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In Topic: Razer naga question

06 September 2011 - 11:17 AM

^No idea, haven't played any FPS games cept for Duke Nukem Forever. Didn't realy notice any diffrence.
Do play alot of LoL and it feels good.

In Topic: Razer naga question

06 September 2011 - 10:47 AM

similar issue here =) but what mouse are you using at the moment? besides if im not misstaken the world of warcraft mouse is quite big and that one have alot of binds

Got used to it rather fast. Used to have the MX518 which was really big.
Kinda like the feeling of the NAGA, too bad my hands are a little big and my thumb is at the 1,2,3 buttons. 7,8,9 and 10,11,12 are hard to reach for me.

In Topic: Is it my bg?

06 September 2011 - 08:34 AM

I usually like his reply's...

And no, I don't think its the BG.

In Topic: Razer naga question

05 September 2011 - 07:39 PM

Yes the side buttons are in fact on the keyboard but they are much more accessible and give you a much quicker key press.

This is not entirely true.
On the bottom of the mouse there is a function to switch between "1234567890-=" and Numpad keys.
However, if you download the Naga software you can remap them to any key on your keyboard you want.

In Topic: Best melee.

05 September 2011 - 02:16 PM

Don't think the waiting room was ever ''proud''. Not like junkie section is much better, ego trips aren't my thing at least.

Shit game, shit community.

Yet you play and are posting on community forums?