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#4000969 Grievous Gladiator and Gladiator cutouts in EU/US

Posted by Jarzombek on 27 November 2013 - 06:41 PM

Old rank one is the new Gladiator, old Gladiator is a new duelist/glad. I think the titles lost their meaning the last seasons, but if you don't want to wear a gladiator title together with the rest of the "scrubs", go get that Grievious Gladiator title. Getting top 300 or so in EU/US is still quite prestigious imo.

And you can always save a screenshot of your rank on the ladder and masturbate to. Maybe gladiator will mean even less now, but the actual ranking with matter more. Brag about your rank season x and season y instead of being top 0.5%
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#3993295 Trial of the Gladiator

Posted by Jarzombek on 15 November 2013 - 12:21 PM

No one has said anything about changing the current arena ladder and I don't think they plan on it. Gladiator weighs heavier than Vanquisher from TR, and I think the title from TotG will be more prestigeous than gladiator.
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#3989011 Trial of the Gladiator

Posted by Jarzombek on 10 November 2013 - 11:24 PM

How fucking negative are you all? I see it like you still get the gladiator and duelist titles like you do now, and ladder games are exactly as they are now. But in WoD you, if you have the time a saturday afternoon, you can try to get a better version of the Vanquisher title, a pet or a flag or whatever, and some prestige on top of that. I can't see it in another perspective than that this is good for wow. If you miss out a week or four, so what?
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#3987907 Worst blizzcon tournament vote!

Posted by Jarzombek on 10 November 2013 - 01:02 AM

Commentating was much better than previous times (remember reckful and conradical on the small stage last time not knowing how the ui worked?), no DC's ( :P), didn't have to wait that long between matches, and if you did, commentators made a great work during down time.

Still, UI is still crap and the asian teams (except LG IM) were really bad (maybe an understatement) but I don't think this was the worst there's been
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#3987559 TEAM MIR

Posted by Jarzombek on 09 November 2013 - 11:42 PM

Omg shadowpriests worst class in game
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#3966646 Pro Player's Helping Blizzard?

Posted by Jarzombek on 17 October 2013 - 12:58 PM

^ Biased much?
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#3916658 The commentating on today's Bleached Bones tourny pls pls

Posted by Jarzombek on 22 July 2013 - 01:27 AM

Last week was not good at all, kept saying "man", "I feel like", "so yeah.../but yeah...", "man" every third sentance and cut off Azael/Conrad all the time. Why did he always have be the only one getting the last words when someone died? He talked faster than the brain managed to think, and didn't give any good information of what's really going on. I mean, I have eyes and can see what percentage they're at, if shaman is hexed or if the affli has alot of pressure up. It was like listening to a combat log, or gladiatorlosSA on cocain.

What really bothered me was that he didn't seem to improve from the criticism, the next day was just as bad. Didn't Azael tell him "please, don't cut me off everytime I'm talking"?

But today I think he had improved alot, he must have listened to the VoDs alot to see where all the "hate" came from. If he keeps improving like this, then sure, no problems.

As for not understanding what he says because of bad english, I have no problems. Some words here and there that gets mispronunciated, "three" and "chastise" comes off top of my head, but so what, well it doesn't bother me. ToD (sc2) does a great job even though he's from France for example.
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#3886937 Restoration Shaman guide 5.2

Posted by Jarzombek on 13 May 2013 - 08:58 AM

So, as you all see I have no helmets under my name, and I'm not thinking of myself as the god of shamans, just felt like pulling my straw to the stack :) Feel free to leave feedback on things that might be crazy wrong or something that can be added. I will edit spelling and grammar when noticed. TLDR? nah

Nature’s Guardian. It gives you a heal when you go low(the HP you gain will not be lost when the effect ends as of 5.2), and since shamans often are the kill targets and they can't use anything when silenced or stunned (like barkskin, pain suppression, bubble) this is as good as it gets.
Second best talent would be astral shift (you can use it while silenced, and is not on the GCD) but the 2 minute CD together with the short duration makes it hard to use efficiently.
Stone bulwark is a no go for resto shamans, the absorb is dispellable and its on GCD.

Windwalk totem is probably the best choice vs most comps, especially if you’re running with melees in your team. It can be used both offensively and defensivly, helping your warrior connect against a mage team or using it together with ghost wolf vs a DK around a pillar. (in 5.3 mage’s pet nova wont grant the mage fingers of frost if the target is immune to root) (not on GCD)
Earthgrab totem is another option and can mess things up alot for the opposing team, and together with capacitor totem and totemic projection you can stun a lot of players quite easily.
Frozen power. 5 second root from frost shock, does not share DR with roots from druids or mages

Totemic restoration. Vs most teams the best choice, and especially vs casters and priests and ferals. Your totems will get restored up to 50% of its CD when killed, Recalled, replaced or rightclicked. Use
/cast Tremor Totem
/click TotemFrameTotem1 RightButton
To get a 34 second tremor totem. Make sure you glyph totemic encirclement so you don’t remove wrong totem, for example healing tide totem.
Okey choice vs hunter teams to get more chances to ground freezing trap.

Totemic Projection, use this with earthgrab totem, capacitor totem and occasionaly spirit link totem - If you can't make it into the smokebomb in time to link your partner. Ofcourse your 2nd dps has to be in range.

Call of the elements, resets CD on totems that have shorter cooldown than 3 minutes, so SLT and Tide is not included. Decent vs teams where you’d like to have 2 freedom totems+2 healing stream totems in a row. Good choice when meeting rush down kill shaman comps like TSG (DK,Warrior,Pala)

Ancestral Swiftness. (also still called NS for nature’s swiftness) Macro it with Greater healing wave for a big instant heal. Combine it with unleash elements for a huge heal. It’s also usable together with hex.
Don’t look on the other talents, Echo of elements might have been good vs affliction warlock team/boomkin/DK teams, if you didn’t lose the 5% passive haste NS gives you.

Healing tide totem. All the way. It’s like healing stream totem, but stronger and affects everyone in its range instead of just one. Use to heal massive damage, use before damage is incoming and you know you will sit a lot of CC or to heal someone who’s stunned inside a smokebomb.

Unleashed Fury. Makes your unleashed elements really good. You want to use this together with your casted heals as much as possible, be it surge, GHW or HW. But most of the time you will probably use it to improve your riptide heal (only improves the first heal, not the ticks) when under pressure.


Ghost Wolf - Makes you less slowed when used

Hex - Reduces your hex cooldown by 10 seconds. Extremely effective against teams with no curse dispel or only one curse dispeller.

Healing Stream Totem – Small buff to the stream totem when meeting fire+frost mages, Ele shamans during Ascendance and Destro locks

Totemic Vigor – Makes your totem not oneshottable by a white hit. Makes it a lot harder for players that kills your healing stream totem while just running by it, that kills your SLT when your team partners is just not inside of it yet, or killing your healing tide that’s too big of a cooldown to get insta gibbed.

Capacitor - Useful for teams where you can keep Totemic Projection

Those are the ones you should use, ghost wolf is probably the only one you don’t want to swap before a game ever.

Gems / Enchants / Stats
Resiliance is what you want to gem and enchant, and get loads of it! With no defensive CD to use this is your defense. Many top shamans ignore almost every socket bonus to gem pure resilience.

Stats outside resilience depends on what you want. I’d say spirit>50%mastery>crit>haste. But some reforges both haste and crit to mastery. But whether you want to try more mastery or crit, haste is the stat you want to reforge to the other.

For the gear you want the mail gear with spirit on, everything. As for the set gear, get “gladiator’s Ringmail” gear(resto) for head, shoulder, chest and legs. Use the “gladiator’s mail” gloves, instead of legs. Haste is not something we want.

As for the meta gem, powerful primal diamond for the stun reduction is what you want, there are rogues everywhere… It also stacks with the orc racial, making orc the best shaman race, both factions. Alliance side dwarf wins, before 5.2 draeneis could use their gift of the naaru while silenced, but that was changed for indescribable reasons.

First of all, as a healer you want to bind target party 1,2 and player, and also dispel party 1,2 and player. Clicking your team is too slow. There are addons for healing like healbot or clique, or simple mouseover addons/macros, but throw them in the garbage bin as you read this. They are really good in raiding, but they do not belong in arena. You don’t want to use your mouse for anything but movement. If you can’t see whats going on behind you because you are clicking away a heal you've lost a big part of what's essential in arena – awareness.
Spells you use often should be binded to easy binds(examples here are my binds), riptide on 2, healing surge on F, healing stream shift 1. On the contrary stormlash totem is bound to ctrl T, water walking Y(to make DKs sad when they try to copy your spell, usually hex, with dark simulacrum), earth elemental totem shift H. Big cooldowns should if possible have a modifier so they don’t as easily get misclicked.

Focus frame is something you hear a lot about as a new pvper, but don’t actually really get why it’s so good to use, “I can see the castbars just fine on gladius” could be one argument, but if you feel you have a 100% control over you arena frame, you’re probably not even going to learn a thing from the upcoming wall of text. Focus lets you see the buffs the target has as a proc trinket or barkskin. You should have the focus frame rather centered on the screen, which improves your awareness a ton. Didn’t see the Chaos Bolt from the destro lock last game? Put him on focus and you will next time. It’s possible to right-click your gladius to focus a target, but it’s not optimal if you get used to it. I have for example binded V, shift V and ctrl V to /focus arena1,2 and 3. It’s so much smoother, and nice to know when a night elf shadow melds, or a mage uses mirror images, your focus frame on him disappears. Sometimes it bugs and no matter how many times you press focus arena2 it won’t show up – focus arena1 and then back to the mage/Nelf and its back.

/target Player

/cast [@party1] Cleanse Spirit

Some use 1,2,3/ A,S,D/ f1,f2,f3 to target their party. I use the mouse wheel, and shift is the modifier to dispel. (and ctrl to target arena123, and alt for windshear123)
Scroll up is party1, click the wheel is player, and scroll down is party2.

#showtooltip Cleanse Spirit
/target [nomod] Party1
/cast [target=Party1,modifier:shift, help] Cleanse Spirit
/cast [target=Party1,modifier:shift, harm] Purge
(Purge is there to purge mind control/dominate mind)

Battlemaster macro:
/use Tyranical Gladiator’s Emblem of meditation
/use healthstone

(last resort macro, bind the separately aswell)

Wind Shear 1/2/3
/cast [@arena1] Wind Shear (@arena2, @arena3)

(good for interruptning polymorphs/clones from invis/stealth)

Focus Wind Shear
/cast [@focus] Wind Shear

Focus Hex
/cast [@focus] Hex

NS Hex
#showtooltip Hex
/cast Ancestral Swiftness
/cast Hex

Trinket+Aura Mastery
/use Malevolent Gladiator's Medallion of Meditation
/cast Spiritwalker's Grace
(Should almost never be used, but with no alternatives it can sometimes save you in a solarbeam to get the spirit link totem out)

(for when you want to fake cast with spirit walker’s grace up when the aura mastery effect is gone)

Healing in arena, tips to a beginner

It’s been said so many times – “the most important thing for a healer is his positioning”. But I feel like new players don’t really get what that means . Basically, you do not want to get caught in trouble. Ever. You want to stand as far away as possible and line of sight the opposing team behind pillars so you never get charged, polymorphed, feared. Easy if you didn’t have to cast heals on your partners! This is where “positioning” comes in. You want to be in LoS of your partners, but LoS the enemy. Different healers are more or less punished for their positioning. Holy paladins for example are getting very punished if they runs out at the wrong time to hammer of justice and gets caught in CC, while druids on the other hand can shapeshift polymorphs and has their HoTs ticking and their life blooms will usually bloom and heal before their fear for example has expired.

Shamans have tremor totem and it will save you counless of times when you’re in a bad spot. Important to keep your healing stream totem up before you think any CC is coming in, like a silence or stun. Difference between a good shaman and a bad is that the good can anticipate the damage and CC coming in and throw totems, riptides, earthshield on the correct target so he’s being just as much a healer when he can’t control his character as when he’s out of CC. Tip, if you’re using tremor to get your partners out of fear/MC, don’t spam the macro or it might not affect them. This is also true if one of your dps has both psychic horror AND Psyfiend fear on him, the tremor will just get one of the debuffs if you remove it too quickly. Tremor is usable on fears, hibernate(you can get hibernated in ghost wolf form), lullaby(hunter crane pet CC) and mind control.
Previously shamans could use totems while silenced, but that changed in early MoP.

But we got Spirit walkers grace that acts like a auramastery with the pvp 4set. This is SO good to use vs shadow priests and mages. Start casting a heal and midcast press SWG and watch them trying to lock your cast into immunity. This is something I do almost everytime I don’t want to get silenced, to increase the chances of them wasting it so I can freecast even when the 5sec aura mastery is gone.
Vs boomkins and solarbeam you can sometimes trinket the silence from the beam and use SWG, but you need to be fast! So if you want to do it, use the macro above. It isn’t THAT reliable though I’ve noticed lately, but maybe 50/50 it works.
If you’re in the resurrection business, you can spirit walkers grace mid cast and run behind a pillar or box for the most of the duration, just to peak out last second and get the ress with the enemy on the other side!

Your trinket is your best friend, but you don’t really want to use it. You use this to save lifes, not to heal someone that just maybe will die. To make sure you don’t trinket something you didn’t have to, you HAVE to talk with your partners. Taking you play with a shadow priest, know before shit hits the fan if he’s got dispersion, if he can massdispell you out of trap, grip you to a safe spot when you’re kidney shot. If you finish a game without trinketing, pat yourself on the shoulder because you’ve managed to keep your team not only by using preemptive heals and totems, but you communicated so well that you were sure they all had something of their own when in trouble. All this comes from experience, to know what for example what a frozen orb requires to counter, or how much damage does actually a warrior do with recklessness up.
A lot of low rated players trinkets offensively, thinking that if they trinket this 5 second bash they will get the kill. To be honest, that rarely works out. And when it doesn’t – you’ve just served a golden swap option for the other team the next 2 minutes. For a dps to do it isn’t always drastically game changing, but if a healer trinkets a CC to dispel his partner so he can kill, or trinkets to get a hex, and it doesn’t work out, then you’ve gotten yourself behind a lot!

Purge is a strong ability few classes possesses, that being said, it’s also very mana expensive and can put you behind a lot in healing. “I really want to purge that fear ward off that druid so my warrior can fear him” is a thought that comes to mind. 8 purges later and the buff is still there all I’ve accomplished is 80k less mana and 12 seconds I did nothing to pre-hot my team. I do want to see more shamans using purge, but try to keep in mind that you don’t want to apologize to your partners that they died because you wanted to clean the ret for a swap later.

Grounding totem is so good, but with the 10 second CD it has now (when insta killed with totemic restoration talented) it’s easy to be reckless with it. Say you’re facing a shatterplay (mage, SP, healer), spamming grounding will get you a lot of high damaging ice lances, but also a lot of cheap shadow word pains. Always use grounding for a purpose. Mage pops everything, targets and novas you and starts to cast a frostbolt, by all means, ground it and you might even ground the deep freeze. If you on the other hand just use it to get some random damage going into it, wait for it to come back from cooldown before you decide to change pillar. Note, the range of the grounding effect is reduced alot since MoP.

Ascendance is a rather difficult ability to use efficiently. It’s a big cooldown that doubles your heals (50k heal turns into a 50k+50k, the second 50k is splitted to anyone whos near you) but when you really need to heal, you rarely have the time to hard cast heals and rather use instants like NS or healing tide totem. You want to use riptide as your first spell for healing split damage, and if it crits ancestral awakening gets duplicated as well. Vs DKs its really good since they have diseases all over the place and do crazy damage on anyone they look at. A comp that’s not a spread pressure team like RMP it’s more difficult, use it here to get extra strong riptides out before they CC everyone in your team and sets up a kill. Ascendance does not affect totems, your healing tide totem does not benefit from it. If you need to AoE heal the whole team, use one of these, not often are both needed at the same time. Using unleash elements, ascendance and NS is the biggest heal you can do.

It’s important to always have an Earth Shield up somewhere, if the charges are about to expire, or you anticipate a lot of CC, renew it early. A lot of shamans who just had it on themselves and puts in on their partner forgets to put up water shield again. Think about it when you swap ES, or you will notice too late having to force your mates to peel for your drink. Some teams require more mana than others, even though they do roughly the same damage, use Mana Tide Totem early, like at 85%mana and it will be back up again when you need it.

When healing you will most often use Healing Surge as you main casted heal. It costs a lot (really a lot) but as the most output which you need in the short windows you get to cast in an arena game. But for it to be effective you need Tidal Waves to be up, two charges per riptide is what you get. It takes a bit of experience using it effectively, but one tip is to riptide yourself every one and then. Resto shamans are kill targets, and that extra HP you get from Ancestral Vigor might just be the difference between winning or losing. I often find myself using Healing wave just for that matter, renew the stack. Greater healing wave is very rarely used, but if you are low on HP and just got away behind a pillar, use that to top you up instead of surge, it’s more mana efficient.

On the offensive side, shamans don’t have much damage. Only thing really offensive is the Stormlash Totem. Watch your recount after the games and see how much damage it really did do. Again, communicate and see when your partners want it the most, or you will most likely just waste a great tool. It can contribute to a lot!

Earth shock is the instant ability that does the most damage if you don’t count the flame shock ticks. It also reduces physical damage done by 10% for 30 seconds. If you have the time, use it on a warrior.

Wind Shear is great! If other healers had a ranged interrupt the arena floor would look totally different. And as with everything, you can use it on good things, and bad things. CC is obviously something that should be interrupted, but only if you don’t get CCd. By that I mean, if you wind shear a polymorph, start running back, because in 3 seconds he will try to poly you again. Sounds obvious, but happens too many times. A tip vs mages though is that if you interrupt a polymorph, he is locked in his arcane school and can’t counterspell, it’s a great way to get your hex on the mage! If you feel like risking it – don’t hex the millisecond after you sheared him, wait a second and you might land the hex just as he counterspells you, which will be a blanket. Interrupting a shamans heal locks his windshear and grounding totem out, and it's easier to hex him. A good tool to have in the toolbox in regarding interrupts: when the targets castbar turns red for a millisecond when you interrupted him, he faked you. If it turns green, you locked him out!

Hex, can be used offensively and defensively. Hex the shadow priest when his healer is just about to die to avoid letting him lifeswap, or hex the warlock just when he pops dps trinket and darksoul. Try to have a grounding totem down when you do it though, and you might just ground the spell lock or windshear. And all of a sudden “hex battles” comes to mind! It’s when both you and the opposing resto shaman wants to hex the other, and you have to juke his windshears and fake his grounding totem, and vice versa. Great fun seeing who’s the better hexer. If you’re doing this with your focus frame while targeting your team, get used to use focus purge to remove his grounding totem. If he has grounding totem down while trying to hex you. Focus purge early on the cast and wait till late cast to interrupt him, it takes a while for the grounding buff to go away and he might just ground both your purge and shear. Good luck!
Hexing resto druids is a different story, they can shapeshift REALLY late and still immune the hex, as for shamans and grounding totems, sometimes you can land the hex even though he just put the totem down. Fake the hex, make him shift, and as you anticipate him to come out to heal, start casting and if he leaves form, you have about one second to land it. A tip if you’re playing with a druid, call out that you’re “trying to hex” him and that he should get ready to hibernate him. Works wonders if you’re playing with a feral! Many druids leave the shapeshift form while hibernated, and you can get a DRd hex out of it. Keep spamming hex without the intention of hexing is a mind game tool you can use to keep the druid from healing, or to force the enemy out of your LoS.

I hope this helps someone! If you want to know how to really play resto shaman turn into Cdew's stream twitch.tv/cdewx
Flubbah @ twitch.tv/flubbah
Dakkroth plays alot of restoshaman aswell at twitch.tv/dakkrothwow
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#3847831 PvE trinkets - Coming back?

Posted by Jarzombek on 12 February 2013 - 12:41 AM

"Not usable in arena"

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#3824111 Question re:Which toon to play

Posted by Jarzombek on 19 December 2012 - 05:26 PM

Have those classes at 90 aswell, but havnt geared up the mage yet. I like resto druid most of them, always several options on what you can do. Disc is fun as always, but bad mana, rather weak heals and get trained alot. SP could be fun i guess, being one of the strongest specs right now and you can play it with any other dps spec, but I find it abit boring. Just started with hpala and they say its a great healer now after the mage nerfs but I don't really like the paladin class that much, yet. But I can see how setting up kills with rep, hoj and blind can be fun.

But I would go rdruid
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#3819300 Frost Bomb hotfix nerfed oh and warriors too

Posted by Jarzombek on 12 December 2012 - 03:07 AM

Actually, that's incorrect. Apologies for the poorly worded patch note. I've since updated the note to read:
  • When Fire Blast modified by Glyph of Fire Blast is used to detonate a Frost Bomb, the resulting Frost Bomb now deals 50% less damage.

Some hotfixes weren't quite applied when the notes were published. That happens sometimes, but this change should be in soon.

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#3818421 Autoshot on own CC

Posted by Jarzombek on 10 December 2012 - 05:03 PM

Vanguards explains it here http://www.arenajunk...the-difference/
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