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In Topic: rbgs have the highest skill cap

03 November 2014 - 04:08 PM

View PostJahmilli_, on 03 November 2014 - 04:45 AM, said:

Anyone who has actively played both RBGs and arenas at the highest level would agree its much more fun and satisfying to win a hard fought RBG with two amazing teams than to win any arena match, but nowadays that is INCREDIBLY hard to come by, it may not even exist anymore.

I don't care to argue which setting has a higher skill cap. But you can't make a demonstrable claim about how "anyone would agree that RBG's are more fun or satisfying". There is no way to prove that the claim is true. People enjoy different game types for different reasons to varying degrees.

Based on my experience as a healer, there are more instances for offensive plays in arena than in battlegrounds (from the perspective of a priest and shaman).  In battlegrounds, I am delegated to the role of healbot, spamming heals to the focus target and dispelling other healers as quickly as possible (or other important debuffs on dps). While you still will go for offensive plays in battlegrounds as a healer, it's generally not as consistent or effective, and battlegrounds are not as fun to me as a result.

I have limited experience in rbgs as dps, but I think the same scenario is often true. Dps typically use less of their toolkit to generate a kill in rbgs. Kills are often achieved by coordinated burst by the whole team on one target rather than extensive cc rotations. This should be evident through watching any high rated rbg play - the majority of the communication consists of "everyone go x," not calls of "i'm cc'ing off that." Of course dps are still using cc in rbgs, but again it's generally not as consistent or effective.

You can see an example of my point in this mage vid:


How often is the mage using spells like polymorph in this rbg versus how he plays in arena. He's mostly just spamming damage the entire time. Again, I'm not arguing which setting has a higher skill cap. But it should show that gameplay in battlegrounds and arena is inherently different, and why players might find one setting more fun or satisfying.


17 September 2014 - 11:38 AM

If you click on the other losing teams in the bracket in round 8b, you can see how 3 Amigos were allowed to qualify for the tournament. Additional rounds were played to replace the disqualified RPS team. There has already been plenty of discussion on the RPS disqualification, so I won't go into detail about that. To say that you can't find any information as to why they might be disqualified means you either haven't looked, or you're just being dishonest.

3 Amigos won a series vs Stranger Danger. Penny for your Thoughts won a series vs The Fury Turbo Dream. The winner of 3 Amigos vs Penny for your Thoughts will then replace the RPS. Accusations that Venruki and crew are close with Blizz may be accurate, but it seems irrelevant since other teams were given the opportunity to replace the RPS as well.

In Topic: Shadowpriest: A few questions.

17 April 2014 - 09:40 PM

I disagree with some of the answers in Nexxer's response.

1) Definitely prioritize mind blast over dots. But of course you want everything dotted as well. Mind blast should always be on cd while you're generating orbs. You do not need to use mind blast on cd when you have three orbs and you're about to swap/go for a kill. In that scenario, dump orbs before mind blast, so that you'll be back to one orb.

2+3) The haste goal for this season is 14873, which is a third additional tick on devouring plague.  Depending on your race/professions, you may need to gem all haste gems or use double haste rings.

4) Agreed with Nexxer. Divine star provides better self healing than Halo. Halo provides better burst damage on the enemy team, and a bigger burst heal on your teammates if used correctly.  You should use divine star if you're likely to be trained.

5) Definitely disagree that 3 orb devouring plague is nothing compared to mage damage. Spriest burst is insanely high, and the biggest portion of that burst (per global) comes from devouring plague. Assuming that you're coordinating burst, you should dump a 3 orb dp into the deep and then dump procs (fdcl or divine insight). You would potentially be back to 1-2 orbs, and then do a short horror after the deep. I would not suggest holding 3 orbs to disarm at the end of deep.

6) Priests that don't shield/pom aren't playing at their max potential. Shield is an instant ~50k heal (more if you have int procs), and pom can add up to a significant amount of healing against spread pressure comps. You should absolutely be using these spells throughout a match. It doesn't really equate to a loss of pressure, as pretty much all your kill opportunities happen when you dump orbs while using crowd control (silence/fear or teammate cc).

In Topic: The Current MMR/Personal Rating +0 thing explained.

29 March 2014 - 06:27 PM

Am I the only person who is reading the tweets in the sense that the change wasn't planned or intentional. The way I'm understanding it is that when there was a reset on Thursday night (which included the prayer of mending fix), a bug was introduced that caused players to get abnormally high personal ratings. They then responded to this bug with the current "fix," which is causing mmr/rating for high rated players to not change, which is essentially just a new bug while the mmr tries to fix itself.  

I'm not understanding it as an intended change that they made overnight to try to alter the system, but instead of a series of unfortunate bugs that happened during reset (these things happen). I think that everyone that is responding with comments like "wtf why is blizzard making changes mid season" is misinterpreting the situation.

They've said that eventually everything should even out and it should go back to normal, and that they're continuing to monitor the situation. They're obviously not looking to have a situation where you literally can not go up any rating indefinitely.