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#3742737 Evil Geniuses hosts Raid Call World of Warcraft Invitational

Posted Starcookie on 12 August 2012 - 12:11 AM

You're fairly fucked if you can't change your IP, you either need to use a mobile internet connection, borrow somebody else's, go to another house or forfeit.

If you're in a tournament and you can change your IP, follow the below TO THE LETTER and you're guaranteed safe:

Create a 2nd Skype, that only has your team mates 2nd skype on it, that you only log during the tournament once you have changed your IP. In addition to this, don't be in the stream chat. This will only work if all 3 of you create the new Skypes, otherwise you can just "view contact list" of the old contacts.

Quite simply if you're a player and you're getting DDOS'd in a tournament, it is YOUR TEAM'S FAULT. As Hood said, it means that one of you, if not more than one, has not changed Skype for the tournament, so the DDOSer is just grabbing your new login information from their contact list, even if they do not have YOU added.

If all 3 of you are not on a new skype, with just the 3 of you added, you might as well not bother having anyone on a new Skype and unplug the internet yourself.

All 3 of you on a new account that ONLY has those 3 accounts added and then change IP - Problem sorted.

Alternatively, get a VPN and then change your IP. Whilst I was streaming, there was not 1 single successful DDOS attack on my connection, despite getting multiple email alerts that there had been attempts.

It actually pisses me off how stupid and ignorant some of you are going into these tournaments. If it was me setting the rules, I would quite simply make every DDOS against your team count as a loss to FORCE you to fix your shit. There is simply no excuse, you have so much time to prepare - Setting up a new skype takes all of 2 minutes. Adding each other's new skype takes less. Less than 5 minutes work to ensure you can't get DDOS'd, yet one or two from each team being DDOS'd still don't do it. It's beyond me. How hard can it be for all 3 of you to log off Skype, reset your IP, all 3 of you log your new Skype and to not be logged in at Twitch.tv? I mean, really?

tl;dr Stop being retarded and actually follow advise people are giving you. Even if you're not the one getting DDOS'd, if you're on your old Skype with more than just your 2 partners added in total then YOU are the reason your partners get DDOS'd.

Note: use fake information on these new Skypes, don't use your character/real name/real location.

#3742671 Evil Geniuses hosts Raid Call World of Warcraft Invitational

Posted Top on 11 August 2012 - 09:35 PM

I'd like to offer some advice for azael and conerdical.

I understand you guys want as little dead air time as possible but I feel like the amount of air time you dedicate to "ddos" is really hurting your broadcast.

A few key points

-  It makes you look unprofessional and incompetent.  I don't care if it is or isn't an ACTUAL dos attack on someone that is causing them to d/c, but constantly refering to it just makes it look like you guys don't know what you're doing and are at the mercy of some 15 year old script kiddies.  Stop that.

- IF it is actually a person or persons DOSing crysalid etc, DO NOT GIVE THEM RECOGNITION BY CONSTANTLY TALKING ABOUT IT ON STREAM.  Especially conrad, cannot help himself constantly trying to poke fun at these "people" while they're accomplishing what they want.  Azael said it once yesterday "Stop talking about it, that's what they want." and yet you guys continue to do it.  Just stop!  If it is irrelevant to you and you don't mention it on stream, THEY GET NO RECOGNITION AND IT BECOMES BORING TO THEM.  STOP GIVING THEM CREDIT.

- Finally I'll have to input this even though it's futile.  You guys sound like toll noobs calling it DDOS.  It's a dos attack, and the phrase is "I'm getting dos'd, or I'm dosing this noob" etc.  Always has been.  I don't know who made the term DEEE DAWZ popular (suspect Zilea) but ffs I hate it that the term has caught on on wow.

- Why are you apologizing every 10 seconds on stream?  Once here and there is OK but you do it too much.  It makes the audience feel as though you OWE them something.  You don't.  You're providing a free service.  Stop being sorry about things beyond your control.  A polite "Thanks for bearing with us while we experience technical difficulties" is professional and all you need to say.


stop talking about deeee dawz and be professional on stream!

Other than that, thanks for the stream, the actual commentating on the match itself is pretty good.