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Posted Railander on 16 April 2015 - 07:45 PM

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#4409886 warmongering / wild gladiator wod s2/s3 titles

Posted Dills on 14 April 2015 - 08:06 PM

A wild gladiator appeared!!!

Fight               PKMN

Items              Run

#4382318 How do you find partners?

Posted Kidneygod on 06 February 2015 - 07:12 PM

I created a Tinder account with some busty pictures of a girl and put WoW to her interests. So far i have found and played with multiple gladiators. Good voice changer is a must.

#4323276 double frost dk

Posted Forumz on 29 December 2014 - 12:17 PM

Guys if I move the limit to 3.5k there's not a single viable class.

#4323687 Disc/Hunter

Posted Bronjaheim on 29 December 2014 - 06:41 PM

View Postdjp771133, on 29 December 2014 - 09:15 AM, said:

no they use a glyph that gives them runepower when they are snared which they use for conversion + blood pres which basically means they are invincible
I love how we are talking about DKs as if they were some foreign vermin, we just want to eradicate :)

#4310367 Hunter POM Sheep

Posted Esiwdeer on 21 December 2014 - 04:47 PM

nothing sad about it

hunter is hands down the hardest, highest skill capped class in the game

obviously the brave people who play it are under a lot of pressure

#4309362 Hunter POM Sheep

Posted Kelberot on 20 December 2014 - 10:58 PM

dilly's suggestion was really good, about having an arming time that still counts during the travel time

so close traps dont arm instantly but max range traps do

#4308987 Hunter POM Sheep

Posted Bawn on 20 December 2014 - 01:30 PM

give hunters a mana bar that regens slow as fuck, every trap cost 50% of your mana bar, all your abilities cost mana
to regen mana you need to go in an aspect that make you do no damage

and while we on it just add dead zone back again and remove DKs from the game

#4142621 Last chapter of World Of Warcraft 3v3 Ladder pvp ? ggspz banned~

Posted Djandawg on 14 June 2014 - 02:34 PM

View PostArtofmage, on 14 June 2014 - 02:07 PM, said:

tell that to ppl that live in countries where minimum salary is around 250-300 euros.
Just bring those people here so that I can tell them not to spend %5 of their income on a computer game.

#4142513 Last chapter of World Of Warcraft 3v3 Ladder pvp ? ggspz banned~

Posted Djandawg on 14 June 2014 - 01:44 PM

View PostInfernion, on 14 June 2014 - 01:30 PM, said:

In what way am I justifying boosting? I'm saying it's not necessarily okay? All I'm saying is the game would be even more dead without it, which is true. It's also true that half the people against it wouldn't be against it if they were capable of doing it themselves. Why wouldn't anyone want to earn Money playing a game?
How about people that are genuinely good enough for gladiator but can't obtain their spot due to facing people that skillwise belong to 400 rating higher? I mean how about inactivity caused by alienating those people. We also need to consider the fact that even the suspicion of ladder being rigged makes people not play anymore.
So yeah, I am pretty sure that there is a very valid counter argument for  "the ladder would be dead but now it is active thanks to our beloved boosters"
Maybe more people would try to improve, attempt to ladder up if the game was fairer and was at the difficulty it should be. Who knows?
And why wouldn't anyone want to earn money playing a game? There are tons of reasons , but if you are seriously asking this question then unfortunately a response wouldn't be any help to you.

#4142090 Last chapter of World Of Warcraft 3v3 Ladder pvp ? ggspz banned~

Posted Djandawg on 14 June 2014 - 12:43 AM

Why is that the last chapter for 3v3? Lol.  
Do you also want us to petition Blizzard to lower the flags in Orgrimmar in every region?

#4138634 Best Underrated Player (Hidden Talent)

Posted fika on 10 June 2014 - 02:59 PM

Djan. DĂ­rtyharry. nyasho. in it for the game not for the e-fame

#4095034 Shadow Word: Death is now available only to Shadow Priests.

Posted Djandawg on 07 April 2014 - 03:32 PM

View PostPavils, on 07 April 2014 - 03:05 PM, said:

Simulation 2

Mage casts polymorph
. Holy Fire
Holy Fire hits, and leaves dot
Polymorph hits, removes dots
Polymorph'd :D

Same for Scatter
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#4054157 Shit... I mean feral..

Posted Silhin on 15 February 2014 - 04:28 AM

View PostRegent, on 14 February 2014 - 11:05 PM, said:

The worst part is, Blizzard refuses to do anything about it. At least ferals have a viable spec they can swap to if they really want to still play their class.

Look at the patch notes for s15. DKs no buffs, ferals no buff, rets no buff. Honestly, what does Blizzard even do? They have people who go to work 9 hours a day, 5 days a week who are suppposed to work on PvP and all they come up with in 4 months is changing warrior charge talent? Holy fuck, I wish I had that job, sit around and do nothing for 4 months and get paid 70k a year.

DKs and ferals are in the exact same boat, do really good damage but it doesn't really matter since its never enough to completely change the game.

Why would you take a DK or feral when you could take a warrior who will do better burst, maybe slightly less damage overall but also have better defensive and CC? No reason whatsoever. Why would a hunter want to play with a dk or feral when he could play with a rogue or warrior and be 200+ higher rated.

Blizzard should just give titles out based on spec. Everyone has a rating based on what spec they are, and then at the end of the season the top .05% of each spec gets glad, etc. At least that way specs that are shit tier have a reason to play.
iam sick and tired of hearing hybrid cry if u want to be a mage spec or warrior spec roll mage or warrior if they start buffing all these hybrid spec buff also combat and mutilate and fire and arcane and buff fury and buff demo you hybrids r bunch of cry babys and want it all why is pure dps class really only get one viable spec for arena and hybrids most of the time get all specs

this game would be ten times more balenced if every class had only one viable spec for pvp all these stupid hybrid spec ruined this game . Yes lets go back to BC when healer were healer and dps were dps and people didnt bitch about being a ret pali in arena cuz they knew that holy paladin was better

#4066310 Holy or Disc way to go for season 15?

Posted Djandawg on 27 February 2014 - 03:09 AM

About disc vs holy, first of all disc in arena will never be good for the following reasons:
-The spec can't be buffed; as of today, using top 100 25m HC parses, disc priest averages 263k hps(second after shamans), holy priest averages 171k. So they can't buff stuff like mana efficiency , healing output etc for disc.
-As mentioned, battle fatigue and absence of 3x grace protection make things tragic for the spec.
-The spec is expected to work with atonement. In pvp, it doesn't work as you can't holy fire for 200k. It is more like 20k crit, into battle fatigue'd heal.

As for scaling, there is a reason why disc priest is  %50 better than holy at high gear raiding environment. Holy priest scaling is comical and after playing some games on PTR I think it's pretty obvious that holy is going to be the pvp spec anyway. So it turns out that, the worst pve healer spec is the arena spec for priests.

On top of everything, priests got almost every cool iconic ability either nerfed or removed with close to no compensation.(as mentioned by posters above). So we are at a point where priest is:
-The only healer that doesn't have an additional cc break
-The only healer that almost every enemy comp can break their cc without trinket.
-The only healer that the enemy team can land a kill through uninterrupted healing.

Also we are always so bad, we need to overwhelm Blizzard with arguments, ideas, "proof" that our class is horrible, so that they introduce buffs that allow us arena participation.A couple of months ago we got lucky with Pom bug, excluding that, priest is gonna end up as 5th best healer of the expansion. Paladins have similar problems, except they often start good end up terrible,  and they need to spam forums for buffs so that they can be somewhat viable.
I think educating Blizzard should not be part of the process of playing/enjoying a class, They have access to numbers, they know as we do that priests have done horribly, so did paladins but they chose not to buff. I mean really look how bad priests and paladins are and look how great shamans and druids are.

So my advice is, just reroll immediately, possibly to shaman as the classes share some characteristics and stop wasting time with posts , with the hopes of getting buffed to a "viable" state.
And finally, if you are making it work, kudos and best of luck to you.