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#1554852 Best Alliance PvP Server?

Posted by bloodwraith on 01 December 2009 - 08:37 PM

I just went through the realm lists to narrow down a possible realm to xfer my DK to.

I first took the full realm list. Narrowed it down to PvP servers with Medium/High/Full population. Then I listed the amount of guilds (A and H) with 4/5 Heroic TOC+. Then I listed the amount of 2v2/3v3/5v5 teams were above 2.2k for both factions.

This is what I came up with:

Posted Image

I narrowed it down to servers that were good at PvP for alliance:

Posted Image

I also did it for horde if anyone was interested:

Posted Image

(Right click/View Image to see the pictures clearly)
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#1022364 How To: Improve Your Arena Ratings

Posted by bloodwraith on 06 July 2009 - 09:56 PM

Defining Arenas

So you want to get better at PvP? Well you've come to the right place. This article is designed to put you on the path to becoming a better player and in turn improve your performance in arenas. Lets take a step back and try to define exactly what Arena is:

Arena is the competition of two teams against each other in World of Warcraft on their computer. The teams are comprised of 2,3, or 5 characters. Characters are controlled by people through their mouse and keyboard.

Using this definition we can be sure that everything is covered in the article.

If you have anything that you think will improve the thread please let me know. Feedback is always welcome. It was created using multiple sources that I have found useful along with personal experience. This is not meant to be a guide for gladiators. It is merely meant to help maximize your potential. What you do with it is up to you.

Your Computer

Let's start with your computer. It is the medium through which you communicate with the game. It is important that this runs smoothly or everything else with suffer as a consequence. Your latency is very important. Latency is how long it takes your computer to communicate with the server so, naturally, the lower the better. Another important stat is your frames per second(FPS). In the case of FPS, higher is better.

  • Keep your desk clean. Clutter is going to get in your way and be distracting.
  • High Speed Internet is a must.
  • Configure your video settings to attain better FPS. PvP is all about your interface. Graphics aren't important so don't be afraid to turn your settings down.
  • If you have some spare cash you can always upgrade your computer's actual hardware. Your RAM, Video Card, and CPU are what you should look at. Tiger Direct is one of many places to shop for these. Don't be nervous about installing them; it's a very straightforward process. Anyone can do it.
  • There are many programs on the internet that reduce your latency for gaming purposes. They edit your registry to change your TcpAckFrequency. The best one that I have found is Leatrix Latency Fix. It work for all Windows operating systems.

Controlling Your Character

A keybinding is a shortcut that allows you to use your abilities quickly without interaction with the mouse. Clicking does things slowly and thus is less effective than someone who uses keybinds. Clicking forces you to watch your action bars and hinders you from watching what is going on around you causing tunnel vision.

  • To change your keybinds:
    • Press the Esc key, click on Key Bindings in the menu that appears in the middle of the screen, and scroll down through the various different abilities. The function of the ability is described on the left side, and the two boxes in line with the description are the two possible keybindings. To assign a new keybinding you click on the left box and press the keybinding you wish to assign. Click Okay after you’re done changing things.
    • If you're a Bartender4 user, type "/kb" and you should be able to clear and assign keybinds by hovering your mouse over the desired button.
  • The first keybinds you need to worry about is your movement base. These are the buttons you use to control which direction your character runs. Most players use "WASD" keys for their movement base. That would be W Forward, A Left, S Back, and D Right. Players with large hands use "ESDF" to take advantage of the extra keybind space.
    • These setups are aimed at right handed players. Left handers will either have to learn to play right handed or develop their own method.
    • You need to rebind your turn keys as the strafe keys. That would be A/D or S/F depending on your setup. You are unbinding the turn keys because the right mouse button is used to turn. Strafing moves your character right and left while still facing the same direction.
  • The most common reachable keybinds are 12345QERTFGXC. Of course, if you can reach further go for it. You can combine these with modifiers (Shift/Ctrl/Alt) to keep keybinds within reach.
  • Some players also bind things to their mouse wheels or extra mouse buttons.
  • The general idea is to keybind your most used abilities close to your movement base and branch out from there. This makes it easier on you and keeps your hand from cramping up.
  • Keeping similar abilities together can help you memorize them.
  • I find that Caps Lock is a great button for ventrilo.
  • Combining spells into macros helps save keyboard space.
  • Accelerate your keybinds through downloading an addon that activates your spells on key press rather than key release (default).
    • SnowfallKeyPress will do the trick. Install it and forget about it unless you have certain keys you do not wish to accelerate.
    • If you are a Bartender4 user, the option is available to you in the menu. Type "/bt4" then click on bars. Check the "Toggle actions on key press instead of release option".
Your Team

Teamwork is key to success in arena. Work on teamwork and communication and you will see a drastic improvement in your ratings.

  • Run a viable arena team.
  • Work on teamwork and communication. Call out heals that are going out, crowd control (CC) that is going out, CC that is coming in, damage taken, kill opportunities, etc.
  • Raid symbols can often be a huge help to track the movement of your team.
  • Practice with your team and develop complex strategies. Simply using basic strategies like “attack the healer” will not get you to the top of the arena ladder.
  • Get your teammates to work on improving as well. They should be doing these things just like you should be.
  • You and your teammates should share the same goals.
  • You should be able to meet for a few arena sessions each week.
  • They need to be around the same level of skill that you are to make sure neither player is holding the other back.

The Game

Warcraft is a complex game. You need to research and make sure you are playing at the most optimal level.

  • Look up PvP guides for your class.
  • Look up the top players for your class. Take note of their gear scheme, talents, and glyphs.
  • Watch Arena videos and streams. Preferably of your class but just any class can help you to gain perspective and strategies.
  • Try to do as many duels and 1v1's in BG's as possible. This will help make you a better player and increase your knowledge and ability to guess what classes will do in different situations.
  • Try to learn each class's Talents/Abilities/Cooldowns/and Durations. You can ask your friends, play other classes on the PTR, and look things up on Wowhead along with your general experience.
  • Know where to line-of-sight your enemies, and know where they can line-of-sight you. Know where your enemies are going and know where your teammates are going.
  • Don't overreact in a 1v1 situation after your partners have died. If you get nervous you will play badly and won't be thinking clearly.
  • First Person Shooters (FPS) can seriously improve your play level. They help improve pretty much every aspect (communication, reaction time, predicting opponents etc.) of WoW arena and is generally done at a much faster pace. Some popular FPS games are Halo, Call of Duty, and Counter Strike. There are plenty of others, I'm just naming a few off the top of my head.
  • I personally couldn't see myself playing without nameplates showing. You can turn them on by pressing V. This puts a floating healthbar over your enemies. Since 3.0 you can see these for your opponents no matter how far you are from them in an arena. You can also set these to display class colors through the interface combat tab. You can download addons like Aloft to configure the appearance of nameplates. With that addon you can turn off certain things like pets and totems to avoid clutter.
  • Being able to see what is around will greatly improve your situational awareness. Copy and paste the following script into chat to make your camera distance go to the maximum possible setting: "/script SetCVar("cameraDistanceMax",30)".
  • Macros are an important thing to have. Create/find macros for your class that improve your performance, reduce keybinds, and make things easier.
  • Use focus target to have a better idea of what is going on. Combine focus target with macros to play more efficiently. Focus macros are useful to have for roots/slows, CC, and interrupts.
  • WoW PvP is very interface driven. All of your critical information is displayed by the elements of your interface.
    • Keep your addons up-to-date.
    • You want to have more space and less clutter.
    • Don't use addons if they aren't doing anything for you.
    • If you have a large screen, try not to put anything important along the right/left edges. If you put important things along the edges it will be easier to miss something important if you tunnel vision.
    • It is important to be able to see everything you need to without taking your eyes off of the main action.
    • On a larger screen it is easier to forget to look at something if it isn't scaled up so make sure the information you need is large enough.
    • Gladius is an enemy arena frame mod. It has a ton of useful settings such as announcements and trinket tracking.
    • I made this addon list over a year ago but you may still find it useful: Wrath Mod List.

You are the final and most important part of arena success. Through practice and discipline you can move up the arena ladder.

  • You will always have room to improve. Once you accept that you can start getting better.
  • To win you must successfully recognize what your opponents are doing/planning and act in such a way that their plans do not succeed or force them to deal with your actions
  • Look for and correct mistakes you make. After you cast a spell think about if it was the correct thing to do. If something isn't working experiment to find better ways.
  • Skill in PvP can be described by what you do with your GCD. Some players use the comparison to chess (Each GCD= a turn). While there are some exceptions that are off the GCD, like vanish or interrupts, for the vast majority of actions the speed of performance is neither highly variable nor an indicator of player skill. The skill in this game, just like in chess, comes from which action the player chooses to make each turn. The more turns the game lasts and the more choices the player makes, the more they have a chance to influence the game by how well or poorly they play.
  • If your computer is good enough you can record your arena games with FRAPS. Go back over your games and you can critique your own gameplay to prevent making the same mistakes twice.
  • Ask more experienced players for advice and information.
  • Avoid tunnel vision at all costs.
  • Don't forget that timing is everything in arena. If you don't take timing into consideration you won't get very far.
  • Don't get frustrated and just play to have fun. There's zero reason to yell at each other over a video game. If you aren't enjoying yourself or you don't even want to play it (to practice at least) then you won't succeed.
  • Try to be unpredictable. Distancing yourself from what the other team expects gives you an edge. Remember they've played your class and comp tens of times and have learned how to be victorious.

Tankspot Article
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#576094 Wrath Mod List (Read Before Asking For A Mod!)

Posted by bloodwraith on 04 February 2009 - 01:53 AM

This is a list of popular mods that work with the current patch. I think I've found just about all of them but feel free to suggest any Popular addons I may have missed. I can't guarantee I will add it though as I'm trying to keep this list's size down so it doesn't get clogged up like it used to be. The current categories were created around the actual addon's functions instead of around how they were categorized on the download sites.

On TankSpot: Wrath Mod List (read Before Asking For A Mod!) - TankSpot

Updated: October 24, 2009 - Patch 3.2.2

All Addons Updated for at least 3.1

Download Addons:



Useful Links:


WoW UI Tutorial - pvptutorial.com


Addon Installer/Update Programs:

MMOUI - Minion

Curse Client - Curse

Reduce Your Latency:

Leatrix Latency Fix

Combat Parsers:

Wow Web Stats

WoW Meter Online

Useful Programs:

Rawr - Elitist Jerks

Character Planner:


Game Tweaks:

TweakWoW : WoWInterface Downloads : Miscellaneous

Show Your Interface Threads

These threads are a great source to get an idea on how you want to set your UI up. I'll start my links around August of this year so you can see UI's that are working with the latest patches.

Post your UI! - Page 154 - Arena Junkies Forums

Rate the UI above - Page 29 - Arena Junkies Forums

Post Your UI

[Healers] Post your UI Part 2

Share Your Interface - Page 50 - Elitist Jerks




  • Action Bars
  • Addon Profiles
  • Alerts
  • Alignment
  • Arena Enemy Frames
  • Auctions
  • Bags
  • Bars/Info
  • Battleground Premades
  • Boss Encounters
  • Buffs/Debuffs
  • Button Skins
  • Cast Bars
  • Chat
  • Click Casting
  • Combat Text
  • Cooldown Bar Text
  • Cooldown Timers
  • Cooldown Pulse
  • Damage Meters
  • Death Knight
  • Debuff Management
  • Diminishing Return Tracking
  • Druid
  • Enemy Spell Cast Alerts
  • Enemy Timers
  • Error Catching
  • Error Text
  • Fonts
  • Frame Movement
  • Gathering
  • HUDs
  • Item Links
  • Keybinding
  • Mail
  • Map
  • Mini-Map
  • Name Plates
  • Panels
  • Questing
  • Raid Frames
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Skin Changing
  • Talents
  • Timers
  • Threat Meters
  • Tooltips
  • UI Compilations
  • Unit Frames
  • Viewports
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

I tried to link to WoWInterface when possible as I feel it is a better source than Curse.

Action Bars

Bartender4 : WoWInterface Downloads : Action Bar Mods

Dominos : WoWInterface Downloads : Action Bar Mods

Addon Profiles

Reflux : WoWInterface Downloads : Developer Utilities


Power Auras Classic : WoWInterface Downloads : Buff/Debuff/Spell Mods

EventAlert : WoWInterface Downloads : Buff/Debuff/Spell Mods


Align : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods

Arena Enemy Frames

Gladius : WoWInterface Downloads : PvP/Arena/BattleGrounds


Auctioneer Suite : WoWInterface Downloads : Norganna's AddOns

Auctionator : WoWInterface Downloads : Auction House


Bagnon : WoWInterface Downloads : Bags, Bank, Inventory Mods

OneBag3 : WoWInterface Downloads : Bags, Bank, Inventory Mods


FuBar 3.6 - Addons - Curse


FuBar - DurabilityFu : WoWInterface Downloads : FuBar

FuBar - PerformanceFu : WoWInterface Downloads : FuBar

FuBar - ClockFu : WoWInterface Downloads : FuBar

Titan Panel : WoWInterface Downloads : Titan Panel

SLDataText : WoWInterface Downloads : Other

Battleground Premades

Preform AV Enabler : WoWInterface Downloads : PvP/Arena/BattleGrounds

Boss Encounters

Deadly Boss Mods : WoWInterface Downloads : Raid Mods

BigWigs Bossmods : WoWInterface Downloads : Raid Mods

EnsidiaFails - Addons - Curse


Elkano's BuffBars : WoWInterface Downloads : Buff/Debuff/Spell Mods

Satrina Buff Frames 3 : WoWInterface Downloads : Buff/Debuff/Spell Mods

Button Skins

ButtonFacade : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods


ButtonFacade: Caith : WoWInterface Downloads : Plug-Ins & Patches

ButtonFacade: Trinity : WoWInterface Downloads : Plug-Ins & Patches

ButtonFacade: LiteStep : WoWInterface Downloads : Plug-Ins & Patches

Cast Bars

Quartz - Modular Casting Bar : WoWInterface Downloads : Casting Bars and Cooldowns

eCastingBar : WoWInterface Downloads : Casting Bars and Cooldowns

AzCastBar : WoWInterface Downloads : Casting Bars and Cooldowns


Prat 3.0 : WoWInterface Downloads : Chat Mods

Chatter - Addons - Curse

Click Casting

HealBot continued : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods

Clique : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods

Combat Text

MikScrollingBattleText : WoWInterface Downloads : Combat Mods

Scrolling Combat Text : WoWInterface Downloads : Combat Mods


SCT - Damage : WoWInterface Downloads : Plug-Ins & Patches

Cooldown Bar Text

OmniCC : WoWInterface Downloads : Casting Bars and Cooldowns


OmniCC Pulse : WoWInterface Downloads : Plug-Ins & Patches

OmniCC Shine : WoWInterface Downloads : Plug-Ins & Patches

Cooldown Timers

CooldownWatch : WoWInterface Downloads : Casting Bars and Cooldowns

ClassTimer - Addons - Curse

CoolLine : WoWInterface Downloads : Casting Bars and Cooldowns

SexyCooldown - Addons - Curse

Cooldown Pulse

Doom CooldownPulse : WoWInterface Downloads : Casting Bars and Cooldowns

Ghost: Pulse 3 : WoWInterface Downloads : Casting Bars and Cooldowns

Damage Meters

Recount - Addons - Curse

Skada Damage Meter : WoWInterface Downloads : Data Mods

Death Knight

RuneWatch : WoWInterface Downloads : Death Knight

Magic Runes : WoWInterface Downloads : Death Knight

Acherus Runes - Addons - Curse

Debuff Management

Decursive : WoWInterface Downloads : Buff/Debuff/Spell Mods

Diminishing Return Tracking

DR Tracker : WoWInterface Downloads : PvP/Arena/BattleGrounds


SquawkAndAwe : WoWInterface Downloads : Druid

BadKitty - Addons - Curse

Combo Points Redux - Addons - Curse

Enemy Spell Cast Alerts

SpellAlerter : WoWInterface Downloads : Combat Mods

Enemy Timers

Afflicted3 : WoWInterface Downloads : PvP/Arena/BattleGrounds

Error Catching

BugSack : WoWInterface Downloads : Developer Utilities

ImprovedErrorFrame : WoWInterface Downloads : Miscellaneous

Error Text

pError : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods

ErrorMonster : WoWInterface Downloads : Combat Mods


Fontain - Addons - Curse

xDamageFont : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods

Frame Movement

MoveAnything! : WoWInterface Downloads : Miscellaneous


Gatherer : WoWInterface Downloads : Norganna's AddOns


MetaHud : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods

IceHUD : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods

DHUD for 3.0 : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods

Item Links

AtlasLoot Enhanced : WoWInterface Downloads : Map Mods, coords/compasses


BindPad - GUI to set keybindings for spell/item/macro : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods


Postal : WoWInterface Downloads : Mail


Cartographer - Addons - Curse

Cartographer 3.0 - Addons - Curse

Mapster : WoWInterface Downloads : Map Mods, coords/compasses


SexyMap - Addons - Curse

Name Plates

Aloft (Beta) : WoWInterface Downloads : Beta-version AddOns

caelNameplates : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods


kgPanels : WoWInterface Downloads : Miscellaneous


QuestHelper : WoWInterface Downloads : Quest/Leveling/Reputation Mods

Carbonite : WoWInterface Downloads : Carbonite

TourGuide : WoWInterface Downloads : Tekkub's Emporium of Random Crap

Raid Frames

Grid : WoWInterface Downloads : Raid Mods

PerfectRaid : WoWInterface Downloads : Raid Mods

VuhDo : WoWInterface Downloads : Raid Mods


NugComboBar : WoWInterface Downloads : Rogue

Combo Points Redux - Addons - Curse


ShockAndAwe - Addons - Curse

Skin Changing

Skinner - Addons - Curse


Talented : WoWInterface Downloads : Miscellaneous


Natur Enemy Castbar : WoWInterface Downloads : Combat Mods

Threat Meters

Omen Threat Meter : WoWInterface Downloads : Combat Mods


TipTac : WoWInterface Downloads : ToolTip

UI Compilations

SpartanUI : WoWInterface Downloads : Suites

Caith UI : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphical Compilations

KittyUI : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphical Compilations

Tukui : WoWInterface Downloads : Minimalistic Compilations

Acaciaizm MiniMe UI's (Healbot & DPS) : WoWInterface Downloads : Minimalistic Compilations

ALZA UI : WoWInterface Downloads : Minimalistic Compilations

LUI v2.0 : WoWInterface Downloads : Minimalistic Compilations

Skullflower's UI : WoWInterface Downloads : Minimalistic Compilations

AuR UI : WoWInterface Downloads : Minimalistic Compilations

Onslaught UI : WoWInterface Downloads : Generic Compilations

UI Compilations - TankSpot

Unit Frames

PitBull 3.0 : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods

PitBull Unit Frames 4.0 - Addons - Curse

oUF : WoWInterface Downloads : oUF: Core

ag UnitFrames : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods

Shadowed Unit Frames : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods

X-Perl UnitFrames : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods

Perl Classic Unit Frames : WoWInterface Downloads : Unit Mods


Sunn - Viewport Art : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods

BTex : WoWInterface Downloads : Graphic UI Mods


DoTimer : WoWInterface Downloads : Warlock

ForteXorcist : WoWInterface Downloads : Warlock


Slam Alert - Addons - Curse
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