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#4001101 Grievous Gladiator and Gladiator cutouts in EU/US

Posted Cakesz on 27 November 2013 - 08:10 PM

It amuses me that in the state of Arena, where 90%+ of all R1 titles are wintrades and sells. Where most of the Gladiator titles are sold.

You utterly retarded mongoloids are complaining about something like this.

At the very least, legitimate players might actually be capable of getting it themselves.

You all disgust me.

It's even more delicious when the vast majority of the members of this site are THE reason that Arena has died. So get shit on retards.

#4000846 Grievous Gladiator and Gladiator cutouts in EU/US

Posted Agnosis on 27 November 2013 - 03:13 PM

Obviously the amount of glads will increase due to no team disbanding. But people saying "x rating is too low for glad" doesnt make much sense. Rating inflation varies so much from season to season. Having 2800 in s9 is equal to having ~2450 in s11 or 12, or 2200 in s4. Rating doesnt matter, ranking does.

The way I see it, they just added another title to the hierarchy. "R1" will be the new glad, glad is some duelist-glad inbetween, and so forth. The old r1 was, as people have said, quite pointless due to sharing and bad bgs and whatnot.

#3955742 Sub 5.4 Mini Guide to Damage or Why do I hit like a wet noodle?

Posted Frostwor on 05 October 2013 - 04:57 PM

Posted Image
Hello guys, lately I have noticed a lot of rogues have moved to assa or even combat, just because sub damage feels low, and people dont know actually what to do as a sub rogue to deal damage. So I decided to make this short guide that will explain some very basic things which I have the feeling a lot of the new rogues or " low skilled" kinda miss and cant enjoy sub because of that. Feel free to correct me if I have written something wrong and etc.

This guide is written for arenas, in rbgs and duels the playstyle and talent choice may differ.

Posted Image
Fast talent choice and why to pick them.

1) Subterfuge
This is a mini dance and allows more damage, control, survivability and also allows you to land your opener much more easy vs teams that have high AoE or very good positioning at the start of the arena.

2) Nerve Strike or Combat Readiness
This is a personal choice to how you play. In general NS is against caster based teams, and CR vs physical based teams. However you can still go with NS vs physical based teams it's a matter of choice.

3) Cheat Death or Elusiveness
Personally Elusiveness is in every way better than CD atm for me. I have seen some rogues pick CD but ± 95% of the rogue elite goes with Elusiveness. CD however is sometimes good and can be changed vs teams that can 1 shot you, like the Elemental shaman teams which can gain 1 proc and global you.

4) Shadow Step
SS gives a lot of utility. It can be used both aggressively or defensively by stepping to your healer, even eating traps some times with it. Another great bonus is that you go behind the target. This means that after it you can use and ability and it will land 100%. E.G. Warrior uses Die by the Sword. SS>Disarm or Kidney will make sure you don't take damage while he uses it and your ability wont get parried. The other choices in this tree are also very good for certain situations but SS is the top one atm.

5) Pray on the Weak
This tallent is the way to go for a sub rogue, the 10% bonus is not only for you but also for your partners. I have seen some rogues using Para poison but just because it is much more efficient when you train a target (which is not what sub does), the root is also helpful but it DRs other roots so its not that good with most rogue comps since your partners already have roots too.

6) Marked for Death  
It has 1minute cd which has amazing synergy with Shadow Dance, using 5 combo points for evi or kidney while dancing is insane.

Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins give you the bonus damage from Sanguinary Veins (25%). This glyph saves you time, combo points, and energy. It is very nice and helps out switching to other targets a lot. In other words keep Hemmo dot 24/7.

I will not discuss other glyphs as they don't give you any damage and I want to keep this guide simple. I will just list the useful in pvp.

Blind - (a must have one), Cheap Shot, Garrot, Feint, Cloak of Shadows, Recovery,
Recuperate, Smoke Bomb, Redirect.

Posted Image
Openers explained.
There are 3 general ways in which you can open a target depending on how much pressure you want to make. The general formula and the type of CC  or DMG ability depends on what CDS the enemy uses and what class he is:

Trick you partner > Premed > Slice n Dice > Opener type > Crowd Control > Damage > Crowd Control > Damage.

Opener types.

Shadow Blades with Subterfuge. This opener uses Subterfuge  as a mini Shadow Dance and along with Blades makes insane damage at the start and it is followed later (after DR resets) by the real SD. The tactic is to force a lot of defensive CDs from your enemy and then utilise SD as a lockdown//damage imput and land a kill.

Pure SD opener. Pretty much applying pressure at start again forcing defensive cds, and waiting for the next dance or reset.

Blades and Dance. This is usually used vs targets that dont have safe net abilities like Iceblock and can be killed in the opener if they get too greedy in using defensive CDs or dont get help from their partners.

Posted Image
Slice n Dice.
This may look a stupid topic but a lot of the new rogues dont understand the way energy gain works since this expansion (Cata also -_-) is not what the game style with energy was before and it feels less punishing but it adds up a lot.

So the reason of keeping slice n dice is not only because it's amazing for the auto atack % we get but because of the energy gain, as a rogue you should try keep SnD as much as possible up but also monitor it closely. Try not spamming combo points in useless refresh of SnD (E.G. you have 20 seconds more and you refresh it to max) because in this way you lose a Evi, Recupe or a KS timing.

The Energy Pulse of SnD

Now here it gets really important and this is the reason I have put SnD as a section in this guide. Rogue's energy regen is base line and adds up a bit from haste but with the current state of the game it doesn't really matter if you have some haste more or less. However, SnD gives you 8 energy every 2 seconds due to Energetic Recovery. The trick is exactly in this. When you start open or try to burst down an enemy and you have 100% of your energy you have to aim in timing exactly the 1st ability you wand on your target with that energy regen tick.

For example: I'm playing 2s as a Rogue dPriest vs Death Knight rDruid. My mass stealth is about to expire and I decide to open on the Dk since i cant find the druid. I sap the dk so that my priest can get a good position and clean the dk from buffs. I do SnD wait for my energy to go max and time my cheap shot or garrot right before the energy tick comes so while my Global cool down is up I will get 8+ energy more, so I have actually reduced the cost of my 1st ability with 8 energy which is a lot.

There are few addOns which can help you in getting used to this energy tick regen but practice makes it the best and in time it will become like an inner heart beat to when the tick procs.

Posted Image
Setting up the kill.

It is incredible how many times I have seen people playing around 2k rating even higher blow cool downs into stupid things and when having a bad position. Most classes have very high stable damage and rely on it to land a kill, so its less punishing. However Sub rogue is not one of them. Sub has very low damage outside of cooldows and needs very good timing and coordination with your team so you can apply pressure and even land a kill. So this is how you do it. (This is the general situation as in arenas a lot of things can change and its not ideal.)

When you see your SD is coming back ask if your partner has any damage cds up, if he doesn't you can choose between waiting for him to get them or just using dance to apply pressure. You can also try set a kill with SD only and your partner helping you dps.  

During the time of the burst you must 1st cc the other 2 people from the enemy team so they cant Peel or Heal. Try to do this CC when you see the enemy has no or little defensive abilities and has no shields or hots on him. You can use Evasion or Cloak aggressively so that the enemy cant Peel you but make sure you dont blow such important defensive cds if you have nothing else (vanish etc.) because if you dont land a kill you will be in big trouble.

Pool your energy up to 100% or around it have SnD up and a garrot or hemmo dot on your target to trigger the bonus from Sang Veins. Make sure you have 5cp and TotT your parter.
Land a full KS and Dance with Mark (and Blades if you have)*. What actually happens at the moment is that you'r giving 25% bonus damage to your partner because of TotT and Pray on the Weak this is = to him having a berserker buff in a BG the damage should sky rocket.  This is one of the scenarios when the target has nothing to evade this stun. There is no certain formula and you just need to practice it sometimes you will need to CS first to force a CD like blink then kidney and garrot, sometimes you will have to garrot first and so on. Play arenas:)

*Sometimes you can use vanish if your dance is on cd to force a subterfuge mini dance if the timing is good.

The meta game here is that if unpeeled Dance on a naked target with no shields or hots should be able to get him to at least 30% only from your damage and if you are not lucky with your crits.

Posted Image
Dat Damage Outside of Dance.
So far we have seen that Sub dance is very good and the main tool for  doing damage unfortunately it lasts only a few seconds, so how do you do damage outside of SD?!

Training a target is brainless because after 3-4 backstabs you drop around 20% of your energy  and stick around it meaning you can land 1 stab every few seconds after...

The right way is to pool energy as much as possible while trying to sit on a target with auto attack (you do this mainly to prevent a caster from casting not due to the dmg input). Once you have pulled some energy and you have 5cp TotT your partner and kidney shot this is the best thing you can do (+25% more damage to your partner) if  you cannot get a reset and ur getting trained or chasing a healer.

If the enemy is trying to CC you or simply dont focus you and go for your partners try get as many as resets you can. Every time you do so you get a mini dance due to subterfuge and you automatically pool energy while waiting to reset. Dont forget you also gain 5% more damage from master of subtlety every time you go in stealth and not just only that but also find weakness which is one of the main reasons why you reset.

Posted Image
Timing it!
In arena doing the right thing at the right time is the most important thing try pumping your energy into damage when you see the target has no defensive buffs. Trying to hit a warrior while he has a 100k shield from a disc priest with renew will just waste your energy. Try damaging when his shield is down or right after it expires.

Some targets may seem very nice to continue smashing on but that is just a mistake. Pumping damage into a warrior at 40% hp with shield wall up while his healer is free casting heals on him is useless, he wont die. Instead better pool energy while the shield wall is up so you can use it after and apply more pressure.

Posted Image
Another very important part of the game no matter what dps you are. Switching between targets is very important. Many times people run in bad positions and are a good target to atack, sometimes they simply have no shields or hots on them and so on. This is a part of the game that is way too complex to explain in a guide and it takes practice to see when you can make a good switch. But by doing so you will probably not only do some more damage but force a defensive cd which is yet another advantage.

Posted Image
Sum up.
I hope you have enjoyed this guide and will force new players to choose rogue and see the fun aspects in it. This is a very small % of what rogue does in arena since it covers only some very basic tricks and improving your damage. Yet the real thing about rogue is controling your opponent. It would be lovely if some of the top dogs from the rogue community reply in this thread and give some ideas to edit this content.

P.S. Still need to edit typos and add some comas etc. etc. will do it later on.

#3995734 Rdruid - help me with keybinds

Posted Bigmoran on 19 November 2013 - 12:39 AM

Also, Diziet posted a guide a long time ago about Keybinding. It's still a useful resource:


WoW Keybindings : How you can become a Gladiator: Keybinding Part I

Posted 08/25/08 at 3:38 PM by Yes
Updated 12/29/10 at 8:38 AM by Yes
If you follow all the steps in my guide and your rating does not go up I will personally log on your account and get you 2500 rating.

Every spell you ever use in arena should be keybound. Do not click anything!

Using keybindings in PvP is like knowing how to ride a bicycle in Tour de France. It’s something that everyone does and if you don’t you look like an idiot. As Iain Banks put it, "One hundred idiots make idiotic plans and carry them out. All but one justly fail. The hundredth idiot, whose plan succeeded through pure luck, is immediately convinced he's a genius." What happens in World of Warcraft is that we can not fail; everyone succeeds in some way (welfare PvP epics come because we pay the monthly fee). So everyone is convinced that what they do is right and there is something else holding them back. This is why key bindings are the most difficult thing to convince people to use, because people are unwilling to change the way they’ve been playing for the last few years.

What is a keybinding?

A keybind is a shortcut exclusively pressed by your left hand on the keyboard to make your character do something, fast. People that are left handed might need to figure things out themselves.

The point of a good keybinding is that you reflexively and very quickly are able to accomplish an action. No one is a special flower that does not need to use keybindings.

In this guide I will assume everyone uses the WASD setup to move their character.

This is how you should position your fingers.

Posted Image

The keybinds you should keep are: Tab, 1 2 3 4 5 W S and [Space]. Everything else will be changed. This guide is focused on people who haven’t used keybindings before.

Keybind focus target.

First, one must rebind strafing. Strafing makes your character move in one direction (left or right).

To change WoW keybindings, you press the Esc key, click on Key Bindings in the menu that appears in the middle of the screen, and scroll down through the various different abilities. The function of the ability is described on the left side, and the two boxes in line with the description are the two possible keybindings. To assign a new keybinding you click on the left box and press the keybinding you wish to assign. Click Okay after you’re done changing things.

Keybindings do not stop you from being able to type in chat.

Locate strafe right and left. The default keybinds should be Q and E. Rebind those to A and D. The point of this is to make sure you never keyboard turn and free up valuable space.

The next task the most daunting task you will ever have to do if you do not use keybinds. You will have to assign a keybinding to every one of your abilities that you will ever use in combat (And many that you should have been using). And you will stop clicking on things and learn to control your character only with one hand.

The purpose of good keybindings is that they are instantaneously accessible.

There are two ways to go about getting keybindings, and this depends on whether you use the default action bar interface or not. I recommend everyone gets a mod like Bartender3, which is a custom action bar mod.

The first thing you want to do is take every spell off your action bar. The next thing you want to do is to think about which abilities you will need to use the most. Literally, every ability you’ve ever used in the middle of combat (And some that you should have been using but you never have) should be keybound.

Keybinding your PvP trinket.

I would suggest to keybind all abilities you have. The only things you don’t have to keybind are things like mage portals. You will have around 20-30 abilities keybound. You might think you do not have enough space on your keyboard but there is.

Here are the available buttons, Green squares are buttons you can keybind normally and blue circles are a combination with shift.

Posted Image

Now, all you have to do is physically go to the keybind screen and keybind your abilities. You should keybind things that are very clutch (Like kick, intercept, earthshock) to easily accessible keys. Practice with your rest position with your hand. Spells you cast often should be keybound somewhere easy so you’re not cramping your hand.

Every player that was not using keybindings was about 200 rating lower then he could have been were he using keybinds.

To easily make you learn your keybindings download a mod like Bartender3 and hide the bars. Alternatively you can use the :Hide() function on certain bars to hide them. I have my bars hidden and only show important cooldowns. If you hide your bars you will have no other way to play other then with keybindings.

Specific tips: Keybind abilities with similar functions close by. For example, if you’re a warlock and you keybound fear to F, keybind Howl of Terror to Shift + F. Keybind abilities you use in succession to rows of keys: For example as a warlock you might keybind Corruption, Siphon, Agony and Immolate to Z X C and V, or ` 1 2 3. If you hit the wrong spell by accident you will still do something good.

Remember that your mouse is the best tool for camera control and turning. Healers, remember that targeting your party can be done via keybinds (Default is the F keys). Make sure to unbind shift + scroll wheel from switching around your action bars. Cleansers make sure to remember to bind character specific cleanse macros.

#3963071 Is It NOT A Problem?-

Posted kannetixx on 13 October 2013 - 08:31 AM

View PostBraindance, on 11 October 2013 - 05:21 AM, said:

I didn't post on AJ on s12 ahahahahahahahaahaha. Even in game I hit 90 like 1 month before the season ended and I finished the season with 70% dreadful. I didn't even see avatar, pummel silence and 5 stack TfB.

Pretentious, bad and a liar.

That's a good combination you got right there.

what?  yea you did ... any time  i called a warrior out jokingly you were there to defend them

and now? now that your class can be played by a blind / deaf doesnt know left from right - you try to defend it?

i fight 95% more warriors after the patch than i did before .. why? because warriors got some changes that made them border line retarded for this fucking game and if you feel differently then sorry you're probably a brain dead fuck like the rest of them

i could fight a 2300+ tsg and a 1500 tsg ... know what the difference is? absolutely fucking nothing ... the warrior still  runs in there like a retard missing his fucking glue stick and his team mates are oblivious to this until they realize their special needs player is out there up shits creek  beating the shit out of everyone with the paddle hes supposed to stay afloat with on shits creek - face it .. warriors are a fucking joke right now you do way too much damage coupled with your mobility and i swear if i hear one more fucking Member shit head talk about how  warriors always had this mobility i will drown their first fucking born .... face it ... if warriors were not what they are now you would not have posting rights over and fucking out.

#3990268 scumbag reckful

Posted Doomnatrah on 11 November 2013 - 09:27 PM

If you're mad at reckful or extremely critical of him in terms of his stream habits, go shoot yourself.  There are plenty of things in life to get angry about, sorry but this isnt one of them.

His stream usually included the highest level of play making it very entertaining.  If you watched his stream for reasons other than skilled game play, you're probably the reason he quit.

He doesn't have to stream, there is no contract to the people.  Quit acting like you are entitled to watch him stream for you and move on with your life like normal people have done/are doing.

#3990058 scumbag reckful

Posted Radejjj on 11 November 2013 - 06:51 PM

It's his life and he's not obligated to stream for anyone, that being said, I think its pathetic how these people have such thin skin. Check out twitter, every single celebrity gets absurd amounts of shit, people troll the fuck out of Betty White for no reason. You're all grown ups and you're making money, some like Reckful are making obscene amounts. I just think "your feelings" and "trolls" is an absurd reason to stop streaming when you're making the kind of money Reckful makes right now.

But again, it's entirely his life and he can do what he wants with it.

I think he just stopped streaming for a while to build up demand. Soon he'll stream RMP on his rogue and make infinity dollars. Jew tactics 101

#3988765 Blizzcon 2013 Champions

Posted Crawthz on 10 November 2013 - 08:29 PM

View PostSixthycent, on 10 November 2013 - 07:51 PM, said:

Obviously you dont know why they spell locked the warrior there? It wasnt a mistake Im certain, they did that more then likely so he couldnt use rallying cry. Also, Im sure alot of people had MIR as favorites because the whole eu over us, or its godcomp, idk but those guys knew what patch the tourney was going to be played on, well before, so all that spriestis garbage talk is crap, they could have played any comp just like anyone else could have. SO what skill capped played LSD, they still played the best together and played off each other every game and dominated due to that. Zunni was just stubborn to play a class that was down going to a big tourney. If they woulda won, everyone would have bashed skill capped for losing to spriest or godcomp... instead Skill capped wins yet they still get bashed. What did you guys want them to do? Talb go on his spriest, sodah on his priest, and chanimals just dot nothing? Then would you guys be happy?? Oh wait no, you guys arent talking about Zunni pulling fotm warrior out? srsly Grats Skill Capped, you guys played great and deserved every dollar!


Seriously, after that frame, Talbadar got double Lavasurge proc which took the warrior down. If he didn't get a RNG proc, the game would have lasted abit longer. He probably thought he was fine as he popped 20% damage reduction for the whole expected burst and Pojke trinketed a howl into a DR'd fear which he managed to get a Rejuv and Swiftmend off and heal slightly, only to see that RNG Gods favoured Talbadar and double Lavasurge prog hit.

Sadly the Blizzard Tournament UI is really trash and I can't draw any further conclusions, but I bet ANYONE of us would have died at that point and EVERY single healer would have said that "You're fine" at that point and "I can top you off in a sec"

If this game wasn't about RNG crits and procs, to think about the situation, he could have foreseen the damage incoming, as Zunni did and popped 20% damage reduction to the burst. If he had foreseen the RNG gods would give Talbadar double Lavasurgeproc just as his 20% damage reduction would have falled off, he probably would have Shield Wall + Last Stand (Spell Lock wore off before he died) and would have lived at that point.

The above scenario WOULD have happened, if someone could tone these fuckin retarded RNG crits down.
But ye, as my friend already said to me, that's how the class works and it's not skillful, not hard and definetly not predictable (the damage that Eles do).

Congrats Skill Capped, you choose the right comp to win as LSD is perfect tournament comp right now. It worked perfectly this Blizzcon as you knew what you were fighting against and you didn't face the KFC as that would have been interesting to see, probably Skill Capped would have won that aswell, but that matchup wasn't clear from the start.
Nobody can trashtalk you for playing LSD, you did what was required to win. It was the right thing to do. Both teams played really well and to the expectations (atleast my expectations) but in the end, RNG won the 2013 Blizzcon.

Overall, I liked this years Blizzcon, the tournament was good and lived to the expectations, everything they've announced that affects Arenas and the game overall seems good, can't wait for Alpha/Beta.

#3988723 Blizzcon 2013 Champions

Posted Sixthycent on 10 November 2013 - 07:51 PM

View PostCrawthz, on 10 November 2013 - 05:40 PM, said:

Just because Godcomp has to get
-Wind Shear
-Shamanistic Rage
-Trinkets from all
-Cenarion Ward
-Spell Lock

While themselves having 3orb + Deep Orb to get a clean kill, in theory it's close to impossible to get a kill as Godcomp. Most of the CDs above are usable for every Deep and certainly every Deep Orb, and Cenarion Ward + Ironbark usable while Silenced and Nature's Guardian having 30sec CD, it just IS impossible to get a CLEAN kill as Godcomp.

Again, in CD vs CD game LSD will win over Godcomp every day. All the LSD has to do is to win in Lavaburst Powerball lottery and win, even in tournament setup where the game is played at it's best and they all know what CD to use against the other CD. As LSD's damage is not setup or CD based, they should and will win every game.

So no, nobody got outplayed or performed better than other. This is MoP, castercleave fights are easily theorycrafted who wins and who doesn't. Specially when Dampening kicks in at 5min mark, LSD could turtle to that mark and then  just win by default as the LSD's damage never stops compared to Godcomps damage which is all burst and CD dependant and their damage end 8 seconds after the Deep hits. Each of the two finalist teams didn't perform bad or do major mistakes (outside of spell locking the warrior) and that is expected of them. Again, there's no such thing as Outplaying element in castercleave vs another, outside of mirrorgames.

Welcome to MoP, game is dog

Obviously you dont know why they spell locked the warrior there? It wasnt a mistake Im certain, they did that more then likely so he couldnt use rallying cry. Also, Im sure alot of people had MIR as favorites because the whole eu over us, or its godcomp, idk but those guys knew what patch the tourney was going to be played on, well before, so all that spriestis garbage talk is crap, they could have played any comp just like anyone else could have. SO what skill capped played LSD, they still played the best together and played off each other every game and dominated due to that. Zunni was just stubborn to play a class that was down going to a big tourney. If they woulda won, everyone would have bashed skill capped for losing to spriest or godcomp... instead Skill capped wins yet they still get bashed. What did you guys want them to do? Talb go on his spriest, sodah on his priest, and chanimals just dot nothing? Then would you guys be happy?? Oh wait no, you guys arent talking about Zunni pulling fotm warrior out? srsly Grats Skill Capped, you guys played great and deserved every dollar!

#3988288 Blizzcon 2013 Champions

Posted Crawthz on 10 November 2013 - 09:36 AM

Posted Image

#3988930 WoW Warrior/genral questions, positioning etc

Posted jaimee on 10 November 2013 - 10:42 PM

+rep if helped

#3987706 Blizzcon 2013 Global Finals

Posted ROKMODE on 10 November 2013 - 12:35 AM

elemental playstyle is so disgusting in mop
lava burst
lava burst
lava burst
lava burst
lava burst lava burst

all you hear the entire game in the background

#3987385 WoD Itemization

Posted Crawthz on 09 November 2013 - 09:02 PM

Everything there is massively huge for PvP. It's alot easier to tune smaller numbers than what we have right now with crits of 250k-350k and whatnot.

#3986272 TEAM MIR

Posted Virent on 08 November 2013 - 11:09 PM

LSD is balanced, but Sodah just simply carried that tbh, even though everyone played amazing.

#3986269 TEAM MIR

Posted Capstone on 08 November 2013 - 11:08 PM