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#2979130 Armor change - Jan 12

Posted Pownmeisterz on 13 January 2011 - 02:58 PM

Kubuss said:

Good change, only thing that might be needed is putting a regen on Ice Armor because as it is, you oom in 1-2 minutes with it on so noone uses it, only as a last resort.

The only reasonable thing that they could do now at this point is to take armors off the GCD, but put a universal 1 sec CD on them. This would make awareness to be even more important in PvP.

#2930385 Shatterplay Troubles

Posted devila on 27 December 2010 - 08:51 PM

So last season Shatterplay was a clearly well-defined, OP setup which we facerolled up to around 2750 mmr and sat on for glad. Now, we're having serious difficulties against the simplest of melee cleaves. Our mage isn't that geared yet but it doesn't really seem to matter who they go for as our offensive pressure is sort of a joke (something is missing :/). Comps such as Warrior/Feral/Pala or Warrior/Enhance/Druid are stomping us at 2.1k mmr. I think we're being exposed as the noobs we are, no longer running an amazing comp :P (jk it's just me who is awful)

But is shatterplay (with a shaman) still extremely strong? Is tunneling the warrior down still viable? I'm worried we might be stuck in a WoTLK mindset. Sorry if i'm not specific enough.

Thanks in advance.