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6.0 What to do ?

11 November 2013 - 01:02 AM

Hello everyone , before you read this , please do not fight with it other !! not now please!
This is a topic that we should forget that crap discussion about classes and old content and be together because its something for us all !!!

We are facing a big problem at PvP , its not NEW its just becoming bigger and bigger
the game is getting "easier" its a fact , less spell , less buttons to press , more and more passives ofc it doesn't mean much because those changes are for all players and reaction time are really low but what i want to say talking all this ? I am just tired to always listing people saying that pvp used to be good on xpac X or Y... why not at the next expansion?
I'm a really low rating player , just a 2.2k , but i want to listen to all of you with your big XP at this game and maybe its time to US to do something to help blizzard to fix the game we love instead just complain about it forever.

What I think ( my personal and may you disagree ) about what Blizzard should do to fix PVP at ALL (not focusing my class) :::

hmm let's go
  • Remake Racials , to make viable to play all races with certain equality

  • Balance the amount of Healing / Damage classes can do (acording with the play style).

  • Remove all rating and rewards from 2v2 and 5v5 , making 3v3 the only bracked that really matter for that game .

  • Give us real rewards for been a PVP player , when you are a Heroic PVE player , you have the best gear in game more chances to drop epic mounts , to get xmog new items , PVP should be once again progressive as PVE , 0->1550 , 1550->1750 , 1750->2000 , 2000->2200 , 2200->2400 , 2400->2700. Just win something when you get 2200 as it was back in 5.1 with T2 gear , a really unfair system like that should never be up again.The game should not treat a 2150 player as a 1100 player since hes really trying more than the other one and progressing at that.
Right now less than 5% of ALL players in WoW actually does some kind of real PVP content , and only 1% of those 5% are above 1750 RT in arenas ,  so its not hard to understand why its getting worse every year , people that know what they are saying should actually SAY something! do not stop to try guys ! please!  Let's Keep trying to make good Feed back use your streams , your Real ID friends , we can do that , some of us live to play WoW and others do it as a job , why not make it better and better?

do not forget to tell us things you think would make it better please!

thank you and sorry for my bad english