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#3497840 Men hair topic

Posted Worgenfreeman on 25 September 2011 - 11:17 PM

View PostXandyn, on 25 September 2011 - 11:14 PM, said:

yeyeye, obviously you know all of this shit, it's fucking laid infront of you like a book

1. in 2011 mobile photos are decent, since last time u were out was like 2001 or some shit, how wud u know

2. "and no one randomly says ok stop lets take a photo", yep, that's why people have photos of parties they attend correct? go facebook someone out of your class who has a life unlike you, look at their album photos, i shit you not you will find a million from parties and whatnot, nerd-o  :mage: :warlock: :shaman:

Mate the guy you're arguing with is nerd, but so are you. Bragging about being confidence with less than average looks, skinny arms. I'm not saying i'm any better, but atleast i'm not posting it in fucking nerd argue.

I'm reporting my own topic because this shit is just too silly.

#3466649 Please quit

Posted Worgenfreeman on 01 September 2011 - 11:08 PM


Despite that post is about WoW, i find it fitting the off-topic perfectly. I havent beeng playing WoW for like half of year, and i wanna share my thoughts about it.

Why i've played
I've found it effortless to just log in and play, i used to play for 10 hours a day sometimes, then dropped to 4,2,1 as i left the game completely. I've asked myself why did i spend so much time in game. First of all it was friends i've met, but if you think about it, you don't need game to talk to them, and if you do, they are not worth it. Second thing was feeling of self-development, getting good at something with quite easy to access rewards and prooves of acomplishment (in WoW glad that is), and sort of idea of improving in game as improvent in real life (like iq,reaction).

Why i was wrong
I didn't realise that WoW achievments (not in game ,,achievments'' but you can refer to that as well if you'd like) are purely simply dull. They give you literally nothing (ye you can go to blizzcon and win some cash but time cost is too high imo). If i'd want to improve at any aspect of life by playing this game, there is alternative for every of it. I didn't realise how slowly i've tear appart my real passions in life (music, sport). I won't say there are not good things about WoW, because they are - but the time it takes, just isn't worth it.

Quit it
It's been like half year since i've quit, and i'm happy. I'm working towards better me, trying twice as much to regain the time i've lost. The only WoW contact for me is off-topic forum here, since i find some interesting stuff here from time to time. World of Warcraft is a time killer, life ruiner. This isn't what's gaming is made for, it's made to bring you fun from time to time, like watching TV or having a beer in pub. Maybe even more frequently, but not as much as this MMO mechanics force you to do. It's just not worth it, completely. There are so much better things in life, but for some reason people are stuck there, when you could be something better. As i am working towards better me.

I've written this because i felt like having this experience could help someone realise, how big mistake is getting into WoW.

#3457540 [Music] Your opinion on this

Posted Worgenfreeman on 27 August 2011 - 03:54 PM

There is nothing like a talent, talent is just excuse for lazy people, why they are not good at something (Obviously there are people with more likely voice and not, but even ,,talented'' voice has to work hard towards it).

You're talking about electronic music, but you know it's diffrent when you do it stricte without any instrument, and if you steal somones beat/melody by sampling. In my opinion it's much easier work, you could probably find some example of good electronic track that wasn't sample, but that just doesn't count for a genre in total. It's mostly sampled shit, i'm not saying this music is bad, since it's matter of taste, but talent (if you insist) and skill wide it's just hell a lot easier. And why you'll ask probably. It's beacuse you need years of training of normal instrument/vocal training to just get ready making your own music, from basicaly nothing, imagination. I think every popular track i know, has it roots in some old track, easly sampled (even when i like track i usually found out months later that it's just a ,,cover'' beat).

If you ever played seriously on any instrument or took vocal lessons, you'll understand, if not, you'll stay an assumption fool.

I think my post is a bit chaotic, but last sentence sums it up sort of (before this one ofc)

#3174471 [Music] What are you listening to?

Posted Worgenfreeman on 09 April 2011 - 04:09 PM

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Sorry but this is just horrible, this is crime to a such beatiful music that coldplay makes...