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EQN, whose gonna PLAY?

07 November 2013 - 05:52 PM

Hello All...it's been forever really. Today i've been thinking about the past couple of years and my gaming experience. I've had this feeling of missing something ever since I quit WoW.  it's hard to explain, as I don't really miss WoW itself (outdated graphics, learned the game inside and out) and i've been playing other games as of late, like MOBA's and some FPS. But i'm becoming kind of sick of MOBA's in general. FPS's are great....but they're all the same to me just with flashier graphics and small differences here and there. TBH I was waiting for DayZ standalone but i'm not hearing good things about it.

I never thought i'd ever miss PvE...but I do. I never thought i'd miss logging on guild vent , waiting for everyone to get their ass online to start a raid...but I do. I'm a PvP'er at heart, nothing will change that. But I do totally miss that awesome MMO experience. I've tried most the major MMO's since WoW...they don't work for me.

There's alot of cool kickstarters being funded and hopefully i'll find some good MMO's again. Then, there's also EQN. EQN is the next generation of AAA MMO's. I think there is too much at stake, and too much reputation for this game to fail. Judging from the videos i've seen and what i've read, it seems like they (Sony) are wanting to take a huge market share when this game launches. This games' design and concepts was so powerful that Blizzard formerly announced it will be Rebooting and delaying Project Titan. I think this is a clear indication to us gamers that Sony might be cookin' up somethin' GUUD, and Blizzard may be wanting to get a taste of that before it lets us taste some of the Titan. FYI EQN will be based on Planetside 2's Forgelight Engine. I also believe Planetside 2 was partly a Beta test for EQN, because they share the same engine.

Some EQN footage links incase you've been in a coma:

Thoughts? :ph34r: