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Arms Warrior Macros for 5.4

16 October 2013 - 03:30 AM

Heyo superfriends-

I'm looking for Macros for 5.4 arms warriors in arenas and rated BGs.  Maybe the mods haven't changed much since previous seasons, but I haven't really pvp'ed with my warrior...ever.  Thanks in advance to the junkies who take the time to share their wisdom.  I know it is a pain to reply with mods, but I also know there are some really helpful warrior posters in this community.

On a side note, do you junkies use arena target 1,2 and 3 macros too?

On a second side note (loolo), I'm also looking for talents, glyphs and any other arena/RBG info you are willing to share here.

Thanks Much-



20 April 2013 - 09:42 PM


Who plays SWTOR here?  I know this is off-topic, thus i poted in this thread.  If you play SWTOR and play on the Prophecy of Five"  server, can I get a confirm from you fellow glads re: a player tag named "Scotland.'?  He claims to be the best Operative healer on the server.  We've all heard this kind of smack talk before, but can anyone confirm that he plays WoW at a glad level or, in the alternative, that he is all that in SWTOR?

Also, what do you SWTOR players think about 2.0?  The general consensus is that it is terrible among the pvp forums; howevevr, I think it is not so bad for leveling the playing field.  Thoughts?