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Current state of mages

02 September 2016 - 08:24 AM

So, I took a hiatus from wow since around firelands, cata. Aka the end of an Era. I come back to this game where frost is absolutely pruned to fuck. Apparently there are fire mages in arenas I don't have de-curse anymore and why am I being forced into playing fire for arenas. I hate fire with a passion I'd rather fucking play arcane than this asinine fucking spec.

So does anyone wish to explain to me why blizzard has their head so far up their goddamn asses to utterly fuck mages? Like really I'm reduced to flame breath and a nova in order to stun/snare a druid that's zipping around arenas like a Coked out hooker that just shot up pcp.

What's the reasoning behind removing deep freeze and decurse? Imy seriously not even wanting to play now if I'm being forced into fire. does any of the other mages around here feel that way?