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Shadow priest: improving burst damage

17 March 2015 - 11:30 PM

I have been trying out godcomp recently after not having done much arena this season. Around 1700-2kish mmr, I never would've thought to ask about my burst, because it seemed really solid. Last night, we hit 2200 and played most of our games at and against other 2200 mmr teams. However, I've suddenly become unable to finish anything off. Even warriors and mages, which seemed to be 2 of the easiest targets to kill previously, always seem to live just long enough for their healer to link or ns, cocoon, etc. Often, they are not even getting into sw:d range. So I think maybe I am doing something wrong.

I would prefer advice from a priest who has been 2300+ in this current season, if any see this post. I have a few specific questions, but feel free to give General advice as well:

1) How much purging should I be doing vs casting vts? Does this answer change depending on whether or not I am getting trained?
2) I typically do not dot the kill target much, or if I do, it's usually at low orb count so they hopefully fall off when I'm bursting. Is this correct?
3) Our kill setup if we can pull it off is this: Mage deeps healer, I horrify the off dps, the Druid bashes our kill target. I then might fear the off target depending on what it is and if not, I start my burst with on-use trinket, shadow fiend, dp, and any spike procs. (Mage sheeps and double nova during this). Then we'll fear/silence and/or clone healer out and I get my orbs back, dp again, mb/ms/mf etc.

Any suggestions? comments in general about godcomp? I'm pretty new to it still.