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Arena Dead?? Private servers/WOW

05 October 2015 - 10:05 PM

TLDR bored, curious, scroll to last sentence.

Ok so I was bored.. still am obviously if I'm on AJ but saw random youtube video that said "#1 wow idiot" is the "wow is dead" crowd.

I noticed alot of people are playing private servers, even enough to have huge threads all over normal WOW, streamers are not even streaming that much unless they're fake turkeys, whole real ID is barely playing.  I logged on wtlk arena realm middle of the night 300 people online, solo que had 4 healers and 87 dps and I got a faster que as dps than a couple weeks ago on wow at 2300 mmr.

Last season I noticed on arenamate there were around 300,000 people above rank 1k on US and a bit more on EU.  This season 100k on US and barely more on EU Lowest Rating Lowest Rank 1000 101544
I know subscribers dropped by a fuk load recently, usually sub numbers going down doesnt make arena feel like nobody's queing because its substantially smaller number of players.

Anyway, I know wod is the first xpac I looked forward to really and its obviously turned out rubbish.   Was just wondering what arena players had to say about quitting this time?  Every xpac people rage but this xpac it's drastic.  Big majority of arena players are "returning" players that actually play every season even when they hate it - even those people are quitting for the most part.  

So if you hate WOD or have grown up/moved on in life, why'd you quit playing arena this xpac? Have you quit or been this bored/pissed in another xpac?  How likely are you to play next season? How about in Legion?