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becoming emo and /wirst for nuthing!

28 October 2007 - 12:48 PM

Remember me whining that druid + warlock/warrior is to overpowered against me (rogue) and my m8 (paladin) ?

( Q_Qthread http://www.arenajunk...p=6483#post6483 )

we did it ..
With a new stragedy we worked out over night, new specs and new enthusiasm we were ready to kick some motherF'n Druid Ass.
so we just reached 2on2 rating of 2500 in one day. Guess what I'll do a guide for you guys just be patient.

2300+ rating Kargath "Gladiatorklärwerk"

03 October 2007 - 08:14 PM

My Team ''Gladiatorklärwerk'' beeing #1 for long time.. we didnt played a while since then but heres a video against #2 ''Muindyr Estel'' of our realmpool in 5on5

Gressils Rogue
Biber Wari
Cypri Mage
Drefan Priest
Styler Pala


Danis Wari
Tolori Pala
Feaniror Schaman
Darkrevenge Mage
Tomm Priest


mute the music if you dont like breakbeat and funky remixes Oo

thanks for watching