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#3912060 Why is Sub better than Multi?

Posted KPul on 11 July 2013 - 11:19 PM

View PostAcerMVP, on 11 July 2013 - 06:59 PM, said:

I don't care for recognition at all

You say this but name yourself MVP? How ironic is that.

I'ma go out on a limb here and say that I'm not the only one that sees  Posted Image , gets annoyed , and skips over whatever was said.

I get it, you want to be to mutilate as what Abn is to arcane.  Problem is if you want anyone to take you serious you have to actually show up with real wins against quality players.   Otherwise you are just some rogue hipster claiming sub is too 'mainstream' to play.  

So here since I'm sure youre itching to post it on this thread also ill do it for you

Heres the guide on the easiest/most one dimensional rogue spec in MoP atm  http://www.arenajunk...-play-mutilate/

Oh P.S.  for someone who wants to be the 'hero' of the mutilate rogue community, when you make a guide you probably shouldn't say things like.

View PostAcerMVP, on 28 May 2013 - 08:45 PM, said:

I won't be giving away all my secrets

Good day sir.

#3897148 LoL developer about WoW

Posted fant0m8 on 10 June 2013 - 03:05 AM

View PostFuguFish, on 10 June 2013 - 12:04 AM, said:

This coming from the guy that claims complex game mechanisms provide a "burden of knowledge" for players and that they are "anti-fun".

Yup. LoL developers aren't exactly the greatest people to emulate. They just got lucky.

Oh, and Fuck Pendragon.

edit: Though he's not wrong on this issue. It's not exactly an unpopular opinion, LFR ruined WoW. They took the carrot off the stick.

#3609365 And people still complain about mages.

Posted terribleperson on 08 January 2012 - 11:42 PM

View PostKakio, on 08 January 2012 - 10:07 PM, said:

20 sec for blink. but death grip gives him 1 death strike at least which explains the death strike here. And ye there is no excuse to loosing to a dk as a mage, just put up ur shields, freeze the pet and kite the dk forever until he runs out of cds. with mage burst its no problem

but in general a dk can easily get other classes into melee range for a death grip or two, with the help of DG-->strangulate its pretty neat as well :)

Blink is most definitely 15 seconds on cd. The range is 20 yards.

#3529925 Favourite PvP guild EU/US

Posted YndigoDS on 26 October 2011 - 11:39 AM

View PostYsmerion, on 26 October 2011 - 10:37 AM, said:

One of the many successful guilds that are present on our grounds is my own, Knights of the Alliance. We welcome anyone to join our ranks and together we will defeat the Horde and prove once and for all that Alliance SHALL PREVAIL!

You're really bad at this you know.

#3456637 Double healer team

Posted Party yØ on 27 August 2011 - 01:29 AM

only faggets play double healer
+ rep if this helps

#3451489 Swifty and Athene getting owned.

Posted Jayru on 23 August 2011 - 10:41 PM

#3400625 War Feral HPala - The most overpowered shit in existence?

Posted edthelad on 28 July 2011 - 06:55 PM

View Postztkraptor, on 28 July 2011 - 06:52 PM, said:

What on earth did you say?!?!?!

Have your team peel?
I don't understand.
Peel warrior?
something eh?
strangulate their healer so he can't cleanse and have the lock death coil something and hex the other.

I mean what on earth are you doing?


stop posting

#3400615 War Feral HPala - The most overpowered shit in existence?

Posted alexjett on 28 July 2011 - 06:51 PM

View PostXarper, on 28 July 2011 - 06:48 PM, said:

Who said that? DKs are fuckin paper, I never said they suck or take skill to play moron.

Owait you play with a Feral, your arguments are invalid.
Be nice, i bet lots of people last season said you are a dk your arguments are invalid

#3393030 Rogues: addon useful for BGs?

Posted YndigoDS on 25 July 2011 - 12:16 AM


#3356579 So what's up with WoW atm?

Posted Bumeyes on 10 July 2011 - 01:02 AM

View Postysnakke, on 10 July 2011 - 01:01 AM, said:

All I see in this thread is "are Mages OP as hell?". The answer to that question is, no, they are not.

+ Rep me if this guy is an idiot.