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Rotation priority

24 December 2014 - 03:57 AM

Hey fellow fotm /ret/ards, I'd like to ask you how does the current ''max dps'' rotation works for pallies? Especially how do the procs for divine storm fit in the rotation.

Does divine storm do more single target damage with the final verdict proc?
Does divine strom do more single target damage with the final verdict proc+empowered divine storm proc?
Is it worth waiting to get final verdict up first if I have empowered divine storm proc available?
What takes priority exorcism or judgement (without being circumstancial, purely damage wise as I imagine crusader strike is the last thing)
Final verdict has a range, can it be dodged by evasion?

That's pretty much that, thanks in advance.

If classes could have all specs on at the same time..

21 November 2014 - 05:21 AM

Which class do you reckon would end up being the most overpowered one?


08 November 2014 - 10:18 PM



NS Heal Macro - druid/shaman question

11 October 2014 - 03:08 AM

Hey guys, which heal are you using in conjuction with your NS for 'oh shit button' on both of these classes?

Healing Touch & Greater Healing Wave seem like natural choices, but tbh. I noticed if you have riptide (40% more crit), Healing Surge almost always crits, and obviously crit from that + NS buff + elements release = full hp on anyone <30%, same with Regrowth, Crits most of the time and leaves another 100k healing of Healing Seed proc.

What are your thoughts? Fast heals or big heals for NS?

EU Horde RShaman LF 3s huehue

24 August 2014 - 11:33 PM

Well, I quit and came back to wow while ago for about 70th time, got my friend's account to play on with a Rshaman on Swescale EU. And frankly since everyone I know quit/is on Alliance, I have no one to play with, and I'm getting bored of playing with finnish trade chat people saying 'AH WADAFAK' as they shoot out random frozen orbs into dalaran boxes like it's a fucking Street Fighter bonus level.

Anyhow, I have no massive prior shaman experience although I pick up any class very fast and have been at least 2.2k with literally all the classes in this game at some point or another. I've got S5/S7/S8 Hunter glad with 2750, S8/S10 Resto Druid glad with 2750 aswell, 2700 with a Priest in S12 (13? fucking cant remember since it got into mop), 2640 this season on my mistweaver monk. I can setup kills, I'm vocal, I understand the fact that healers can do more than heal, I know how to abuse peoples' mistakes, and I've been named the best healer in our battlegroup by a 1750 paladin in a 2009 thread on our realm forums. Anyhow since I'm cringing my foreskin off writing this, basically since I'm bored of playing with mongos, any decent people that are up for any form of arena, feel free to reply/leave me a PM/add me.

All I expect from you is to actually be able to setup cc properly and communicate prior to it happening. It's so fucking cringeful playing even something as easy as godcomp with trade chat random mage and priest, not calling out anything prior to it happening and then throwing silence, cs and psyfiend fear at the same time going 'ah wadafak'. Common sense yeah.

Up for any comp, although I'm particularly horny for ww/lock/rsham. Hit me up. Don't do bareback, owo at my own discretion.