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Improved Hamstring

02 July 2014 - 08:58 AM

Im sorry if this has been explained elsewhere, and also if i should be posting on the Monk forums, but here it goes.

Since the beggining of MoP, i saw WW monks have every single utility in the game and warriors having theirs removed.

- Improved Hamstring -> Disable

- Silence from Pummel -> Spear Hand Strike

Now im not saying warriors are not good or that monks are OP (although srsly i think the utility is too good), but it's annoying to see abilities that were removed simply cause warrior was doing too much dmg and were "too much" be all available to one single class and spec.. And thing is WW monks have all the other things to add to that utility.. (transcendence and what have you).

Now in WOD they are losing almost nothing and I'm just wondering what are your thoughts on all that, -monks having all this utiility and warriors losing even more.