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How to maximize use of spellpower trinket as a shadow priest

27 April 2013 - 07:21 PM

I have been told that I am doing my burst all wrong on my shadow priest. I have had my spellpower on-use trinket macroed to devouring plague, and pretty much just when I have 3 orbs + a mindblast proc or 2, I say I'm ready to go, and then I use devouring plague + sp trinket, halo if I'm spec'd into it, shadowfiend, and then I just use mindflay.

I have been told instead of binding it to dp that I should bind it to something like vt or maybe even mb, then apply dots, mb, etc., and that dp should be the very last thing that I do.

Can any priests confirm this or tell me what their usual use of spellpower trinket involves?