for our abilities, or die while in defensive stance to double smoke bomb. could be better, but yeah, not nearly the worst.

go rend a bunch of shit, reck/bladestorm for 400k+, land tripple shockwaves and off pummel or be disruptive with your mobility/snares since you only have 3 buttons and nothing else to do anyway. like i said, may not be the most fun or complex but you can definitely do some work.
OK arms current design is similar to the legacy BC one. I mean this expansion's sole purpose was to replicate as many parts of BC as possible to appeal to the masses that quit, so that Kotick can make more $$$$ out of a once great game. Other classes however got to keep their shit from other expansions while we didn't.

No one said arms is unplayable. Everyone is saying "Arms may not be exactly how you want it, or as fun as you'd like. the utility is weak compared to a ret paladin who can do similar damage, heal and break healer CC/BoP, etc. or even a rogue who can stun/garrote forever".

Why are we complaining:
  • Mortal is hitting for half of what it should hit given it's cd, how rage works and how weak ww is
  • WW breaks cc. WW is affected by feint. WW is weak
  • Shield barrier is trash. Rallying cry got nerfed and you still lose the hp at the end - trash
  • Charge stun is gone so you either play with warbringer or you never connect with stuff that has freedoms, root breakers, and anything else that can parry/dodge/block charge
  • We have 0 peels outside of shockwave and charge (assuming it doesn't get parried/dodged/blocked/freedomed/gnomed). Disarm gone, can't pick a second stun, improved hamstring scraped
If I wanted to tab rend, I would have made a lock (and still be more effective at that). The only good things this expansion brought for warriors are rend, bladestorm and a design "principle" (which is not in effect since they failed miserably at implementing it properly) of a few heavy hitters and empty globals.So yeah, arms is quite OK, but it's still an abortion.

And at the end of the day, when I am a subscriber for 10 years, I don't expect, I DEMAND that the product I am paying for is of high entertainment value. And now it's not so I (we) can complain all we want rightfully.

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19 December 2014 - 06:08 PM

View Post~Invictus, on 19 December 2014 - 05:52 PM, said:

Yes, I see what you mean, but in all honesty I personally think that not all the specs of a class should be able to PvP, but this is a different matter altogether and a personal opinion at that.

And yes, there's nothing wrong with Arms becoming a cleave spec.
There's EVERYTHING WRONG with even THINKING current Arms is good, well thought, working fine or really any variation of the theme.

I'm beating on a dead horse as of now, but Arms, the "slow, big hitter", gets outdamaged in single hits by Wild Strike. A quicker-than-a-global filler.
Not to mention that apparently Arms has the weakest Executes out of all three specs. Because of reasons.

And Fury has been balanced on the premise that "if it doesn't work, make it do stupid damage", which is moronic gimmicky at best.
You saw what happened during prepatch with Arms, Whirlwind hit like a fucking train derailing on a nursery because they KNEW they did a shitty job and simply overtuned the ability.

Result? WW was the bad choice, but they knew it aswell: who thought that using an aoe as a filler was a good idea, it breaks so many fights it's stupid, it's clunky, and prevents you from playing with certain comps or just forbids altogether the usage of certain abilities in certain scenarios when the ability to adapt on the fly is one of the major traits in PvP.
It got a flat 30% damage decrease.

Fury will get the same treatment sooner or later. Be it a nerf to its Mastery, be it so that you can only wield a 1h in your offhand, what have you.
It will come when gear starts scaling up and Fury can keep a decent Enrage uptime, but it surely will.

And this is why you and we all shouldn't settle for those changes or hotfixes: you shouldn't be happy your favourite spec works on the premise it's a gimmick.
The class has been butchered, it doesn't deliver on any level at all (unless on the childish "gawd, numbers" level) and is too subject to kneejerk nerfs.
Will keep to do so until it will have a proper teme to work on.

There's the kicker, and that's my conclusion after all those months of ranting: Warrior class design has been scrapped entirely alongside with Blood Elf models and other stuff, because it couldn't meet the deadline in time.
Only polished, ready to ship thing was Gladstance, which was unbearably broken aswell and they don't even know how to fix it, or they know but they're saving for the rework.

Geforce is right: the overhaul needs to happen soon, because in the current state of the game we're playing with a wireframe against a quantity of full shaped classes.
A quantity because there's a bunch which has our exact same problems.

Want a real proof of the amount of slack put into this class?

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We don't even fucking have Demo Mocking Banner anymore.
At last

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19 December 2014 - 03:26 PM

View PostLord Xar, on 19 December 2014 - 09:28 AM, said:

It appears the MONGOLOID you were last xpac didn't quite extend into this one, so you are upset. I understand. You needed that to be good. Go look at the EU ladders, more warriors than rogues and at higher rating. The US ladders show about equal distribution on any particular day. They appear to be equally balanced. IF you remove combat from the mix, Sub would be a horrible contender... THUS people going combat.. get it? Hunters, are both higher and better represented than rogues on both ladders... the problem is, you don't like rogues, I get it -- but do not pretend, you hunters/warriors that you are under-powered compared to them.... you are not.

Now, go cry like a little sissyface and get me a coffee.

p.s. -- I tried sub a bit.. those 5-7k backstabs, 11k crit ambushes.. coupled with ~25-35k eviscerate crits (in a blue moon).... is an awesome display of power. Most classes white hits, do more damage than subs combo builders...
I'm fairly certain MOST arena rogues would like to go sub -- but it is not competitive.. simple.  I will readily admit I am not a R1 player and it is sad that I need to be to make sub work (and still not break top 30).... get it Einstein?
Oh god.
  • Wars are far, faaaaar more mongoloid this exp than in MoP
  • There shouldn't be an equal distribution because warriors are 2 times more than rogues. Rofl "equally balanced"
  • Hunters is currently the class with the highest population, so yeah they are gonna be higher represented
  • The numbers you hit as sub are the numbers I hit as arms, so it's still high yeah
You're no lord - you're just a spastic monkey with no idea about the basics of the game rofl l2p

In Topic: Shit players who cry about Kidneyshot.

19 December 2014 - 04:42 AM

View PostPicnic Panic, on 19 December 2014 - 04:26 AM, said:

Diminishing returns so 8 sec stun, wait 18 seconds, then 8 seconds again... 8/26 = 31% of the time :)
aight boss you got me. next time I need to post something within 30 seconds I will summon you to do the proper math