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In Topic: 2,5k+ MW/unholy vs. rdruid/hunt

12 February 2015 - 11:15 AM

From my knowledge, you aren't suppose to win if they play perfect. Hunter Druid is pretty much 2nd best 2s comp right now, combat druid is arguably 2nd but 1st is lock druid. If I were playing that comp, and I have, I usually play passive whenever i'm cc'd I have the DK run. I know I haven't been as high but i've fought similar skilled players.|

The one thing I can always say is, vs hunter druid. Never tunnel something and always consider playing gay when the healer is CC'd. I'd also say use lust & tiger, both are way better than torpedo and celerity vs them. Tiger gives enough heals to sit traps half the time to let dk play offensive on something. But one thing you have to remember is dampening effects both of you so it can actually give you an advantage if you force trinket and then on 2nd stun follow up with legsweep and you might win other than that, on paper I don't see it ever winning hunter druid. Too much CC.