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Shadow Priest LF teams

11 January 2014 - 04:50 AM

So I just got back into the game not too long ago and I'm having a hard time finding teams/partners. I have 2.6k  XP on my Spriest, 2.5k last seasons and 2.1k this season (early on) and haven't played other then with teams on OQ. I'm not sure where everyone went on my server but long story short I needs new friends! If you're interested just msg me in game @ Umbrá or add my RID #1679. Don't care about XP but just have be decent, know your class, and know how to communicate.

update: RID: lordumbra#1679

Trial of the Gladiator

10 November 2013 - 03:57 PM

  • Trial of the Gladiator is the new Arena Ladder. It will concentrate queue times at certain times during the week, which will help higher rated people have others to play against and help to identify exploiters.
  • Trial of the Gladiator also uses tournament rules. You can buy gear from a vendor and play, no need to grind up a set. PvE gear won't work in here!
  • You will earn prestige rewards only from Trial of the Gladiator.
Does this mean the end of win-trading?  Being able to switch specs and gear at no cost! No more PVE gear in arenas and the chance at balancing the game once for all(LOL)? Stay tuned!