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In Topic: Realistic Shadowpriest Changes I'd Like to See

28 November 2013 - 10:44 PM

Replace both PvP set bonus, the worst PvP bonuses i've ever seen.
Make PvP set 4 bonus baseline and replace it with free Psychic Horror.

In Topic: Grievous Gladiator and Gladiator cutouts in EU/US

27 November 2013 - 12:44 PM

50% of the glad spots will get disqualified anyway, its nps

In Topic: Blizzcon News & PvP discussion Topic!

08 November 2013 - 09:40 PM

[quote name='Sania' timestamp='1383946168' post='3985939']
Moonfire from Minpoke ended china



In Topic: EU players scattered?

07 November 2013 - 01:13 AM

can we go horde again?