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#4102269 KFC questions

Posted Laros123 on 16 April 2014 - 09:22 PM

Because normally the feral will have symb from a priest or a pally. Feral's can kite forever and have strong mobility after you get past a warriors parry(keep in mind you can easily get past this by charge stunning the warrior going behind him and disarming) all they have really is wall and rally i find these cds are much easier to get through then a feral's.

#4098420 5.4.7 Hunter Guide, For new players

Posted swagoverlord on 11 April 2014 - 09:24 PM

esandie is the best hunter atm :)

#4093906 Billian's problems with girls [drizzy fanclub thread] [~*~<3drizzy~dr...

Posted Sykeasaurus on 05 April 2014 - 09:06 PM

yeah broken images really send the signal home man nice

#4093675 What is your problem #2

Posted Hyuru on 05 April 2014 - 03:38 PM

I dont know why you guys are even arguing, if you're banned on one account, you shouldnt even be able to make a new one and continue posting in the first place...

#4091395 X-Mog!!! Let's See'em Boysc

Posted Hyuru on 03 April 2014 - 02:49 PM

Posted Image

#4088044 Windwalkers need some serious nerfs to damage...

Posted BalanceRexxar on 28 March 2014 - 05:19 AM

Since we're on the topic of damage can we take a look at boomkins?
Posted Image

I actually think there may be some kind of resilience bug that occurred mid game. I can't think of any other way for a boomkin to hit this hard non-crit with how much resilience there is.

Also, on another note of you being slain as a MW, you have nimble, trinket, and cocoon. Windwalkers should only be able to kill a MW by having leg sweep AND fists available, which is every 45s, therefore if you use at least one of those 3 cooldowns every time you should be able to live by yourself for at least 4 maybe even 5 swaps. You can immediately disarm or paralysis the monk to stop (90% if disarm) their damage and then orb, roll, port, sprint away and live.

I see this as a MW complaining about bad cooldown management.

But yes WW damage is unarguably broken and needs to be reworked via changing the way tigereye brew works.

#4088116 Windwalkers need some serious nerfs to damage...

Posted Dillypoo on 28 March 2014 - 08:14 AM

View PostPrimius, on 28 March 2014 - 05:52 AM, said:

You got carried to glad in a season where any one without downs could get glad.

So did... you?

#4087732 An Arenajunkies Proposition: Let's Stop Standing Still

Posted bouncyballs on 27 March 2014 - 08:24 PM

I would like to first start with something that  all or some or maybe none of you have heard.
"This site just isn't what it used to be."
"Yeah, arenajunkies used to be good in BC/wrath but now its just full of trolls and idiots."
"I like to read it because it is entertaining and funny."

I, like many, fall into that category of people that miss the old days of this website. The potential of this website is enormous. While I understand that trolling and making fun of people is just a fact of the internet, something can be done about it, and if you read further I have a pretty good example of a solution to the problem.

Bouncy's Proposition #1

I would like challenge the arenajunkies community, readers, trolls, but especially the moderators to act instead of just suggesting that people try to be productive in threads that are asking for help.

My simple way to fix this problem that really has corrupted the entire internet but is easily fixable in the case of this site is as follows:

Because trolling gets a, sad but true, large portion of the traffic to this website. Getting rid of the trolling or just negative way people post things is a real issue economically speaking.

So, instead of trying to clean up the whole site from trolling. I propose to create a new tab of this website.

Now some people may ask, how is this different than the most underused tab on arena junkies "Ask a Gladiator." Well, I will tell you!

In this new tab, before you can post or respond to any topic, you must agree to a waiver. All this waiver has to say is that the threads/topics created in this topic are genuine questions or thoughts about World of Warcraft, if you do not abide by the rules, posting privileges in this tab only will be removed from your account (First offense warning, Second offense removal).

The Two Rules of Engagement:
-Be positive. No one responds to negative better than they respond to positive. Especially on the internet.
-Do not troll.
-Where you are from is great, but it doesn't belong here.

Problems with my plan:

1) Now, people may say, but Bouncy, some people find things offensive when others don't. Use your filter people, I believe in you, if you think that it could be offensive, it probably is, so don't post it. It is as simple as that.

2) Moderators: I challenge you to be as unbiased as possible. I have heard numerous accounts of people getting banned for personal reasons of the moderator themselves and its actually sad this occurs but its just a fact of life. It is your duty to make this a positive and productive site for EVERYONE.

3) What if people don't use this tab? So be it, but at least give the portion of the community that wants an informative, positive, productive, and educational part of this website a chance. That is all I ask.

This is a first draft of my proposition, please let me know if you agree, disagree, and/or would make some changes. But I feel like this is an option that could only improve the integrity of this website.

#3902834 How to Walk with the Wind (5.4.7)

Posted BalanceRexxar on 21 June 2013 - 01:29 AM

Posted Image

This is another thing I got asked a lot, "How do you get into RBG groups?" or "What is the point of taking a Windwalker Monk to RBG's" and there really isn't a good answer. My friends take me and there are better classes you could take over a Windwalker monk, simple as that. But I'll list what they are good at.

Flag Carrier Maps (only works as horde): Now this is the main purpose my team even considered bringing me. We have a amazing strategy to quick cap the first flag, unless the team knew we were going to do it, it was really hard to stop. What we did was have our tank sit in the lower back of mid in WSG or Twin Peaks. We had our rogue go and slow the opposing flag carrier as much as possible. And then me as monk and our mage or priest would come with me to pick up the flag. Once we did we'd either run out to the cliff on TP or the roof of tunnel in WSG and levitate or slowfall myself while I flying serpent kick across the entire mid, and if their FC did pass our rogue I would pass it to our FC, if not I would carry it myself to get a quick cap then proceed to kill their FC and we'd have a great start of the game. Now you're probably thinking, "But you can't flying serpent kick with levitate or slowfall anymore!" and you're right. But there is a way around it in a simple equation here.

No Slow-fall > Flying Serpent Kick Off Edge > Land in Midair > Receive a Slow-fall.

And this acts the same way as it did before because you'll have the speed of flying serpent kick while falling. It is quite hard to time but if you get it off it is really good.

Eye of the Storm: This strategy is similar to the one used for FC maps. At the start of a game you use the same formula,

No Slow-fall > Flying Serpent Kick Off Edge > Land in Midair > Receive a Slow-fall.

Which will most likely get you to the mid-flag and be able to pick it up before anyone can stop you. As long as they don't have a Mistweaver or Windwalker (because roll with slow-fall is faster than a mount with slow-fall) nobody should be able to stop you as long as you and your priest / mage don't mess up the formula. If you don't mess up you should inform your team that you will get it and the rest of them will go to try and get a third base. This will give you a huge lead and can essentially win the game in the opener.

Arathi Basin: This is another good battleground for monks. Monks are the best class to spin flags in my opinion because of Rushing Jade Wind or Spinning Crane Kick. You can tell your team they don't even have to spin unless you say spin just because of how impossible it is to cap with a monk spamming those abilities on the flag. Not to mention they do a significant amount of damage when you throw out 2 Storm, Earth, and Fire clones and apply Rising Sun Kick debuff to everybody. The other benefit is that monks are very good at 1v1ing other classes. You can be sent to mines and as long as it's a 1v1 you will get that base. On some occasions I have even done 1v2s in a RBG at mines and still got the flag, /flex. But honestly, you shouldn't lose a 1v1 as a monk. And another benefit of having a monk on node maps is because of their mobility. If your tank calls out he needs help at blacksmith you can very quickly roll, roll, flying serpent kick, and mount away and go help. You could even defend mines from lumbermill if you get a slow-fall or levitate with the equation I stated above. Although your damage may be low you bring a lot of utility to the game.

Temple of Kotmogu: This is a windwalker monks worst battleground. It used to be very good to be a monk in this battleground because you could flying serpent kick and roll with an orb to escape people. But ever since they nerfed it and made it so you can no longer get the speed bonus from those abilities we're literally sitting ducks in that battleground, outside of touch of karma we're just glass vases ready to be shattered. There is no reason to take a Windwalker monk over anything else in the game for this battleground. Sorry.

Silvershard Mines: This is a decent map for monks because of their mobility and capability to 1v1. You probably will want to keep them out of big fights such as the ones at water and lava carts. Since we don't have a reliable knock-back like Thunderstorm, Whiplash, or Typhoon, we can't really knock people out of the ring. Also, we don't have AoE roots like frost nova. We don't even have long AoE CC such as Howl of Terror or Ring of Frost. The best thing we could bring is a couple of stuns. We're better off sitting at the top cart defending it and 1v1ing anyone who tries to take it. If you aren't doing that you should find someone who is defending but is getting overrun to be a body in the circle.

Deepwind Gorge: The benefits of being a WW monk in this BG is similar to the ones of AB. The ability to spin flags greatly and the ability to run away and peel other bases. Other than that WW monks aren't very special for this battleground that I know of, I actually have played very little of this battlegrounds but from what I do know monks are useful for this battleground.

Battle for Gilnaes: This is a good battleground for monks because of your basic two RBG strategies. Spin flags and peel. If you get a normal capture on your closest base and go to waterworks, they will never cap unless you all die. We also can do amazing damage if we can sit at that base all game and spam our AoE. If we do get the base it is very easy for a monk to peel to another base to defend. Monks can be very useful in this battleground.

Defending Guide: As you know most classes you put on defense are classes with pets, but monks can be decently good at defending as well. We have several abilities that help us protect our base. Those abilities are...

Defending Abilities
Transcendence: Transfer

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
Storm, Earth, and Fire
Nimble Brew
Basic Trinket

So how you go about defending a base is the same for all bases. What you want to do it put your Spirit from transcendence on the flag then move at max range (40 yards) away from it, preferably line of sight of the flag but still a spot where you can see the flag to tell if someone beings to capture it. Normally a class that will ninja cap will be a rogue, mage, or hunter. Obviously the first thing you do when you encounter another person while defending by yourself is call it out to your team. With that done, you need to begin your personal process of defending. Hopefully if they open up with a sap, scatter shot into trap, or polymorph, you're far enough away where you don't have to trinket it before they capture. They may get it but you may have to take a risk not to trinket. If you do trinket your first global after that should be Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger. If they try to CC you again your tiger will be able to hit then and stop them from capping. This tiger lasts 45 seconds so they shouldn't be able to capture it for that amount of time because Xuen is immune to a lot of CC. And if your teammates haven't come to help by then you should remove all of them from friends and leave the battleground. But! If Xuen is on cooldown for some reason the alternative is Storm, Earth, and Fire. It acts similar to Xuen but can be killed quickly or will disappear if feared or rooted. And if you're trinket is on cooldown you should ask a teammate to stay with you until it is back up. But, if they do begin capturing while you're feared you can always use Nimble Brew to get out.

Pro-Tips for Certain Bases:
Mines (AB): At this base when you put your portal on the flag you can run up to the top of the roof on the mines and still be in range to port but this makes it impossible for a rogue to sap cap or a mage to poly cap. It basically makes it so you don't have to trinket the first CC they do to you.
Stables (AB): At this base you can run behind the actual stables with your port on or next to the flag and be line of sight so the first CC on your when someone goes to ninja cap you shouldn't have to trinket unless it is a 1v2. But if it is a 1v2 you probably will then proceed to follow the steps on the main portion of defending I wrote above.
Blacksmith (AB): At blacksmith you do the same thing as you do at other bases with houses, you put your portal down on the flag, run LoS inside the building but position your camera so you can still see the flag.
Farm (AB): At farm you do the same thing as you do at other bases with houses, you put your portal down on the flag, run LoS inside the building but position your camera so you can still see the flag. Another unique thing about farm is there are little critters at the farm, either chicken or rats depending on what faction you are, a great thing about this is that you can keep Provoking them to keep you in combat to avoid being Sapped.
Lighthouse (B4G): This base you can put your portal on the flag then run inside the building and position yourself so your camera zooms out of the door and you can still see the flag but your character is line of sight inside the building also making yourself in a good spot where they can't capture the flag on the first CC. But if it is a 1v2 you probably will then proceed to follow the steps on the main portion of defending I wrote above.
Waterworks (B4G): Do the same thing you do at Lighthouse but in one of the other two buildings at this base.

Posted ImageWoD WW ChangesPosted Image
Updated as of 4/4/14
Posted Image

1. The first change we see is the energy removal of Transfer, this is very minor and will barely impact PvP.

2. The second change we see is that they remove Storm, Earth, and Fire off the GCD and reducing the energy cost. This is a great change because of how much of a hassle it is to keep your clone up on another target if you are trying to cleave them down. Since it is off the GCD you could macro it into your other abilities so you won't have to apply it yourself, it would look something like this,

/cast Jab
/cast [@focus] !Storm, Earth, and Fire

I haven't tested this but if I am thinking correctly the "!" should keep that macro from removing the clone off your focus and if it were to die it would instantly reapply. Also, you wouldn't have to manually apply it you would just continue to do damage to your main target and the clone would go on your focus. This is an interesting change and I'm curious to see how it will pan out.

3. This won't affect PvP

4. As you probably know, when you hit 2 target with fists of fury the damage is split between the two, with this change it will still act as if you are only hitting your target but will continue to deal split damage to whatever else is in, this is actually a great change just because of how much damage fists of fury can do to one target. For the entire expansion I've had to deal with hunter pets, lock pets, totem pets, or players getting away of my damage. But no more! I look forward to this change.

Posted Image

1. The first change we see is that they have made disable only available to Windwalkers. Believe it or not this is a buff to us because chances are we're not playing with Mistweaver monks who will lose this ability, and if we're not playing with them we're facing them which means they will no longer be able to root us.

2. The second change is a minor nerf to Windwalkers. Orb was a pretty useful tool they gave us, it wasn't huge in 3v3 but allowed us to run behind a pillar and heal ourselves pretty nicely while still moving. And if you are into dueling it will be a lot harder to win duels without orbs.

3. This change is trying to make up for the loss of healing sphere. If they make it instant it will be really nice but I'm assuming they'll make it around a 1.5s cast time, which isn't the worst thing in the world but I'd still prefer spheres. But it is better than nothing, not to mention it has a 10 less energy cost and will be easier to heal teammates, chances are it will be better than spheres but not as fun.

Posted Image

1. The only change we see here is that we get .5s off our GCD. This is actually huge, it means we will be able to use a lot more globals faster, it's almost as if we have a permanent Bloodlust. I'm going to be very surprised if this makes it to live, but for the time being it would be very cool (by cool I mean overpowered) to be able to use globals 33% faster.

Posted ImagePosted Image

1. Our first talent for WoD is Hurricane Strike, I assume it will be changed a lot from now to the release but as of its state right now it has potential. About a week ago I believe it was 0 chi cost and the immunities lasted 3 seconds instead of 2 and it would have been the ideal choice. But, now that it has a chi cost (3 for that matter) it probably isn't the best pick unless that X damage is significant.

2. Our second talent is just a use X chi for X effect and isn't as useful as the other two will probably be.

3. Our third talent looks really powerful. If these two talents remain this way I will probably use Serenity because of being able to dump Blackout Kicks, Rising Sun Kicks, and Fists of Fury without having to Jab with let's say a 10 stack up will be incredible damage. They are basically giving us that major offensive cooldown we have never had.

I'll try to update the changes as Warlords gets nearer and nearer. Let me know how you think these changes will impact Windwalkers if notice anything I'm missing.

Posted Image

Another thing that I haven't seen anyone mention are the perks that each spec get in Warlords, these have gone under the radar changes that are actually pretty cool.

Enhanced Roll: Your Roll goes 25% faster
  • This change is actually so nice, there have been times where I have rolled to get in range to Zen Meditation some spell but can't because I am still rolling, or even if I am kiting something and I roll to stay alive then get hit hard and need to karma but I can't because I'm in a roll. This change will make these things happen less often which is so nice.
Enhanced Transcendence: Makes it so that our port that we put down only has a 35s CD and the transfer part is instant.
  • This change I wish they had put in a long time ago, there have been so many times where I go to port a charge stun, deep freeze, or stun from a rogue only to be stopped because of that .5 second cast. Now we can use it instantly and it will make life so much easier.
Empowered Tiger Palm, Rising Sun Kick, Blackout Kick, and Fists of Fury: They all do 20% more damage.
  • I'm not even going to mention these because I have no idea what damage is like in Warlords so nothing I can say will mean anything.
Improved Energizing Brew: When Energizing Brew is active, our Multistrike chance is increased by 15%
  • More damage.
Empowered Chi: Increases maximum chi by 1.
  • Small change but helpful nonetheless.
Empowered Spinning Crane Kick (and probably Rushing Jade Wind): It deals its damage twice as fast but duration is reduced by 50%.
  • This means we will do more damage in a faster timespan with these two abilities, really nice for getting burst in.

Also, the removal of Disarms will hurt monks more than other classes I think because ours is so good. That 40 yard range disarm was really incredible and I'm going to miss it, the benefit though is that we get 2 free keybinds and no longer need a weapon chain. Win, Lose.

#4084924 US - RUIN - 3V3 (S15)

Posted CreepStatus on 22 March 2014 - 02:54 PM

View PostMattadoro, on 21 March 2014 - 06:53 AM, said:

i legit once was asked in an interview if i was handy enough to screw in a nail, i was nervous, said yes and she got all excited and was like "you cant screw in a nail!!!!"

it was for a fitness store... and they did a 2 manager vs me interview with questions like "have you ever had a traffic parking or speeding ticket"

got offered the job after and said no lol

i remembert wen i applied to play with u

#4084522 Glinks 1

Posted Nixonxx on 21 March 2014 - 09:16 PM

View PostMattadoro, on 21 March 2014 - 07:59 PM, said:

big thanks to...

Ald     Tichondrius         196     60     2662
2     Verdantstorm     Tichondrius         130     39     2661
3     Smexxin     Tichondrius         136     45     2648
4     Weabooslayer     Tichondrius         133     44     2645
5     Dampener     Blackrock         135     32     2632
6     Novoz     Tichondrius         111     39     2624
7     Snutztwo     Tichondrius         115     28     2616
8     Dotatko     Tichondrius         148     49     2616
9     Xary     Tichondrius         76     26     2612
10     kaskå     Tichondrius         66     21     2610
11     Alizeemdr     Tichondrius         109     24     2609
12     Starship     Mal'Ganis         74     28     2608
13     Dannycarey     Tichondrius         72     31     2603
14     Elitexd     Tichondrius         127     39     2601
15     Zunniyaki     Mal'Ganis         71     28     2600
16     Khryl     Tichondrius         140     69     2592
17     Weax     Kel'Thuzad         181     139     2592
18     Bobô     Kel'Thuzad         118     83     2588
19     Venruki     Tichondrius         179     67     2568
20     Skimboard     Tichondrius         30     8     2567
21     Revolutio     Mal'Ganis         30     8     2567
22     Hamshamx     Tichondrius         174     84     2567
23     Sodah     Tichondrius         105     39     2566
24     Eliteqt     Area 52         70     20     2565
25     Dhorothy     Tichondrius         112     47     2565
26     Màldiva     Tichondrius         67     24     2563
27     Jahmilli     Blackrock         100     44     2561
28     Thugonomicz     Tichondrius         93     29     2560
29     Metaphorz     Tichondrius         81     38     2558
30     Mitchjones     Tichondrius         109     29     2545
31     Chanimals     Tichondrius         50     1     2541
32     Fourfivesîx     Blackrock         268     130     2539
33     Blastabadar     Tichondrius         49     1     2538
34     Mt     Tichondrius         39     12     2525
35     Zmonster     Illidan         116     75     2525
36     Hydera     Illidan         186     132     2525
37     Suchii     Illidan         84     47     2523
38     Taylorswift     Tichondrius         115     42     2520
39     Wealthymanx     Tichondrius         59     36     2519
40     Pentaðôÿã     Illidan         131     73     2518
41     Adamjonesx     Tichondrius         86     26     2516
42     Kaska     Sargeras         80     34     2515
43     Hexadôÿã     Illidan         62     32     2511
44     Grimdotter     Frostmourne         54     13     2508
45     Silncieux     Illidan         90     49     2507
46     Burb     Blackrock         49     19     2506
47     Maorimoron     Frostmourne         116     54     2503
48     Twochaìnz     Illidan         107     65     2503
49     Pwhx     Kel'Thuzad         79     10     2502
50     Angiexo     Tichondrius         72     38     2502
51     Murkmindz     Nemesis         117     75     2502
52     Shapezxo     Mal'Ganis         73     37     2500
53     Iconicus     Tichondrius         156     81     2500
54     Snutzsham     Kel'Thuzad         72     10     2499
55     Doomsen     Kel'Thuzad         74     11     2494
56     Xaryu     Tichondrius         52     12     2494
57     Yoske     Tichondrius         245     153     2493
58     Rhee     Tichondrius         226     165     2491
59     Deprivemdr     Tichondrius         170     95     2479
60     Wolterbarey     Turalyon         63     30     2478
61     Rawdogprince     Blackrock         50     18     2477
62     Shamguard     Tichondrius         116     60     2470
63     Alyv     Illidan         145     81     2468
64     Baabaaqanush     Blackrock         66     30     2463
65     Tonyjr     Tichondrius         143     94     2461
66     Dhorothy     Kel'Thuzad         136     95     2460
67     Balance     Rexxar         174     67     2454
68     Thelf     Blackrock         42     18     2454
69     Farmér     Illidan         79     44     2454
70     Joru     Mal'Ganis         250     195     2448
71     Metaphors     Arthas         157     99     2446
72     Nahj     Blackrock         67     53     2446
73     Verinaughty     Tichondrius         67     23     2440
74     Revotwo     Malfurion         148     95     2439
75     Shiftyzx     Tichondrius         123     90     2437
76     Shifting     Stormrage         31     16     2436
77     Takenotezz     Tichondrius         58     12     2434
78     Renewalsx     Tichondrius         67     40     2432
79     Thinkchair     Tichondrius         150     63     2431
80     Nadagastt     Tichondrius         110     52     2429
81     Dwaynewave     Area 52         141     105     2429
82     Tosan     Tichondrius         48     28     2427
83     Tremorszz     Arthas         62     38     2427
84     Trauma     Tichondrius         33     11     2426
85     Doomsen     Blackrock         88     36     2424
86     Dyllbar     Tichondrius         176     126     2424
87     Fuzionn     Tichondrius         482     382     2424
88     Murkmíndz     Nemesis         30     13     2423
89     Businessmanx     Tichondrius         66     35     2423
90     Barry     Illidan         54     29     2420
91     Tony     Tichondrius         328     225     2420
92     Pannasaurus     Blackrock         167     92     2419
93     Smoxxin     Tichondrius         44     15     2418
94     Simplist     Tichondrius         95     68     2417
95     Shapezx     Mal'Ganis         54     29     2416
96     Xandek     Tichondrius         41     25     2416
97     Wizkx     Tichondrius         287     144     2415
98     Ladoux     Mal'Ganis         66     42     2413
99     Smexual     Tichondrius         68     43     2412
100     Sooners     Sargeras         57     28     2411

Wat I don't get

Btw nice beastcleave game with Robert

#4084042 US - RUIN - 3V3 (S15)

Posted Selicia on 21 March 2014 - 02:36 AM

View PostMattadoro, on 20 March 2014 - 08:39 PM, said:

pls rep so i have something to put on my resume



Titles & Prestige
  • Gladiator seasons 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, and 14.
  • Rank One season 4.
Gladatorial Classes
  • Hunter.
  • Shaman.
  • Warrior.
  • Rogue.
Swag Names
  • Mattadoro.
  • Tacokisses.
  • Slamadorro.
  • Thriftshop.
  • Swagchefx.
  • Tranqshotqt.

#4082158 US - RUIN - 3V3 (S15)

Posted CreepStatus on 17 March 2014 - 10:30 PM

View Postdeprivelol, on 17 March 2014 - 10:18 PM, said:


rep me if u wanan rep trade

rep me b4 i stik wizk on u

#4082137 US - RUIN - 3V3 (S15)

Posted deprivelol on 17 March 2014 - 10:18 PM

View PostSelicia, on 17 March 2014 - 10:15 PM, said:

Posted Image

How Ruin became 100% gay.


rep me if u wanan rep trade

#4081990 US - RUIN - 3V3 (S15)

Posted Marshmellow on 17 March 2014 - 07:04 PM

Sometimes I crush up various prescription pills ans stuff the crumbs in between the spaces of my teeth to consume them as i need

Also my foreskin looks like the tip of a sports water bottle when it is opened up