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NEW DK Stream With BIG Biceps ;)

14 September 2015 - 02:31 PM

Hey Guys, just want to tell you that i start Streaming, i gonna stream mostly everyday 3s 2s Skirms etc.
If u enjoy what u see, follow me ;)



Sorry i did forget xd


21 July 2015 - 11:06 PM

I had such a great Time playing a DK from Season 5 till season 9, now they are 7 Seasons and they just take shit from our Abilities and they don't even care.

Fuck off this fucking trinkets, take desecrated Ground and give us something else please!

Why can Rogues deal as much damage or more on single target and got so much utility?

Why can Ferals deal more Burst damage, have more utility than dks?

Why can locks do more Dmg and got much more utility than a Dk?

I mean what the fuck is wrong with this Game? do they don't ever look at Dk´s? and when they take a look they just take shit after shit from this class?

Iam so tired to play Dk, it was such a nice strange class, but now Dk is the most boring class to play...

I really hope Blizzard will finally listen and do something that make this class fun again.

Give us please at least desecrated Ground again, it was the perfect spell for dks and this class will be (okay)