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#3886655 [Suggestion] Making 27000 CP Achievement account wide

Posted proffset on 12 May 2013 - 02:08 PM

This SO very much. I actually thought it ment that u would be able to buy it for all chars once u hit 27k before, becouse I thought only hybrids would gain from being able to buy tyrannical shit for honor :(. Personally I have a TON of alts and would be so very very great to get this implemented. Maybe someone with abit more influence could tweet the devs?

#3886637 [Suggestion] Making 27000 CP Achievement account wide

Posted Feliclandelo on 12 May 2013 - 12:59 PM

You see people quitting (or atleast threatning to quit) on a regular basis, this can be due to balance changes, not having the time or just overall boredom of the game. One of the ways Blizzard are trying to keep their customer attrition rate down, is by trying to make the game more alt friendly, giving players more stuff to do.

An alt friendly game, encourage people who are easily bored with their class, character or realm to keep playing, by rerolling to one of their other alts. I have faced the same problem a few times, and if an expansion is not on the horizon, I simply quit playing my character and spend time on something else, be it another game or spending time with friends (god forbid).

Right now when you reach 27.000 conquest points, you can buy all the other sets from honor (493-498 iLvl). This only applies to your character that has the achievement. Now, I don't have the time to play RBG or keep high ratings (not to mention, ensure being on a high pop realm and keeping 3 active 3v3 teams), meaning I am left with basicly 1 character that will be able to benefit from this. This means if I try to reroll, my alts will be severely undergeared, and they will be no fun to play and it will not be possible to migrate them in order to play with friends if you want to stay competitive.

Therefor, in order to try and give an extra incentitive (not only to earn a bit extra) but also to keep your playerbase (atleast within the pvp community) I would strongly suggest making this achievement account wide, meaning that all your other characters can farm the gear from honor, once you did it with 1 character.

Now, I can't really see the consequenses of this change, but perhaps some fellow AJ members could tell me why this might be a bad idea?


#3885975 Is it just me or are disc shields ridiculous?

Posted Djandawg on 10 May 2013 - 03:30 AM

You mean total prevention with 150k+ shields that can also crit + divine aegis + spirit shell? I had the wrong idea that you would try to figure out the following after my post:
How much an average priest shield absorbs, what's the number when it crits, what's the crit chance of a priest with full tyrannical gear, what's divine aegis and how is it created, how does priest create spirit shell shields? Excluding shields, how are priest healing numbers with penance and Flash Heal.(with and without gracex3)

#3885971 Is it just me or are disc shields ridiculous?

Posted Djandawg on 10 May 2013 - 03:10 AM

It's not you, everyone knows how ridiculous those shields are. 150k+ shield? Please, it's more like 300k shield, 400k  divine aegis, 900k spirit shell, all non crit and all instant They also top people off with one Flash heal or a single tick of penance. If I am lucky, with all cooldowns up I can do 2m crit Greater Heals but that doesn't matter because with 300k shields, priests don't even have to cast. It's like a holy pala combined with a resto druid, but with less casting.
Because of the amazing healing output and shields, any comp is better with a priest, they replaced shamans and druids in every comp, coincidentally despite the unfair healing, they can only play rush down hunter comps, which is very surprising.
Solution: Triple PW: Shield cooldown , make Spirit Shell unusable arena or at least make it a 5 minute cooldown and nerf Flash heal by %40, to be at the same level with other healers. They need to look at the mana regen of priests also, it is the only healer with a symbolic blue bar, buckets are meant to be empty bros but priest mana is always %100, maybe a regen multiplier nerf?
Also, mass dispel should be a 3 second cast and fear should have 2 minutes cooldown.

#3857666 Respect Bloodx

Posted Ziqoo on 06 March 2013 - 02:07 AM

This thread is now about Minpojke, or if you will, Pojkemonk. A journey about a warm hearted heroic act in the difficult times of war. There was a time before the Minpojke we know right now, a time of darkness. Evil lurked amoungst us, the time when the non believers arised from the dark shadows of the depths. The good community of Azeroth started to lose faith in their gods. When villains of the most horrific kind were released upon our once proud community

When the evil finally started ruthlessly breaking the law
Posted Imagesomething had to be done. The Gods finally answered the prayers of the light. From the ashes arises a great hero; Minpojke. We had once again gained control over a difficult position, evil had learned to fear us.

Posted Image

After this, our thirst for blood had been satisfied. We were no longer hostile, and our old ways started coming back. Minpojke met a boy, Sahand the Monk on his journey to win 2nd blizzcon this time in China. The marshal arts of the Monks were very impressive to western eyes. Minpojke had been enchanted with a great force that held him here. Sahand the Monk, warm hearted and a master of the universe offered to take on Minpojke as his apprentice after seeing his burning passion to their style and this was to make him the strongest leader in our constant combat against the evil forces. Their training begun, Minpojke was a very quick learner. Sahand the Monk finally taught Minpojke the ways of the east, when a horrible act of war happened. The Lords of Hell had decided to break the legs of every Monk on planet Azeroth. With great meditation the Monks bravely fought back. But the dark demonic powers that lied within the Lords of Hell was too strong. They could not hold the force, and as a result anyone who want's to be seen with a Monk must be cursed to become a "Wheelchair driver".

The days went on, the light in Sahand the Monks middle-aged eyes had been extinguished. Minpojke started fearing for his Masters life. He tried giving him the green tea, the strawberry tea, he even went for the fucking Earl Gray tea.

Maybe it was time to put the shoes on the shelf after years of service?

But, their journey was not yet over. As the oldest Monk in the village, Falterx, deceased he passed on a sacred note in his final hours from the Chapel of Soothing Mist to Minpojke and told him to deliver it to Sahand the Monk. The Lords of Hell's scheme had been revealed, Sahand the Monk (or Sahand the Brave which is his title after recent events)had been given a divine quest from the Gods, a chance of revenge and redemption. A chance to free his brother and sisters from their agony. It was a very dangerous quest, all he had to do to get his race their legs back and make them viable, was to get rank1 on the ladder. In order to succeed they had to be perfect. They thought they were, they were mistaken.

Despite with bravery batteling their foes and winning their battles, despite the crippled monk, there was tricks was to be made. On the last to final day of the season of Horror, Minpojke, the only "Monk" in the world with his legs (as clearly proven by his 100% win record) and his master Sahand the Monk had secured their spot. They were both to be royally awarded, however in a last breath of clarity, the ruthless Lords of Hell broke the balance which would let both Minpojke and Sahand the Brave to bask in glory. As the final hours of darkness approached Minpojke realized a sacrifice had to be made, an epiffany came to his mind. He realized that materialistic items do not matter. What matters is to always be brave and heroic.

In this epiffany he realized that this quest was about Sahand the Brave and helping him become the saviour of the Mistwalkers, later alongside Earthnuts the Crazed. In a wheelchair or not, it was he who had to walk the final steps in order to free his brothers and sisters from the evil curse now known as "class balance issues". Successfully they overcame their enemies, despite having the MVP Minpojke on the side, benched. He knew that if destiny demanded of him to be the side kick of his own story, then that is what would be done. After it was all over, he sat there. Sahand the Brave walked up to him and offered him his treasure (class buffs + materialistic items only awarded to the bravest of heroes), but Minpojke just said: Master, see those monks in agony over there? Tomorrow they will be free from pain. Tomorrow is a new beginning, that alone makes my soul shine. Sahand the Brave felt a tear drop down his cheek, and suddenly the light in his old, tired eyes was once again burning with great passion. "Minpojke, it is you who is the Master"

-Minpojke, a heroic act in times of war

#3857638 Respect Bloodx

Posted Bloódx on 06 March 2013 - 01:13 AM

Well first of all,

This is the worst DDOS/BLACKMAIL/REALIDERRORDDOS/WINTRADE season ive ever seen, its worse than when xandyn was here - i seriously hope your team gets reset, but if it doesnt it doesnt bother me that much to be fair -

I picked up 4 non r1 players and qued legit while qing vs supposivly the best 5 players of each class in europe and managed to "beat" them legit, but then they obviously had to cheat.

was alot of fun - sadly it ended in you cheating:/

Piece out

#3857607 What really happened on Reckoning EU

Posted Mirzka on 06 March 2013 - 12:38 AM

lira liret

#3857592 What really happened on Reckoning EU

Posted Salvxd on 06 March 2013 - 12:29 AM

Despite u saying over and over that u played legit the whole season, u still told mir that u wintraded and went 2648 in 2 games. Ofc we drew a fast conclusion as well, I mean its last night of the season. Ur trick worked though, and it was kinda smart I admit. Don't say the wargames were practice before 5s, cuz u were already playing 5s at that point as well. It was only to make us que, and it worked. We are just gods of this game and went 2649 in 3 games with 15min left untill arenaservers would go down. We faced Tharkum's wps twice and a tsg once. Anyways was a fun way to end the season. All the way to the end :)

ps: I actually told every1 in our big skype chat, that u could be doing wargames, to make us think u wintraded and to make us que. Too bad we didn't lose though.

#3857591 EU Season End Drama inc

Posted Razorx on 06 March 2013 - 12:27 AM

haha amazing credit to bloodx for streaming it, stopped watching my movie to watch that shit

#3857588 What really happened on Reckoning EU

Posted Batenx on 06 March 2013 - 12:23 AM

Exactly what happened in 5v5? I'm about to jerk off because this is so fucking juicy...

#3856221 Community opinion on teamstacking titles?

Posted Dakkrothy on 04 March 2013 - 07:45 AM

100% scumbag yep we all are hypocrites anyway

gimme some examples tho, i bet theres less than 10 ppl on both EU and US combined that gets a title thanks to the 100 PR range

p.s I actually thought this thread was about teams stacking at r1 for more teams to be able to get it before I voted : D

p.p.s I hate you regentlord

#3852862 Flubbah 3

Posted flubbah on 23 February 2013 - 11:51 PM

Hey guys,

This is my 3rd movie, this video includes some RPS/WLS clips & even some paladin clips with top players such as Dakkroth, Azael or even Taku.

Have fun watching !

Here's the link :

You can also find my stream here : http://fr.twitch.tv/flubbah

Tracklist : Hans Zimmer - Mombasa
Fracture Design - Reach For The Stars
Brick + Mortar - Move To The Ocean (Baauer Remix)
Apollo Brown - Warm Rain
The Flubbah Song

#3845506 I remember when

Posted Dakkrothy on 06 February 2013 - 12:34 PM

the epic feeling when u were 13 y/o & logged in for the first time.... memories..

#3845344 I remember when

Posted Thaya on 06 February 2013 - 02:54 AM

Playing this game for the first time on your own, back in Vanilla when people cared less about end game and more about the experience as a whole, was a great time. I almost feel sorry for all the people who joined in later and got pushed through the content or used something lame like Recruit a Friend - that should've been something they introduced for alts, not new players. Levels were much slower (I'm talking like, 4-5 times slower) and you went through several "level plateaus" that each had a little meta game of their own, with the instance farming for specific items, PvP hot spots, and even active battlegrounds. Honestly, end game was less active than 49s for the first few months of a new server.

Not to mention how many new contacts you got just by leveling. No queueing, no cross realm, only the chat and interaction with other people on your server. No transfers, no name changes, nobody going in, nobody going out. The reputation you had was yours and you couldn't change it for 15 bucks. Elite/group quests that weren't soloable. Asking to group up with people waiting for a quest NPC to spawn, because they only spawn once every 20 minutes. People not being douchebags because they know their reputation has a weight and because they are more interested in exploring the game than being cunts, besides, they could be exploring an instance with you in a few levels.

You couldn't leave a guild and insult everybody in it, because the other guilds on the server would know about it the same day.

Do you remember walking first time into Stormwind?

god damn

Seeing how its all like a real city, tons of players running around busy doing stuff or just exploring like yourself. Tons of NPCs everywhere, and it's all in motion. Those towers looking like real, gigantic towers. A keep that looks like an actual keep. Libraries, shops, taverns, park, mage tower, canals...

#3837148 Shawir being shawir

Posted Braindeadly on 18 January 2013 - 04:11 PM

Memories minpojke, memories