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Arms Warrior Macros for 5.4

16 October 2013 - 03:30 AM

Heyo superfriends-

I'm looking for Macros for 5.4 arms warriors in arenas and rated BGs.  Maybe the mods haven't changed much since previous seasons, but I haven't really pvp'ed with my warrior...ever.  Thanks in advance to the junkies who take the time to share their wisdom.  I know it is a pain to reply with mods, but I also know there are some really helpful warrior posters in this community.

On a side note, do you junkies use arena target 1,2 and 3 macros too?

On a second side note (loolo), I'm also looking for talents, glyphs and any other arena/RBG info you are willing to share here.

Thanks Much-