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Binding Shot

10 August 2013 - 01:03 PM

I know binding shot perhaps isn't the largest of worries against hunters but I truly believe it's broken in terms of mechanics.

The spell itself has an interesting mechanic. For example I play a large amount of dota and a good puck ultimate is massively gamechanging. Granted, the balance of spells in wow and dota is vastly different but this still shows that the mechanic can be a fair one.

Now we get onto binding shot itself. My biggest problem is that the tether duration is inexplicably long, at 11 seconds. This effective snare is longer than any other cc (in pvp) in the entire game. Exactly what is the point of having such a long tether duration really, when 99% of the time it's much easier to eat the stun and run away.

An argument can be made that when used against casters, it can be used for utility and promotes decision making as casters don't really need to move a lot of the time. However if this is the case, why not make the decision be hard to make with a shorter tether duration rather than a nobrainer?

Another aspect is a binding shot/explosive trap combination. As interesting as this is, it's basically a free 3s stun on everyone caught in the trap, and not a particularly difficult combo to land either. I feel that knockbacks/grips and other spells that force you to move position are the strongest in the game because you can be positioned perfectly and be worse off for it. It's therefore salt on the wounds when every knockback is/easily then followed up by a snare/daze effect.

TLDR; reduce binding shot tether duration to 5-8 seconds, make the spell have more depth by improving it from some generic stun with a quirky mechanism.