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#1755363 Queueing skirmishes in a group

Posted Revert on 22 January 2010 - 11:35 PM

if anyone's bored over the next week and wants to do skirmishes against friends or whatever, click the bracket you want to join and copy + paste this in the chat box, and it will queue your party for that bracket.

/script JoinBattlefield(ArenaFrame.selection - 3, 1);

#1658138 You can preorder Cata

Posted Miirkat on 30 December 2009 - 04:55 AM

Protip: Yell "For the Alliance!" at release night. Make lots of friends.

#1626694 Envenom demystification

Posted qedqed on 20 December 2009 - 01:30 PM

I decided to write this after i read ppl getting a 10K crit of envenom in pvp. Envenom gets 45% of the attack power as dmg. You get more that 1k resilience wearing only PvP items, no gems or enchants. If you go in arena with 700 resi dont whine 'cos you die too fast.

Build 44/X/2X
5 stacks deadly poison.
Numbers are rounded to the 4th digit.

(1)Rogue in pvp gear: 4600 AP
(2)Rogue with alot of pve gear: 5000 AP

About (1):
Base damage + 0.45*AP = 1075 + 2070 = 3145
Talents: Vile poisons +20%, Find Weakness +4%, Murder +4% = +28%

Envenom Final dmg: 4026, 8052 crit, 9662 crit (under 35% HP)

On a player with 1k resilience: -23.31% (from crits), -10.60% (overall)

Damage reduction: 0.8940
Damage reduction (crit): 0.7669 * 0.8940 = 0.6856

Envenom Final dmg: 3600, 5520 crit, 6624 crit (under 35% HP)

About (2):
Base damage + 0.45*AP = 1075 + 2250 = 3345
Talents: Vile poisons +20%, Find Weakness +4%, Murder +4% = +28%

Envenom Final dmg: 4256, 8512 crit, 10214 crit (under 35% HP)

On a player with 1k resilience:

Damage reduction: 0.8940
Damage reduction (crit): = 0.6856

Envenom Final dmg: 3804, 5836 crit, 7003 crit (under 35% HP)

My envenom crit chance in pvp is about 25%, i dont see Envenom out of control by far. If ppl was just ignoring a rogue on them, now they have atleast heal. When i was on any plate target not even able to force him to do something to get rid of me was very frustrating.

Edit: I didn't put 5.5k AP (BoM) just because i forgot. I'm not used to play with a paladin in 3vs3 and anyway i dont think there are many high rated setup for a rogue + paladin.

Edit2: I dont see why ppl complain about the dmg on targets under 35% Hp, that's our (crap) execute. Warrior and hunters have that too on a separate ability, with the difference if you drop under 20% vs an hunter you are just dead.

#438357 Reputation Points

Posted Tyveris on 02 November 2008 - 06:07 AM

Haven't looked at it in a while. I'll try and see if people have been using it correctly. Originally, we just wanted to have it there for additional information when we did access reviews.

I'll get back to you.