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Today, 12:18 AM

Horrid state.  Horrid.

All could have been forgiven if the activity wasnt so fucking low. Not to mention that the new generation of pvp players are complete retards with 0 patience. Can't even find people to cap 2s with and I got 0 standards.

In Topic: Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

18 January 2018 - 12:16 AM

Doesnt even matter what season it is or expansion, they were all trash its just about who you play with and how much you care about the game. 


As you get older you start caring less and less about the game since you have other priorities in life. 

Personally every game gets pretty boring for me after i reached my "goal" 


After i got challenger in league for the first time i was disgusted with the game couldnt even be bothered to que it for months even tho before that point i couldve qued 8 hours a day every day without a problem. 

All this is absolutely true from the first to the last word.


If you get bored you should try street fighter or dota - I've found that I never lose excitement for these games and even when I do it comes back.

In Topic: Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

14 January 2018 - 06:42 AM

in all fairness i think the beginning of the end was mop.


i always say that the term "mop hero" was not invented by chance. cataclysm saw some subs drop, but there was still the feeling of "community" and reputation on realms or battlegroups. there was drama amongst pvpers. it was actually possible to outplay the enemy and do something about it.  yes you had triple dps, or RLS with rogue having legendaries and warlock with firelands staff and cunning trinket from dragon soul. more shit ensued as well. nothing was ever balanced, it was just more fun (maybe slightly worse than wotlk?). 


i'll give you few examples: 


1 - in Cataclysm instant roots did not exist. when a boomkin had to roots+beam me, he needed to bait my hand of freedom, or press solar beam quickly enough before i maybe instantly cleansed myself after the roots landed on my character.   Now you have instant roots and instant solar beam.  skill, hello? my skill and the boomkin's are irrelevant now.

2 - Cleanse cooldown. IT KILLED THE GAME. could i cleanse myself if roots weren't instant? NO CAUSE THEN I CANNOT CLEANSE THE POLYMORPH or whatever else.  cleansing added a huge depth to a healer's skill.  in MoP it got to the point where you couldn't cleanse polymorphs but had to save it for the frost bomb because that was what took 60% of your hp. cool i guess, that's not scripted right?

3 - in Season 12, which was MoP season 1, I literally remember shadowpriest - warrior - resto shamans popping out of nowhere. people who literally had challenger and maybe rival accross wotlk and cataclysm. I faced this team with my multi glad Cataclysm team mates and even if we won, there was nothing to do: they could have been shit, but CHARGE STUN + SHADOW PRIEST SILENCE on the healer = guaranteed kill / trinket / bubble or whatever. just NO CHANCE OF OUTPLAYING THEM WITHOUT MAJOR CDS!


in Cataclysm you could still outheal a full enemy's cds by playing better.  lately, if I don't use wings as soon as a feral druid uses incarnation, as in, if i'm a fool and try to outplay him for 10 seconds, he'll still force me to use them sooner or later. this means there will eventually be a point where he uses incarnation again and my wings aren't ready yet because i've used them too late when he FIRST used incarnation. 


it's funny how we spend time typing here for absolutely no reason, but it just feels like the solution is at hand all the time but they're too stupid to actually apply it. increase overall healing and overall dps for everyone. make wings or dps cds increase throughput by MAX 10/20%. Game is almost fixed.



edit: damn AJ not showing full helmets :S 

Im pretty sure everything you describe happened in cata and not mop. sp war shaman was like s9s bane. I can't recall that happening in mop

In Topic: Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

12 January 2018 - 10:24 PM

Don’t get me wrong I hated cata and loved wrath but you are off on a couple of these. I would say wrath injected op legendaries first (tbc legendaries didn’t seem as broken). Welfare epics started in late tbc and then really caught on fire during TOC heroics era.

True I forgot the shattered sun epics - it was still rather hard to get those and heroics are as hard as mythics 15 now if not more. A single epic before that required exalted with a faction and you had to spam run heroics to do that which was hard. Wrath had the ulduar hammer which was great but not entirely broken and shadowmourne which was OP, but casters were more  OP so it somewhat balanced out.


The problem is the human mind is designed to follow the path of least resistance; w/e is easier. At the same time it wants more and more of the same thing as long as it provides some reinforcement (gear, rating, w/e). The reinforcement mechanism is stronger than the least resistance one that's why more grindy and harder expansions felt more rewarding and more people played them. Now there is no reinforcement in anything. Gear is cheap, rating is cheap, nothing really matters.

In Topic: Never thought i would miss wod gameplay

12 January 2018 - 07:54 PM

Wow you really didn't like Cata lol

Cata out of all the expansions removed the most amount of things to do in the open world (questlines, items and so on), introduced wellfare epics, trimmed the most abilities, allowed for retarded specs to arise, injected OP legendaries in arena. Overall all it is the expansion that marks the divide between good ol' wow and the current version.