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#3878412 Helpfull Post - Important PVP CDs

Posted Crono_Smash on 21 April 2013 - 05:57 PM

Posted Image Shaman

> Snare <
Posted ImageFrost Shock
Posted ImageEarthbind Totem
Posted ImageFrostbrand Weapon
Posted ImageGlyph of Unstable Earth#

> Roots <
Posted ImageFrozen Power* or Posted ImageEarthgrab Totem* (or Snare)

> Silence <
> Disarm <
> Stun <
Posted ImageCapacitor Totem
Posted Image Posted ImageEarthquake (10% chance)

> Fear/Blind <
> Disorient <
Posted ImageBind Elemental
Posted ImageHex

> Interrupt <
Posted ImageWind Shear

> Defensive CDs <
Posted ImageGrounding Totem
Posted ImageTremor Totem
Posted ImageAstral Shift*
Posted ImageHealing Tide Totem*
Posted Image Posted ImageShamanistic Rage
Posted Image Posted ImageSpirit Link Totem

> Ofensive CDs <
Posted ImageStormlash Totem
> Push/Pull <
Posted Image Posted ImageThunderstorm (and Snare)

> Stealth <
> Utility <
Posted ImageFar Sight
Posted ImageAscendance (Ofensive or Defensive Burst - depend on the spec)
Posted ImageElemental Mastery* (Ofensive/Defensive Burst)
Posted Image Posted ImageFeral Spirit
Posted Image Posted ImageMana Tide Totem

> Dispel <
Posted ImagePurge (1 Magic)
Posted ImageCleanse Spirit (All Curse and Magic from Restoration only)
Posted ImageGlyph of Shamanistic Rage# (All Magic)

> Mobility <
Posted ImageGhost Wolf
Posted ImageWater Walking
Posted ImageSpiritwalker's Grace
Posted ImageWindwalk Totem*
Posted ImageGlyph of Unleashed Lightning#
Posted Image Posted ImageSpirit Walk

Posted Image Warlock

> Snare <
Posted ImagePosted ImageCurse of Exhaustion
Posted Image Posted ImageHand of Gul'dan
Posted Image Posted ImageConflagrate

> Roots <
> Silence <
Posted ImageSpell Lock, Posted ImageOptical Blast (Observer)
AFFLICTION: Posted ImageUnstable Affliction (if dispeled)

> Disarm <
Posted ImageVoidwalker: Disarm

> Stun <
Posted ImageFelguard: Axe Toss
Posted ImageShadowfury*
Posted ImageMesmerize (Shivarra) (Charm)

> Fear/Blind <
Posted ImageFear (Fear)
Posted ImageSuccubus: Seduction (Blind)
Posted ImageHowl of Terror* (Fear)

> Disorient <
Posted ImageEnslave Demon

> Without DR <
Posted ImageBanish
Posted ImageMortal Coil* (Defensive CD) (Horror)
Posted ImageBlood Horror* (Horror)

> Interrupt <
> Defensive CDs <
Posted ImageDark Regeneration*
Posted ImageUnending Resolve
Posted ImageSacrificial Pact* or Posted ImageDark Bargain*
Posted ImageGlyph of Demon Hunting#
Posted ImageGlyph of Soul Consumption#
Posted ImageDark Apotheosis (with Fury Ward)
Posted Image Posted ImageSoulburn: Health Funnel
Posted Image Posted ImageEmber Tap

> Ofensive CDs <
Posted ImageArchimonde's Vengeance*
Posted Image Posted ImageHaunt
Posted Image Posted ImageDark Soul: Misery
Posted Image Posted ImageMetamorphosis
Posted Image Posted ImageDark Soul: Knowledge
Posted Image Posted ImageHavoc
Posted Image Posted ImageChaos Bolt (do not let him cast)
Posted Image Posted ImageDark Soul: Instability

> Push/Pull <
Posted ImageCarrion Swarm
Posted ImageSuccubus: Whiplash
Posted ImageShivarra: Fellash

> Stealth <
> Utility <
Posted ImageDrain Life
Posted ImageEye of Kilrog

> Dispel <
Posted ImageFelhunter: Devour Magic
Posted ImageImp: Singe Magic

> Mobility <
Posted ImageDemonic Circle: Teleport
Posted ImageDemonic Gateway
Posted ImageBurning Rush* or Posted ImageUnbound Will*
Posted ImageKil'jaeden's Cunning*
Posted Image Posted ImageDemonic Leap

Posted Image Warrior

> Snare <
Posted ImageHamstring
Posted ImagePiercing Houl*
Posted ImageGlyph of Hindering Strikes#

> Roots <
Posted ImageStaggering Shout*

> Silence <
> Disarm <
Posted ImageDisarm

> Stun <
Posted ImageCharge (Mobility too, without DR)
Posted ImageWarbringer*
Posted ImageShockwave* ou Posted ImageDragon Roar*
Posted ImageStormbolt*
Posted ImageGlyph of Blitz#

> Fear/Blind <
Posted ImageIntimidating Shout (Fear)

> Disorient <
> Interrupt <
Posted ImagePummel
Posted ImageDisrupting Shout*

> Defensive CDs <
Posted ImageShield Wall
Posted ImageSpell Reflection
Posted ImageRallying Cry
Posted ImageDemoralizing Banner
Posted ImageSecond Wind*
Posted ImageMass Spell Reflection*
Posted ImageSafeguard (mobility)* or Posted ImageVigilance*
Posted Image e FURY: Posted ImageDie by the sword
Posted Image Posted ImageLast Stand
Posted Image Posted ImageDemoralizing Shout

> Ofensive CDs <
Posted ImageBerserker's Rage (Remove Fear/Incapacitate)
Posted ImageRecklessness
Posted ImageSkull Banner
Posted ImageBladestorm*
Posted ImageAvatar* or Posted ImageBloodbath*

> Push/Pull <
> Stealth <
> Utility <
> Dispel <
Posted ImageGlyph of Shield Slam# (1 Magic)

> Mobility <
Posted ImageIntervene
Posted ImageHeroic Leap
Posted ImageJuggernaut* or Posted ImageDouble Time*

Racial CCs:

Tauren: Posted ImageWar Stomp (Stun)
Pandaren: Posted ImageQuaking Palm (Disorient)
Blood Elf: Posted ImageArcane Torrent (Silence)

#3878411 Helpfull Post - Important PVP CDs

Posted Crono_Smash on 21 April 2013 - 05:56 PM

Posted Image Paladin

> Snare <
Posted ImageBurden of Guilt*
Posted ImageGlyph of Dazing Shield# (Daze)
Posted ImageSeal of Justice

> Roots <
> Silence <
Posted Image Posted ImageAvenger's Shield

> Disarm <
> Stun <
Posted ImageHammer of Justice / Posted ImageFist of Justice*
Posted ImageGlyph of Blinding Light#
Posted Image Posted ImageHoly Wrath (On Undead)

> Fear/Blind <
Posted ImageTurn Evil (Fear)(On Undead, Demon, Aberration - Priest Pet, Lichborne DK , Lock pet)
Posted ImageBlinding Light (Blind)

> Disorient <
Posted ImageRepentance*

> Interrupt <
Posted ImageRebuke

> Defensive CDs <
Posted ImageDivine Shield - Dispelable by War and Priest. Usefull as second trinket
Posted ImageDivine Protection
Posted ImageHand of Protection
Posted ImageDevotion Aura
Posted ImageHand of Sacrifice
Posted ImageSacred Shield*
Posted ImageGlyph of Divine Protection#
Posted Image Posted ImageDivine Favor
Posted Image Posted ImageGuardian of Ancient Kings
Posted Image Posted ImageArdent Defender
Posted Image Posted ImageGuardian of Ancient Kings

> Ofensive CDs <
Posted ImagePosted ImageGuardian of Ancient Kings

> Push/Pull <
> Stealth <
> Utility <
Posted ImageAvenging Wrath and Posted ImageHoly Avenger* (both are Ofensive or Defensive Burst, depending on the spec)

> Dispel <
Posted ImageCleanse (All Poison and Disease and Magic from Holy only)

> Mobility <
Posted ImageHand of Freedom
Posted ImageSpeed of Light*
Posted Image Posted ImageEmancipate

Posted Image Priest

> Snare <
Posted Image Posted ImageMind Flay

> Roots <
Posted ImageVoid Tendrils*

> Silence <
Posted Image Posted ImageSilence

> Disarm <
Posted Image Posted ImagePsychic Horror (Horror too)

> Stun <
> Fear/Blind <
Posted ImagePsychic Scream (Fear)
Posted ImagePsychic Terror* (Psyfiend fear)

> Disorient <
Posted ImageShackle Undead (on Undead)

> Without DR <
Posted ImageDominate Mind*

> Interrupt <
> Defensive CDs <
Posted ImageHymn of Hope
Posted ImageVoid Shift
Posted ImageDesperate Prayer* or Posted ImageAngelic Bulwark*
Posted ImagePower Infusion*
Posted Image Posted ImageSpirit Shell
Posted Image Posted ImagePain Suppression
Posted Image Posted ImagePower Word Barrier
Posted Image Posted ImageInner Focus
Posted Image and Posted Image Posted ImageEvangelism
Posted Image Posted ImageGuardian Spirit
Posted Image Posted ImageDivine Hymn
Posted Image Posted ImageDispersion

> Ofensive CDs <
> Push/Pull <
Posted ImageLeap of Faith

> Stealth <
Posted ImageSpectral Guise*

> Utility <
Posted ImageMind Vision

> Dispel <
Posted ImageDispel Magic (1 Magic)
Posted ImageMass Dispel (Magic - All from allies and 1 from every enemy)
Posted Image e Posted Image: Posted ImagePurify (All Magic/Disease)

> Mobility <
Posted ImageBody and Soul* or Posted ImageAngelic Feather* or Posted ImagePhantasm*
Posted ImageGlyph of Inner Sanctum#
Posted ImageGlyph of Leap of Faith#
Posted ImageGlyph of Levitate#
Posted ImageGlyph of Penance#

Posted Image Rogue

> Snare <
Posted ImageCrippling Poison
Posted ImageDeadly Throw* (With 5 combo does Interrupt and Silence)
Posted ImageGlyph of Debilitation#

> Roots <
Posted ImagePartial Paralysis (Paralytic Poison Shiv effect)

> Silence <
Posted ImageGarrote

> Disarm <
Posted ImageDismantle

> Stun <
Posted ImageCheap Shot
Posted ImageKidney Shot
Posted ImageParalytic Poison (5 stacks)

> Fear/Blind <
Posted ImageBlind (Blind)

> Disorient <
Posted ImageSap
Posted ImageGouge

> Interrupt <
Posted ImageKick

> Defensive CDs <
Posted ImageEvasion
Posted ImageVanish
Posted ImageFeint
Posted ImageCloak of Shadows
Posted ImageNerve Strike* or Posted ImageCombat Readiness*
Posted ImageCheat Death* or Posted ImageElusiveness*

> Ofensive CDs <
Posted ImageShadow Blades
Posted Image Posted ImageAdrenaline Rush
Posted Image Posted ImageKilling Spree
Posted Image Posted ImageShadow Dance
Posted Image Posted ImageVendetta

> Push/Pull <
> Stealth <
Posted ImageStealth
Posted ImageShrould of Concealment

> Utility <
Posted ImageMind Numbing Poison
Posted ImageTricks of the Trade
Posted ImageSmoke Bomb
Posted ImagePreparation*

> Dispel <
Posted ImageShiv (Enrage)

> Mobility <
Posted ImageSprint
Posted ImageShadowstep* or Posted ImageBurst of Speed*

#3878409 Helpfull Post - Important PVP CDs

Posted Crono_Smash on 21 April 2013 - 05:55 PM

Posted Image Hunter

> Snare <
Posted ImageConcussive Shot, Posted ImageIce Trap, Posted ImageAspect of the Pack
Posted ImageGlaive Toss*
Posted ImageGlyph of Freezing Trap#
MARKSMANSHIP: Posted ImageConcussive Barrage

> Roots <
Pin (Crab), Web (Spider), Lock Jaw (Dog), Venom Web Spray (Beast Master Silithid)
Posted ImageNarrow Escape*
SURVIVAL: Posted ImageEntrapment

> Silence <
Posted ImageSilencing Shot*

> Disarm <
Posted ImageSnatch (Bird of Prey), Posted ImageClench (Scorpid)

> Stun <
Posted ImageBinding Shot*
Posted ImageBad Manner (Monkey), Posted ImageSonic Blast (Bat)
Posted Image Posted ImageIntimidation

> Fear/Blind <
Posted ImageScare Beast (Fear)(On Beasts)

>Disorient <
Posted ImageScatter Shot, Posted ImageFreezing Trap
Posted ImageWyvern Sting*
Posted ImageLullaby (Crane)

> Interrupt <
> CDs Defensivos <

Posted ImageDeterrence
Posted ImageFeign Death
Posted ImageExhilaration*
Posted ImageRoar of Sacrifice

> CDs Ofensivos <
Posted ImageRapid Fire
Posted ImageStampede
Posted Image Posted ImageBestial Wrath

> Push/Pull <
Posted ImagePowershot*
Posted ImageGlyph of Explosive Trap#

> Stealth <
Posted ImageCamouflage

> Utilidades <
Posted ImageEagle Eye
Posted ImageFlare
Posted ImageReadiness

> Dispel <
Posted ImageTranquilizing Shot(1 Magic and 1 Enrage)

> Mobilidade <
Posted ImageDisengage
Posted ImageBlink Strike*
Posted ImageGlyph of Black Ice#
Posted ImageMaster's Call

Posted Image Mage

> Snare <
Posted ImageFrostfire Bolt, Posted ImageCone of Cold, Posted ImageFrost Armor
Posted Image Posted ImageSlow
Posted Image Posted ImageFrostbolt
Posted Image Posted ImageFrozen Orb

> Roots <
Posted ImageFrost Nova, Posted ImageFreeze (Frost Water Elemental)
Posted ImageIce Ward*

> Silence <
Posted ImageImproved Counterspell
Posted ImageFrostjaw* (Root too)

> Disarm <
> Stun <
Posted ImageDeep Freeze

> Fear/Blind <
> Disorient <
Posted ImagePolymorph
Posted ImageRing of Frost*
Posted Image Posted ImageDragon's Breath

> Interrupt <
> CDs Defensivos <
Posted ImageIce Block
Posted ImageEvocation
Posted ImageMirror Image
Posted ImageAlter Time
Posted ImageTemporal Shield*
Posted ImageGreater Invisibility* (Stealth) or Posted ImageCold Snap*
Posted ImageGlyph of Evocation#
Posted ImageGlyph of Ice Block#

> CDs Ofensivos <
Posted ImageInvocation*
Posted Image Posted ImageArcane Power
Posted Image Posted ImageIcy Veins
> Push Pull <
> Stealth <
Posted ImageInvisibility

> Utilidades <
Posted ImageCounterspell
Posted ImageSpellsteal

> Dispel <
Posted ImageRemove Curse(All Curse)

> Mobilidade <
Posted ImageBlink
Posted ImageSlow Fall
Posted ImageBlazing Speed*

Posted Image Monk

> Snare <
Posted ImageDisable(Root)
Posted ImageGlyph of Leer of the Ox#
Posted Image Posted ImageDizzying Haze
Posted Image Posted ImageFlying Serpent Kick

> Roots <
> Silence <
Posted ImageRing of Peace (DISARM too)

> Disarm <
Posted ImageGrapple Weapon

> Stun <
Posted ImageCharging Ox Wave* or Posted ImageLeg Sweep*
Posted Image Posted ImageClash
Posted Image Posted ImageFists of Fury

> Fear/Blind <
> Disorient <
Posted ImageParalysis
Posted ImageGlyph of Breath of Fire#

> Interrupt <
Posted ImageSpear Hand Strike

> CDs Defensivos <
Posted ImageFortifying Brew
Posted ImageAvert Harm
Posted ImageZen Meditation
Posted ImageDiffuse Magic*
Posted ImageDampen Harm
Posted Image Posted ImageDematerialize
Posted Image Posted ImageTouch of Karma

> CDs Ofensivos <
Posted ImageInvoke Xuen Tiger*
Posted Image Posted Image Tigereye Brew

> Push/Pull <
Posted ImageCrackling Jade Lightning (on melee hit)

> Stealth <
> Utilidades <
Posted ImageRising Sun Kick

> Dispel <
Posted ImageDetox (All Poison and Disease - plus Magic with Mistweaver)

> Mobilidade <
Posted ImageZen Pilgrimage
Posted ImageTranscendence
Posted ImageTiger's Lust*
Posted ImageRoll

#3878408 Helpfull Post - Important PVP CDs

Posted Crono_Smash on 21 April 2013 - 05:55 PM


Posted Image Death Knight

> Snare <
Posted ImageChains of Ice
Posted ImageChilBlains*
Posted ImageGlyph of Death and Decay#

> Roots <
> Silence <

Posted ImageStrangulate

> Disarm <
> Stun <

Posted ImageAsphyxiate*
Posted ImageRemorseless Winter* Dispel to avoid Stun
Posted ImageGnaw (Unholy Ghoul)
Posted ImageMonstrous Blow (Dark Transformation Unholy Ghoul)

> Fear/Blind <
> Disorient <
> Interrupt <

Posted ImageMind Freeze

> Defensive CDs  <
Posted ImageIcebound Fortitude Avoid and remove Stun
Posted ImageAnti-Magic Shell - Avoid magic effects and some CCs
Posted ImageLichborne* or Posted ImageAnti-Magic Zone* or Posted ImagePurgatory*
Posted ImageDeath Pact* or Posted ImageDeath Siphon* or Posted ImageConversion*

> Ofensive CDs <
Posted ImageNecrotic Strike (Golpe Necrótico)
Posted Image Posted ImagePillar of Frost Avoid knockback
Posted Image: Posted ImageUnholy Frenzy (Enrage)
> Push/Pull <
Posted ImageDeath Grip
Posted ImageGorefiend's Grasp*

> Stealth <
> Utility <

Posted ImageDark Simulacrum

> Dispel <
Posted ImageGlyph of Icy Touch# (1 Magic)

> Mobility <
Posted ImagePath of Frost
Posted ImageDesecrated Ground* (second trinket + area imune to CC)

Posted Image Druid

> Snare <
Posted ImageFaerie Swarm*

> Roots <
Posted ImageEntangling Roots, Posted ImageNature's Grasp, Posted ImageMass Entanglement*

> Silence <
Posted ImageGlyph of Fae Silence#
Posted Image Posted ImageSolar Beam
> Disarm <
> Stun <
Posted ImagePounce, Posted ImageMaim, Posted ImageMighty Bash*
Posted Image Posted ImageBear Hug Stun yourself too

> Fear/Blind <

> Disorient <
Posted ImageDisorienting Roar*
Posted ImageHibernate (Beast or Dragonkin) - On Beast Druid forms and Wolf Shaman

> No DR <
Posted ImageCyclone

> Interrupt <
Posted ImageSkull Bash

> Defensive CDs <
Posted ImageBarkskin, Posted ImageIronbark
Posted ImageMight of Ursoc
Posted Image and Posted Image Posted ImageSurvival Instincts
Posted Image Posted ImageSavage Defense
Posted Image Posted ImageIncarnation: Son of Ursoc
Posted Image Posted Image Incarnation: Tree of Life

> Ofensive CDs <
Posted Image Posted ImageStarfall

Posted Image Posted ImageIncarnation: Chosen of Elune
Posted Image and Posted Image Posted ImageBerserk
Posted Image Posted ImageIncarnation: King of the Jungle

> Push/Pull <
Posted ImageTyphoon
Posted ImageUrsol's Vortex*

> Stealth <
Posted ImageProwl

> Utility <
Posted ImageInnervate
Posted ImageSymbiosis
Posted ImageForce of Nature

> Dispel <
Posted ImageSoothe (Enrage)
Posted ImageRemove Corruption (all Curse)
Posted Image Posted ImageNature's Cure (all Magic, Curse e Poison)

> Mobility <
Posted ImageDisplacer Beast* or Wild Charge* - Detail on the Spec
Posted ImageStampending Roar
Posted ImageTravel Form
Posted ImageDash

#3878402 Helpfull Post - Important PVP CDs

Posted Crono_Smash on 21 April 2013 - 05:46 PM

Posted Image Rogue
MOBILITY: Posted ImageSprint
CC: Posted ImageGarrote, Posted ImageCheap Shot, Posted ImageKidney Shot, Posted ImageParalytic Poison (5 stacks), Posted ImageBlind, Posted ImageSap, Posted ImageGouge
DEFENSIVE: Posted ImageEvasion, Posted ImageVanish, Posted ImageCloak of Shadows, Posted ImageCombat Readiness*
OFENSIVE: Posted Image Posted ImageAdrenaline Rush, Posted Image Posted ImageShadow Dance ou Posted Image Posted ImageVendetta
UTILITY: Posted ImageStealth, Posted ImageShrould of Concealment, Posted ImageMind Numbing Poison, Posted ImageTricks of the Trade, Posted ImageSmoke Bomb

Posted Image Shaman
MOBILITY: Posted ImageGhost Wolf, Posted ImageWater Walking
CC: Posted ImageCapacitor Totem, Posted ImageHex
DEFENSIVE: Posted ImageGrounding Totem, Posted ImageTremor Totem, Posted ImageAstral Shift*, Posted ImageHealing Tide Totem*,
OFENSIVE: Posted ImageAscendance, Posted ImageElemental Mastery*(defensive for Resto, obviously), Posted ImageStormlash Totem
KNOCKBACK: For Elemental only
UTILITY: Posted ImageFar Sight, Posted ImagePurge(1 Magic)

Posted ImageResto
DEFENSIVE: Posted ImageSpirit Link Totem, Posted ImageMana Tide Totem

Posted ImageElemental
KNOCKBACK: Posted ImageThunderstorm

Posted ImageEnhancement
UTILITY: Symbiosis: Posted ImageSolar Beam

Posted Image Warlock
MOBILITY: Posted ImageDemonic Circle: Teleport, Posted ImageDemonic Gateway
CC: Posted ImageSpell Lock, Posted ImageFelguard: Axe TossPosted ImageShadowfury*Posted ImageMesmerize(Shivarra), Posted ImageFear, Posted ImageHowl of Terror*, Posted ImageMortal Coil*Posted ImageBlood Horror*
DEFENSIVE: Posted ImageDark Regeneration*, Posted ImageUnending Resolve, Posted ImageSacrificial Pact*, Posted ImageDark Bargain*
OFENSIVE: Posted ImagePosted ImageDark Soul: Misery, Posted Image Posted ImageDark Soul: Knowledge,Posted Image Posted ImageDark Soul: Instability, Posted Image Posted ImageChaos Bolt(do not let him cast)
KNOCKBACK: Posted ImageCarrion Swarm, Posted ImageSuccubus: Whiplash Posted ImageShivarra: Fellash
UTILITY: Posted ImageEye of Kilrog,

Posted Image Warrior
MOBILITY: Leap, Charge, Intervene
CC: Posted ImageWarbringer*, Posted ImageShockwave*, Posted ImageStormbolt* Posted ImageIntimidating Shout
DEFENSIVE: Posted ImageShield Wall, Posted ImageSpell Reflection, Posted ImageSecond Wind*, Posted ImageMass Spell Reflection*
OFENSIVE: Posted ImageAvatar*/Posted ImageBloodbath*, Posted ImageRecklessness, Posted ImageBerserker's Rage remove Fear/Sap/Incapacitate
UTILITY: , Posted ImageShattering Throw, Posted ImageRallying Cry (Group DEFENSIVE)

#3972613 Warrior's rotation question

Posted Vexxius on 24 October 2013 - 11:18 AM

Whenever you have Colossus Smash up,  you should try to Slam spam.

If Colossus Smash is down, MS --> Overpower X2 is what I'll usually do. If I have excess rage (~60+) and good uptime, though, I'll Slam even though Colossus Smash is down.

I'll use Thunder Clap a lot (especially if you're playing with a Lock, DK, Mage, or Feral -- spread pressure is great) to spread Deep Wounds (shit hits insanely hard).

For example, when I'm swapping, I'll: Charge --> Hamstring --> Colossus Smash --> Mortal Strike --> Slam --> Slam --> Overpower --> Mortal Strike. If CSmash comes back up, use it!

#3873966 Spell animation video guide?

Posted WildeHilde on 11 April 2013 - 05:02 PM

Warlocks! Messed up the Flames of Xoroth animation to my regret, but the rest should be ok. No green flames, got no lock with green flames. If someone has a warlock with green fire and is willing to spend one hour to fraps green flames on the PTR - let me know.

#3872104 Spell animation video guide?

Posted WildeHilde on 07 April 2013 - 08:45 PM

Thanks Birdski. This is a lot of work, especially anything that needs more than one player. Finding someone willing to help for a simple thing like a stun to show Dematerialize costs endless time. Anyways Monk is done, but I'm scared of the work load that classes like Druid or Shaman will bring. Will probably do Warlock next as I am not too familiar with Demonology and Destruction, yet, so I can learn quite some things, too.

Also adding annotations for the Hunter cooldowns.

If someone wants to help me frapsing - send me a PM.

#3871759 Spell animation video guide?

Posted WildeHilde on 06 April 2013 - 08:08 PM

Looking for feedback. Do you like how this one is done? Want to get some opinions before continuing to the other classes.

#3870427 [Mage] Optimal burst rotation

Posted Deadscumlord on 03 April 2013 - 06:59 AM

Bomb > Orb > Deep > Casted FB or Procs or Lance Spam > CS > Use Bomb Proc and Lances + Rep if it Helped

#3870059 [Warrior] HC Starshatter (502) vs Malevolent (470) 2H

Posted ardnut on 02 April 2013 - 02:30 PM

I would simply test it in a wargame.  I suspect the starshatter would be better.  Just get 3 friends and do a 2v2 wargame and hit mortal strike on the same person.  Make sure that you don't have enrage buff or anything procced when you switch weapon or it will screw up your results.

#3868889 [Warrior] HC Starshatter (502) vs Malevolent (470) 2H

Posted cippi on 30 March 2013 - 05:12 PM

pvp power scales very well at melee, so i say malevolent

#3866808 What we can do to help PvP

Posted Thaya on 26 March 2013 - 12:38 AM

All my recent posts on general were about how unfriendly WoW PvP is to newer players, how brutal and boring the gear grind is, how stupid and archaic the PvP systems are, and so on and so forth. I'm even annoyed at myself for repeating the same things over and over in different threads. Besides, all of these are directed at Blizzard, and the chances of getting any feedback - especially on AJ - are close to zero.

But I want things to happen. So I thought, what can we - the players - do? What can the AJ community do?

First of all, content.

I think everybody agrees that WoW PvP is pretty hard to get into just due to the knowledge required to be successful. Generally speaking, you need to know a lot of things before you can even really enjoy the game and understand what's going on. 40-60 abilities per spec, subtle but important cooldowns, various lethal combinations of cooldowns/spells and their approximate potential, all the important defenses, various interface scripts/addons that could help you, et cetera. This game is only fun when you can actually anticipate things, know when to play safe or when to push (based on their cooldowns), know which things to interfere/stop to prevent your team from using major cooldowns, know when you can be stopped or not... and all this meta game is possible only if you know the game well enough.

It's pointless and nearly impossible to cover all of that in text or video guides. However, what can be covered are all the basic things that new people will ask, like: which talents and glyphs to use, how to gear, gameplay basics (which spells to use, which combos to try and pull off), what is my role in rbg/arena/xyz, which team mates/classes should I look for, which counters to my combos to look out for, where do I place my portal/gate (example of a spec-specific question), which things should I prioritize while I'm new, are there any addons or macros that will make my life easier... You can cover pretty much all the theory.

These basic guides are so valuable, it surprises me that people completely abandoned writing them. When I log on a new class and don't know even the very basics, like how to deal damage most efficiently, I really wish those guides still existed. I just want to get into the head of an experienced [with the spec] player to get answers for all my basic questions; even if I'm guessing what the right answer is, being certain about it would help the learning process a lot. You don't need to make it an in-depth guide where you write 10000 words for every viable comp, you just need to point in the right direction, explain your mindset a little bit, share set-in-stone knowledge (gear/talent/glyph setup), and give some general tips and thoughts. No more, no less.

Back when those guides existed, I would browse other classes guides just to get a better idea of how other classes work. It actually helped me a bit, because I could anticipate certain things better and/or stop them in advance. Sure, I would probably learn it myself even if the guide didn't exist, but that would probably take more time and more losses.

I'm not even mentioning the old matchup guides on AJ back in TBC. We literally had a whole section dedicated to those, i.e. guides about certain comps and how they're played vs other popular comps. It was brilliant.

What do we have today? I'll take the time to open every single sticky on every class forum:


TLDR: there's only two sticky threads that are up to date at all: Rets and Rogues. Shamans have no guides at all. There's tons of guides and stickies that weren't updated since Season 9 - that's more than 2 years ago! I even found a thread that was a sticky since May 2009, good old WotLK! Come on!

And the worst thing is that all of this outdated information is still getting views, because it's stickied. Because nobody cares, and because there's no new content. It makes me wonder what content editors are doing. No offense guys, but I see some content editors and moderators posting fairly frequently here, yet you can't at least unpin threads that are outdated for several years to not misinform people and to make this very forum look a bit more representative? What do new users think when they see Season 9 info stickied? Uh.

Look at PvE. It's the same game, it has the same problems, but there's so much information about PvE compared to PvP. Go to icy-veins.com and look at the class guides. Remember old Elitist Jerks guides. There's also noxxic.com (I love the concept of this one, but too much bad content). There's a bunch of very popular youtube channels dedicated to boss guides, and they're also available on icy-veins. It takes me a few seconds to find any info I need in PvE. Why don't we have this in PvP anymore?

If we actually help people improve, maybe they will be slightly more interested?

Secondly, forum structure.

Look at "Ask a Gladiator" section. Most threads have 0 replies, occasionally there's a reply, rarely a conversation (mostly trash). No wonder, there's no incentive for a Junkie to ever visit that section. I'm willing to bet that most of the replies in that section are because people randomly bump into those threads via the "fresh threads" stream on front page, "view new content", last post or similar, not by actually visiting the section. It's not that everybody is a douchebag and doesn't wanna help, it's the forum structure not helping that happen.

Class forums, I only visit the warlock and occasionally the DK one, but both are inactive. It wouldn't surprise me if all the other class forums are also inactive - people don't even bother to report sticky threads from Season 9... So I wonder, why are class forums still junkie-only? They could be the perfect place to answer questions and educate people. I used to post a ton on class forums on official forums just because I enjoyed answering questions and helping people, while at the same time refining and reviewing my own knowledge constantly.

Same thing goes for the 2v2/3v3/5v5 subsections of the general discussion section. I don't think they serve any purpose whatsoever anymore. You could drag them out and let non-junkies access them, so there are actual discussions about 2v2/3v3/5v5 matchups instead of being a collection of threads about end of season wintrading.

With some decent moderation, this could work wonders. I don't mean EJ-esque strict moderation. Just remove all the trash replies and warn/ban douchebags. It won't be that hard, really.

Leave general as it is, of course. I'm not suggesting to remove access limitations completely, but right now the non-junkie section is like a ghetto. All I'm suggesting is a bit more integration at the cost of inactive forum sections. Everybody wins.

Speaking of inactive forum sections, another thing that bugs me all the time is all those out of date, useless sections:
- "Blizzard 3v3 Tournament"? TR is down for ages now. And why not call it something like "TR Recruitment" because that's all that it's for? All the actual tournament stream discussions happen in the News threads.
- "Theorycrafting", what's the point of this one? Existed for years, a grand total of 54 topics.
- "NAO Invitational Tournament", when was the last NAO?
- "Content Feedback", I fail to understand what is this for. All the "content" on the site has comment sections for it, why does this section exist? People mistake the "macros" subsection as a forum to ask help with macros, too

I don't think it's healthy when some 20 sections are dead inactive. It sort of reminds you that the game is dead and there's nothing you can do, you know.

And lastly, be nicer to each other. When there's no textual references and all experience and knowledge is shared verbally, it matters more than ever.

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Posted dehfblaynd on 02 September 2011 - 12:23 AM

View PostDuckers, on 02 September 2011 - 12:18 AM, said:

These sort of threads just make me feel bad for people who post them.

i feel bad for people like you so deeply rooted in the game that you take someone's heartfelt advice as an insult to your addiction

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Posted Buglamp on 01 September 2011 - 11:18 PM

I've posted this before pretty sure but whatever it's a good read and relevant -