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Resto Druid Can't Heal

01 November 2012 - 11:42 PM

I started playing resto druid this expansion and so far I'm terrible.

I can't seem to keep my partners up through burst. Warrior/Hunter burst is ridiculous at the moment however, I feel like they shouldn't die with full hots rolling and me in treeform spamming regrowth.

Am I doing something wrong?

My armory link is at the bottom, but here is what I've done with my gear:
After reforging for 9.95% haste (extra lifebloom tick) I reforged all my secondary stats (including spirit) into mastery. I don't feel like I need too much spirit as I have yet to go oom in an arena match.
I have almost all pvp gear with the exception of a trinket, which I swap out every few games just to try something different. I flip flop between the on-use pvp trinket and the ilvl263 pve trinket that has int on it.


Armory: Won't let me post a url so... Badnit - Demon Soul - US