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#4596256 Has anyone played RDruid at 110? Do you use Wild Growth a lot?

Posted by Devastazia on 09 August 2016 - 12:54 PM

Forgive me as I'm going by momery here, but wild Growth has a proc included in its cast where it makes your regrowth spread accross other targets. One of the pvp talents lets you cast Wild Growth instantly. Notice also how Wild Growth has a HUGE mana cost compared to shrooms. Picking up that pvp talent would make you drop the pvp talent which makes you stackblooms up to 3.

To answer your question, not sure I would use on CD, but might be necessary to reduce pressure from opposing team.

Hope this helps.
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#3597570 Devastazia - 2400 Affliction Warlock 2v2

Posted by Devastazia on 24 December 2011 - 03:57 PM

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#3584040 Blood DK + Stealth

Posted by Devastazia on 12 December 2011 - 06:30 PM

people tend to state comp without healer but yes okay its 2v2 sub forum.
so here is my answer


Go troll elsewhere buddy. Your comments are worthless coming from the guy who talks about RLS in the 2v2 forums. You're right 2s do matter, hence why you're in this forum reading this post...

Now to get back into the actual discussion, I have no problem with blood DKs myself as a player, just saying there is a tendency of Blood DKs running that comp with a stealthy in 2s and their strategy is cheesy, but does seem to work. Mind you I was playing with a 1600 feral yesterday in 2s, that for sure doesn’t help !

In regards to Blood DK’s and Vengeance in general, I’d like to point out the interesting article from Hydramist here :


“(…)The main and most common culprits of this burst damage are Blood DKs. There’s a myriad of examples on a number of forums, but just from personal experience I’ve been crit for 50k followed by 23k in the space of two GCDs by a Blood DK.(…)”
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